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Hope For A Christian Is hope an option for a Christian, is it rooted in optimism, or is it rooted in the knowledge that our hope is connected to our faith and in this way we can be assured that the Lord will walk the path of life with us? In this podcast, we explore what […]

Water Kefir & Kombucha

Podcast #8: Kefir water and Kombucha Kefir water and Kombucha- what are they and what is the difference between them. Some of you may have heard of Kombucha and maybe you have even tried it but do you know why it is good for you and how easy it is to make? Kefir water is […]

Spiritual Mother

Spiritual Mother   I give Mary my heart for her to become my Spiritual Mother after dementia takes my mother on a terrible wonderful journey, with God showing up providentially and profoundly. Our Lady cannot be outdone in her loving Mother’s heart and gives me the greatest gift that  exists.         Welcome […]

Gut Health

Podcast #7 Gut Health All disease starts in the gut ~ Hippocrates Your gut is the cornerstone of your health and overall immunity. The gut is known as our 2nd brain Gut bacteria 10:1 from human cells Why is our gut health so important? Gut bacteria assist in the breakdown of our food Without the […]


Faith – Is A Gift – or is it? Is faith a gift given to only a chosen few by Almighty God? Or is it freely given to anyone who wants it? In this podcast, we explore the faith and the hope that it brings. Thanks to our sponsor, Media Angels, Inc. A Few Minutes […]

Essential Oils & Kids

Podcast #6 Essential Oils & Kids Let’s talk about kids and essential oils I am not a doctor, I am just a mom here to share how I have used essential oils successfully.   Throughout history, wisdom has been passed down from generation to generation especially when it comes to natural remedies and even essential […]

Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond – part 2

Simple Blessings & Oils Podcast #5 Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond- part 2 Pregnancy, birth & beyond with essential oils Let’s talk about birth & beyond Birth can be exciting, scary, & somewhat unknown. What we need to realize is that pregnancy and birth are also natural and God created our bodies for this amazing process […]

Praise God

Praise God Episode 31 Is it a challenge to praise God for everything? It’s easy to praise Him when things go well, but when they don’t it is more difficult. In this episode of A Few Minutes with God we explore how praising God will turn everything around for you, your loved ones and those […]

Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond- part 1

Simple Blessings & Oils Podcast #4 Pregnancy, birth & beyond with essential oils- part 1 Most people are open to the use of essential oils until they become pregnant…. Then they hesitate. Are they safe? Can I use before, during and once my baby is born? There are lots of question and after much research […]

Where is God In The Midst Of Tragedy?

Where Is God In The Midst of Tragedy? Episode 30 We often hear of a horrific event and we think, “Where is God in the midst of tragedy?” The news is all around us. Our phones send us alerts, and we have instant access to information and the availability of 24/7 news coverage. Days after […]

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