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Commitment to Pray

A Commitment to Pray with Felice Gerwitz Are you ready? Today’s challenge is a commitment to pray. However, will you find the time? In today’s broadcast, Felice shares how you can begin with one minute, add another and another until you reach your goal of spending time with God each day. Show Notes: Beginning steps to […]

What is A Few Minutes With God?

Podcast #1  -What is A Few Minutes With God? Meet Felice Gerwitz, who hosts this weekly broadcast.  She discusses what she means by, “A Few Minutes with God.” To her, it is a time to reflect on the most important moments of your life and be she will share the challenge, to be open to […]

Felice Gerwitz Coming Soon!

Meet Felice Gerwitz, the host of this upcoming podcast.  She will talk about “A Few Minutes with God” … A time to reflect on the most important time you can spend – time with God.  Lots of topics such as family prayer, journaling and more. We hope to launch this site, May 2017! Keep us […]