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Blueprint For Making MAJOR Decisions

Blueprint For Making MAJOR Decisions Episode #14 Using a blueprint for making major decisions. Every once in awhile making major decisions is a must, and having a blueprint for making major decisions is important. Decisions such as where do I go to college, should I change jobs, should I write a book – should I […]

Blueprint for Making Decisions

A Blueprint for Making Decisions Episode #13 Do you have a blueprint for making decisions? You should, because all of us make decisions 24/7 – but how often do we take our decisions – even if they are small to the Lord in prayer? In this podcast, I discuss a blueprint for making decisions with […]

Your Will Lord

Your Will Lord Episode #12 How often have we struggled against what we want and what actually happens in our life? In this podcast, I explore the difference between wishing for another time, another place or another life -and ways to embrace the life you have. Thanks to our sponsor – Media Angels, Inc.  Ministry […]

Asking Forgiveness

Asking For Forgiveness Episode #11 Asking forgiveness is never easy. Have you hurt someone you love or someone close to you? Do you have trouble asking for forgiveness? In this episode we will explore how asking for forgiveness can set yourself and others free. Please help us out! Share this episode with your friends and […]

The Importance of Connection – with Lucia Claborn

Join Cindy this week as she welcomes her best friend and long-time mentor, Lucia Claborn to the show. This show is one of those that is so important that you are going to not only want to listen, but listen again and again. In this show, Cindy and Lucia get real with all of us. […]

Cindy in the Hot Seat! with Lucia Claborn

Join Cindy and author, conference speaker, and podcaster, Lucia Claborn as they bring our newest show. Talk about a DON’T MISS show! Lucia asks Cindy some very helpful questions for all of us. They discuss how to get started, how to get things done even in a busy life, how to overcome barriers, and what […]


Forgiveness Episode #10 It isn’t a feeling, it isn’t something we want to do, but it is totally freeing! In this podcast learn how a situation in my life turned into a blessing when I understood the true meaning of the gift of forgiving others. Thanks to our sponsor – Media Angels, Inc.  Ministry Books […]

Author Erin Odom

Newly Published Author Erin Odom with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #8 Erin Odom, author!  Hear how newly published author, Erin Odom received her first book contract. Here she discusses getting “found” by an agent who signed her to a contract at Zondervan, publishers. In this episode, Erin shares her success first in blogging, then in obtaining […]

WHO ARE YOU???? With Cindy Rushton

Talk about one anointed podcast! Join Cindy as she coaches you through a very important exercise of getting to know who you are and why you are here. If you are wanting to step up to your call, you will not want to miss this one. In this show, Cindy Rushton will take you step […]

Whatcha Gonna Do??? With Cindy Rushton

September 1st…We are now entering the last 4 months of the year. Are you where you want to be? How is your whole year looking? Are you seeing what you want in your life at this time? Are you needing to prune, organize, and get on track to make it happen in the next few […]

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