Author Erin Odom

erin odom authorNewly Published Author Erin Odom with Felice Gerwitz

Podcast #8

Erin Odom, author!  Hear how newly published author, Erin Odom received her first book contract. Here she discusses getting “found” by an agent who signed her to a contract at Zondervan, publishers. In this episode, Erin shares her success first in blogging, then in obtaining an agent and finally in holding that copy of her published book in her hands!

Erin Odom, author of Just Making It: Hope for the Heart of the Financially Frustrated, published by Zondervan, a division of HarperCollins Christian! She blogs at Erin blogs about motherhood, homemaking, healthy living and family finances.

Show Notes: New Author Erin Odom

Here is her new book:

Just Making It: Hope for the Heart of the Financially Frustrated,

  1. Blog in 2011 started a blog – htttp://
  2. Self-publishing books – available on her website and Amazon
  3. Grew passionate about writing and sharing money saving tips.
  4. Wrote several other books- self published
  5. Contacted by other publishers – didn’t feel it was right
  6. Christian literacy agent contacted Erin, because of her blog.
  7. Researched the agent.
  8. Prayed – God said, walk in this… his timing was right. Signed with the agent.
  9. Sent in a book proposal when God’s timing is right. Almost two years later. Sent to her agent.
  10. Within a month book offers came in – Erin accepted the contract with Zondervan.
  11. Practical tips:
    1. Compelling book idea meet a need
    2. To be able to write
    3. To have some type of platform


Podcasting Tools

podcasting toolsPodcasting Tools

Episode #6

You may think that podcasting tools only means the microphones, the soundboards or what is the best computer program to use in creating a quality product. Well, while those things are important it is the “tools” you use beforehand that makes a significant difference. In this episode of Writing and Podcasting Advice, Felice tackles the tools of the trade and what she uses almost every time she prepares to create a new podcast.

Show Notes. Podcasting Tools

  1. Ideas notebook – use technology – such as a smart phone – I also use a calendar and create ideas for upcoming podcasts in groups of 4 or more per month. You can use a word processing software or some people like Evernote.
  2. Script: I outline each show – making sure to add information such as where to find the show notes, o to how get the pdf I might create for the show or even where to get more information, perhaps an extra audio or opt-in for a sample product. This is typically written in a word processing software. If you want to collaborate with someone you can use the Google Docs free software with a Gmail account.
  3. Recording room. A friend used to record her songs in the bathroom because of the amazing acoustics in that small space. I use a room with carpeting and wall hangings that absorb the sound … you don’t want anything that causes reverberation or echoing that can cause a horrible sounding audio.
  4. Interviewing: I use paid software like InstantTeleseminar (affiliate link here). What I like – you can use your cell phone to call in, interview one or multiple people at a time, and add an intro, and outro music or commercials – and download the finished product to your own computer! It is awesome. The downside, the audio sounds like a phone call.

Another alternative is to use Skype – some people prefer this. I don’t personally use Skype but I’ve been interviewed by people who do – You can look at your windows or mac computer for apps to record the conversation on your computer. You may need to combine tracks with your own audio editor.

  1. You can record on your iPhone or Android phone. Recently one of my podcasters sent me an audio recorded on her iPhone and I was shocked at the great quality of the audio. She doesn’t have the most recent phone, either. It worked great. Look for recording apps in your app store. You may be surprised at the quality results. We’ve come a long way in the improvement of software.
  2. Recording microphones. My two personal favorites are simple USB plug in microphones. The first is a Samson CO1U Studio condenser mic. I use this with a cover (to prevent the “popping” typical of saying an “p” word. This mic is awesome for interviews or presentations. It will pick up sounds across the room, so you will get audience background noise – laughter, clapping, etc. The second is the audio-Technica ATR2100-USB. You have to hold this microphone close to your mouth for good quality audios but the plus side, you can’t hear background noise. It is a very good quality.
  3. Recording software. There are so many options I’m not sure where to start. You can use an online option like InstantTeleseminar however if you want to record on your computer two free software can not be beat! The first is audacity, the second is GarageBand standard on a Mac. I use both a PC and a Mac. The Mac quality for recording is wonderfully rich. I tend to use the Mac and save it to a mp3. You plug in your microphone and go! This software also allows you to edit. Visit youtube for videos on step-by-step solutions.
  4. Album Cover Art. Here you need a graphic artist or someone that understands good quality cover art. iTunes standard at this time is 1600x 1600 dpi or 2400×2400 dpi. This has changed recently, in the not so distant past the dimensions were 1400×1400 – this is something we keep track of with all of our podcasters on this network and others I run.
  5. ID3 Tagging. Each audio must be tagged. It is similar to adding a byline to a document so that you add your copyright information. I use ID3Tagger software but there are many out there.
  6. Add or submitting your podcast to the iTunes store. One way to do this is going to be answered in storage. Are you storing your audio on your own website/server, or are you going to use a storage company such as Amazon S3, Libsyn, or Blubrry. These submissions to iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher, TuneIn, etc. are very important and must be done correctly. Your correct feed submission is important as well. *we handle this for all our podcasters
  7. Graphics – must use copyright free for any marketing or social media campaign. Also, we recommend to our podcasters that each episode should have a special graphic or picture. My favorites are Depositphotos,
  8. Image editing online – Canva, PicMonkey, or install GIMP (which is like Photoshop). You can subscribe to Adobe online tools or Microsoft products. I have moved to a yearly subscription over purchasing the software since it is less expensive and keeps me up to date with the latest improvements. I use Microsoft publisher but there are a few steps I go through to get the finished product. It is a software I’m comfortable with having used it since 1992 – yes, that long, so it is second nature to me.
  9. Email – many use MailChimp because it is easily integrated into WordPress websites, I use ActiveCampign.

Software links: Podcasting Tools

Subscriber software: here

How to publish podcasts using WordPress: more information here

More free podcasting tools here




This post may include affiliate links where I may receive compensation via click-throughs, however I use other things that are often not affiliates as well.

True Happiness & Joy

true happiness and joyTrue Happiness and Joy — Finding God’s Will

with Felice Gerwitz

Podcast #9

True Happiness and Joy God’s will. The repentant thief on the cross that asked for forgiveness from our Lord, comes to mind as I consider true happiness and to some that may seem really odd – I mean he was dying – right? But, he realized – okay at the very end – but still, he realized he was wrong and he repented and he believed

So for those of us today – what can we learn from this?

  1. Our life no matter where you currently are on your walk in faith is a choice. You have hope and you have options.
  2. When we compare our lives to both of the thieves on the cross – which one is most like you? Are you repentant or still set on going your own way?
  3. Perhaps you are on a cross – whatever that may be in your life – you are hurt from rejection – love – loss – death – financial difficulty – it is weighing you down to the point that you can’t go on – that cross is just too heavy!

Finding true happiness – true joy depends on finding God’s will and allowing HIM to minister to us…

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Check out the book – A Few Minutes With God


Mediation: True Happiness & Joy Finding God’s Will

  1. List your burdens – what is wearing you down right now?
  2. Release them to the LORD – put them in a prayer box with your family and pray for them every night – DO NOT TAKE THEM BACk – they are His not yours.
  3. Picture yourself on the Lord’s lap – you are a child. Allow Him to minister to you
  4. Allow the Lord to fill you with His peace. Be quiet before Him.

Finding joy is a decision. It is like forgiveness  – which is the next podcast – Finding Forgiveness with Grace (10)

But finding joy is making a decision for one minute – fifteen minutes – one hour – one day to seek Joy in the little things (podcast –finding God in the little things) – and smile when these things happen.

So – how are you finding Joy in the midst of God’s will?

If you haven’t figured it out already? The solution?

  1. Understanding that everything happening in your life is NO surprise to God. He knows it, He sees it, He understands it.

Please understand that God does not zap us from heaven on His throne with bad things – however, He allows free will to happen.

I share a very personal experience in this episode about how the Lord spoke to me through prayer. Yet, I ignored the very evident facts that the Lord presented.

God allows us to suffer due to our OWN decisions – so clear now. Right?

  1. Deciding to unite our will to God’s – God if this is your will for me – this sickness, this financial issue – this problem that I cannot overcome – then I embrace it as your will for me right now.
  2. Being in tune with God – how can you hear HIM and HIS perfect will if
    1. You will not ask
    2. You can not hear Him
    3. You will not listen

Our Lord is a just and righteous God – He is loving and understanding – He is slow to anger – He is the Almighty the King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s – He is the maker of all that is GOOD and that includes us – our lives are no surprise to almighty God and he wants the best for us – but being in his will is like swimming in the stream of righteousness and goodness instead of in the opposite way. Go with God’s flow and He will open those doors of your heart, fill them with every good thing and give us the joy that surpasses all understanding the Joy that comes from Loving, serving and being in the will of God!

Podcasting Ideas

podcasting ideasPodcasting Ideas – It’s More Than Just Talking

Episode #5

I’ve talked to dozens of people who have considered hosting a podcast but few last beyond a couple of episodes. In this podcast, I discuss different ideas and how to create a lasting impression on your listeners as well as grow your base. Listen as I share what I’ve learned since launching a podcast almost ten years ago and ways to keep your ideas creative.

Sponsor Media Angels, Inc.

Interested in the book to help you launch your writing career? The Information In A Nutshell Series:

Writing and Publishing or Business Tips and Taxes for Writers. Do you have a child who is a budding author? Try Reach For The Stars! All available on Amazon.

Writing and Publishing

Show Notes: Podcasting Ideas

Product Podcasting Ideas:

  1. If you have a product, such as a book or a class consider teaching aspects of your book or class in each podcast.
  2. Use the podcast as a launching spot for trying new book ideas. If the idea is successful you will know by audience feedback.
  3. Use the feedback from your audience to create a new product.
  4. Test your new product on your audience – tweak before selling.
  5. Use your podcast to jump start sales, promote your upcoming book and suggest pre-sale orders

Service Podcasting Ideas

  1. Are you a consultant, or service provider? Use the podcast to show our knowledge on a topic where you consult.
  2. Use your podcast to create interest in a social media group you host. Begin a line of questioning in your podcast that you answer in your social media group, or privately through consultation.
  3. Podcast about your services – what is it that you do, explain.
  4. As an author-consultant, I interview special guests that my authors would want to know more about such as someone who knew about setting up book signings at big retailers, award-winning authors, agents, and publishers.
  5. What successful guest can you host who will bring value to your audience and help share your show?

Void In My Life

 filling the voidFilling The Void In My Life

Podcast #8

In this episode, we discuss filling the void in my life – and that is a life without a real handle on what this life is all about. Many people try to fill their lives with things – so many things that don’t ultimately make them happy. Material possessions are fleeting. Even relationships come and go, but the one constant that never changes is God. Do you have a void in your life that needs to be filled? Listen to this episode with Felice Gerwitz

Show Notes: Filling The Void In My Life

At one point or another in our lives we go through a crisis that begs the questions why am I here – why do I exist – what is this life all about… For a Christian the answer is easy – or easier, we were created to love and know God – to seek him in our daily walk and to seek his perfect will for our lives – but still, even with the answer the solution may still be evasive too us.

It’s like a kid doing a math problem. If he has the problem and the solution that doesn’t mean he knows HOW to work out the problems – or do the steps necessary to get to the final answer. The same for us as Christians.

Many people in the world – whether you are a Christian, a Jew, an Agnostic or Atheist will at some point in their lives face a crisis. No one is free from trouble in their lives.

When I say, some don’t have a life purpose, the focus is not on a daily list of to-dos

I’m not talking about:

  1. A plan for the day/week/year
  2. Schedule
  3. Goals, Ambitions
  4. Family, Friends, Colleagues
  5. True love

I am talking about being lost in a world with so much to do, so many distractions available to us at the tips of our fingertips. Many times, this feeling of being lost leads to depression – there may be a series of events or life circumstances that have added to the burdens of daily life and maybe you are one of those people carrying this burden in silence and grief.

Maybe these people I’m referring to are your friends, your neighbors, co-workers, or even members of your own family.

How does this void happen? What can you do about this? How can you fill this void in your life? Let’s take a quick commercial break and we’ll tackle this when I come back…

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Check out the book – A Few Minutes With God

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Looking at the why can help in finding a solution – it is like that math problem I spoke about where you have the problem and the answer but not the solution…

Filling The Void: Ask yourself these questions:

  1. When was the last time you were truly happy?
  2. Fill in the blank: Everythign will be better when _______________ happens.
  3. Happiness and joy happens when I do ____________________

Just doing this small exercise can be very telling – right?

  1.  often times happiness is equated with an event. A new baby, a wedding or proposal, a raise in a job or perhaps even a success, materially or with some type of award.

Often we seek happiness and joy in the wrong places – success, kids, spouse, family or the material things in our life …

  1. Everything will be better when…

whatever that crisis is we want or need to look on the other side just for our own peace or self-preservation to get through the hard times – this is good and it does help us, but know there will always be some type of crisis in our life. Some type of void even after the crisis passes

  1. happiness does not equal an event and until we realize that true happiness, joy, and peace only comes from GOD then, we will succeed and fill that void.

St. Augustine said, “You have made us for yourself, Oh God and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in you.”’

How do we fill that void?

Let’s first spend quiet time with God – right? The whole purpose of this podcast series to spend time with God. In the next podcast – True Joy and Happiness in God’s Will I will give you a list of ways to meditate on this concept. But, right now – this is the foundation – find that time to spend in quiet with HIM – allow HIM to come in and fill that void.

Study these Scriptures: Filling The Void

Job 8:13-15 – putting our hope in things that do not endure – explore what that means for you.

Luke 12:18-20 – we store up our treasures and yet these are material things – but what happens when the Lord calls us home? Have we worked out our treasures in Heaven?

John 1:16 – , or His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace…


Friends only in spending time with God in complete silence can we hear HIS small still voice, I pray you hear His voice, because he is calling you to a deeper and more filling life – with HIM in the midst of your life and in all you do!

Mini Retreat

A Mini Retreat To Refresh Your Soul with Felice GerwitzA Mini Retreat To Refresh Your Soul with Felice Gerwitz

Are you weary with the burdens of everyday life? A mini retreat might be just what you need in order to become refreshed. In less than five minutes a day you can become renewed and ready to continue onward. In this episode Felice shares how she breaks up an hour into a time of praise, prayer, Scripture and praying for others. In addition she shares her unique way to set up a prayer journal, keeping in mind praise and thanksgiving before prayer petition.

Remember to share this podcast with your friends and be sure to give us a star ratings on your favorite podcast app or online!

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Check out the book – A Few Minutes With God

Show Notes: Mini Retreat

  1. What is a retreat?
  2. What is the perfect retreat for you?
  3. What is one thing that is holding you back?
  4. The power of concentrated prayer.
  5. Listening is the key to finding the answer.
  6. Give it time.

Do you have an hour? This is how I divide one hour of prayer time into a mini-retreat with the Lord.

First fifteen minutes: spend time in praising God, whether it is in prayer or singing, rejoice in the Lord. He is worthy of all our prayers!

Second fifteen minutes: listen… journal your thoughts, jot down scriptures to look up–but not yet! Just be with the Lord… He will lead you.

Third fifteen minutes: Read Scripture. Look up the verses that came to mind during your quiet time. Slowly allow the words to sink in – close your eyes and think about what you read.

Last fifteen minutes: Prayers of petition. Are you praying for something specific? Is there a concentrated prayer request that you bring to the Lord daily? Focus on this prayer and seek the Lord’s wisdom.

End with praising God – praise is important to begin with and end with. In praising God we are thankful for all He has given us and we can begin our day (if our retreat is first thing) or continue our day with happy thoughts about His love and goodness…no matter what is happening in our lives.

Podcasting Basics

Podcasting Basics with Felice GerwitzPodcast Basics with Felice Gerwitz

Episode #4

So, you think you want to podcast? Where do you begin? In this episode, longtime podcaster, Felice Gerwitz shares the information she’s learned through the years. Her first podcast, the Information in a Nutshell(TM): Writing and Publishing Show began in 2008. Learning the ropes through trial-and-error, using a phone to record and a shoe-string budget, her show ranked as one of the top shows in the writing and publishing space. Technology has now improved to bring cutting edge sound and a wonderful variety of possibilities.

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Interested in the book to help you launch your writing career? The Information In A Nutshell Series:

Writing and Publishing or Business Tips and Taxes for Writers. Do you have a child who is a budding author? Try Reach For The Stars! All available on Amazon.

Writing and Publishing

Show Notes: Podcasting Basics

Having passion and drive is a necessity, yet it is important to know what to say and when. An outline of your show and show notes is helpful, yet not necessary for everyone. Some podcasters like a more natural approach while others may read word-for-word from notes. Having a to-do list or a check list may be helpful as well since there are many moving parts to creating a podcast. A good microphone and computer are important and there are free online resources for recording. Yet, without a good outline or information, people may not tune back week after week. One way to understand the process is by listening to some experienced podcasters. As you listen to their shows, listen with a critical ear and see if you can catch any of the points in their presentation.

Listen to experienced podcasters here, here, here and here for ideas.


How to set up your episode: Podcasting Basics

Either create a podcast series or a stand alone episode

  • Break down the time, and what you want to say – approx 20-60 minutes.
    • Play intro
    • Welcome the listener
    • Give the episode and show name
    • Give the episode number
    • Give information about where to find the show notes
    • Give information about how else to listen to the show
    • Ask for a star rating on iTunes or Google Play, etc.
    • Body of your podcast – pre and post commercial
    • Play your commercial
    • Thank your listeners and tell them, again – where to find the show notes
    • Give a call to action
    • Play the outro



Finding God Every Day

Finding God in the Every Day with Felice GerwitzFinding God in the Every Day with Felice Gerwitz

Do you have a daily schedule? It’s time to add finding God to your list. The Lord’s voice is something we seek, whether in quiet time or in prayer. What should we do? What does God want us to do? What is God’s will for us, today, tomorrow or next year? How do we find God? In this episode, Felice Gerwitz discusses how we should seek God every day.

Whether it is finding God in the rainbow, or the beautiful sunset – to finding God in the person sitting next to you in church, your life will become joyful if you look. In addition add journaling time to your day. When you journal you can see, more clearly the Lord’s work in your life. Study the following scriptures in finding God in the every day – 1 Kings 11-12 and Isaiah 41:10

Share this podcast with your friends! Use the social media buttons above or email the link to a friend. Please give our podcast a rating on iTunes or Google play or any podcast app. We appreciate you, our listeners!

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Check out the book – A Few Minutes With God

Show Notes: Finding God Every Day

  1. Seeking God – praying
  2. Look for blessings
  3. God incidence or coincidence
  4. Seeing God in the people around you
  5. Watching and listening
  6. Showing by example
  7. Ending your day with thanks


1 Kings 11-12

The Lord said, “Go out and stand on the mountain in the presence of the Lord, for the Lord is about to pass by.”

Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind. After the wind there was an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake. After the earthquake came a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper.

Isaiah 41:10

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Should You Podcast

Should You Podcast?- Advice in a Nutshell with Felice GerwitzShould You Podcast?- Advice in a Nutshell with Felice Gerwitz

Episode #3

As an author and publisher, I realized very quickly that without a platform I could not sell books. In this episode, I share podcast advice for those seeking a way to use this amazing online platform. Here is a short quiz you can ask yourself to see if podcasting is right for you.

This is a four-part series with different aspects of podcasting covered.

Sponsor Media Angels, Inc.

Interested in the book to help you launch your writing career? The Information In A Nutshell Series:

Writing and Publishing or Business Tips and Taxes for Writers. Do you have a child who is a budding author? Try Reach For The Stars! All available on Amazon.

Writing and Publishing

Show Notes: Should Your Podcast?

Are you ready for the challenge?

  1. Who should podcast?
  2. Why should you podcast?
  3. Can you answer these questions honestly?

Score and outcomes are given in this broadcast.

    1. Do you have a service or product to sell?
    2. Are you passionate about your work?
    3. Are you passionate about your message?
    4. Can you explain things clearly to others?
    5. Do you have a call to action – something you’d like the listener to do?
    6. Can you be brief in your explanations?
    7. Do you have resources to share?
    8. Do you have success stories to share?
    9. Do you have an hour to devote to podcasting each week?
    10. Do you have time to promote your podcast?

Prayer Time – Overcoming Distractions

overcoming distractions

Overcoming Distractions in Prayer Time and Spend Time with God

Podcast #5

Do you want to spend time with God and find yourself overcome by distractions? We all have and we can end our time frustrated and angry or take charge. In this podcast Felice suggests ways to turn that distraction into a praise report.

Show Notes: Overcoming Prayer Time Distractions

  1. Feel left behind
  2. Not enough time
  3. Speed of life is sometimes unmanageable
  4. How do you slow down enough so that you can focus on God?
  5. How do you combat distractions?

Categorize Distractions:

  1. Personal
    1. Something that has been bothering you
    2. Something you struggle with
    3. Something you feel guilt over
  2. Duty
    1. Kids or spouse
    2. Household
    3. Work
    4. Meeting or appt.


Set up your prayer time with a methodology – like any of these ways where you feel the most comfortable…

  1. Praise and worship
  2. Proclaiming and glorifying God in words
  3. Singing
  4. Prayer


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