A Few Minutes with God

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A few minutes with God Podcast with Felice Gerwitz


A Few Minutes with God Podcast 

with Felice Gerwitz

A time to reflect on the most important time you can spend – time with God.

Lots of topics such as family prayer, journaling and more. Stay tuned as we update the site.

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Felice Gerwitz is an author, a publisher and the owner of Media Angels, Inc. She is the owner of several podcast network and is an avid podcaster.  She is also the host of Vintage Homeschool Moms. Felice has published the book A Few Minutes with God available here on Amazon and her on her website.

Felice is married to Jeff and has five, mostly grown children and seven adorable grandchildren. Her desire in life is the serve the Lord as He directs, and she is excited to begin this journey alongside you!

A Few Minutes with God Episodes


Forgiveness Episode #10 It isn’t a feeling, it isn’t something we want to do, but it is totally freeing! In this podcast learn how a situation in my life turned into a blessing when I understood the true meaning of the gift of forgiving others. Thanks to our sponsor – Media Angels, Inc.  Ministry Books […]

True Happiness & Joy

True Happiness and Joy — Finding God’s Will with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #9 True Happiness and Joy God’s will. The repentant thief on the cross that asked for forgiveness from our Lord, comes to mind as I consider true happiness and to some that may seem really odd – I mean he was dying – […]

Void In My Life

 Filling The Void In My Life Podcast #8 In this episode, we discuss filling the void in my life – and that is a life without a real handle on what this life is all about. Many people try to fill their lives with things – so many things that don’t ultimately make them happy. […]

Mini Retreat

A Mini Retreat To Refresh Your Soul with Felice Gerwitz Are you weary with the burdens of everyday life? A mini retreat might be just what you need in order to become refreshed. In less than five minutes a day you can become renewed and ready to continue onward. In this episode Felice shares how she […]

Finding God Every Day

Finding God in the Every Day with Felice Gerwitz Do you have a daily schedule? It’s time to add finding God to your list. The Lord’s voice is something we seek, whether in quiet time or in prayer. What should we do? What does God want us to do? What is God’s will for us, […]

Prayer Time – Overcoming Distractions

Overcoming Distractions in Prayer Time and Spend Time with God Podcast #5 Do you want to spend time with God and find yourself overcome by distractions? We all have and we can end our time frustrated and angry or take charge. In this podcast Felice suggests ways to turn that distraction into a praise report. […]

How To Plan Your Prayer Time

How To Plan Your Prayer Time #4 with Felice Gerwitz Do you know how to plan your prayer time? If you take the time to plan once – and the rest becomes automatic. Are you trying to form a new habit? A time – quiet time with just you and God? In this podcast Felice […]

Planning Time For God

Planning Time For God Podcast #3 How do you love someone you don’t know? By getting to know them and planning time – just like you do with God. In this episode we’ll explore God’s love and how we can learn to deepen our faith by spending time with God. Thanks to our sponsor – […]

Commitment to Pray

A Commitment to Pray with Felice Gerwitz Are you ready? Today’s challenge is a commitment to pray. However, will you find the time? In today’s broadcast, Felice shares how you can begin with one minute, add another and another until you reach your goal of spending time with God each day. Show Notes: Beginning steps to […]

What is A Few Minutes With God?

Podcast #1  -What is A Few Minutes With God? Meet Felice Gerwitz, who hosts this weekly broadcast.  She discusses what she means by, “A Few Minutes with God.” To her, it is a time to reflect on the most important moments of your life and be she will share the challenge, to be open to […]

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