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Magnify the Lord

What does it mean to magnify? It means to make something appear larger, to enlarge, increase, enhance. The archaic meaning is a bit different and more in line with what we think of in relation to God. It means, to extol, glorify, praise, bless, worship, venerate and adore. Scripture PS 34:2-4 I will bless the […]

Everybody Loves Shauna

“Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” It’s Biblical, no? But it isn’t enjoyable. This week, Shauna tells us about the adventures of teaching her kids to cook. We learn what the three staples of successful cooking are, and how to survive at college. If you didn’t know boys were different […]

Faith in the Blood of Jesus

Lucia is continuing her series on The Power of the Blood of Jesus and in this episode she is building your faith in the Blood of Jesus so you can walk in victory every day of your life! Faith in the Blood of Jesus is the power and the vehicle that launches you into the […]

Find Your Passion

Episode 52–Find Your Passion   We often hear people talk about wanting to ‘find their passion’, but how do you really make that happen? How does one go about finding out where their passions lie? What are some practical steps that they can take to explore this avenue? Gale Horton Gay, the lifestyle editor of […]

For Good Men To Do Nothing

For Good Men To Do Nothing is an excerpt from the book: Fr. Kevin’s Korner. His meditation is read for us today by Tom Green.

Special Replay: Worthy of Blessings

Worthy of Blessings? Special Replay! Are you worthy of blessings? Blessings come to us in different ways and in this episode we will look at the blessings we receive as well as the cost. Thanks to our sponsor Media Angels and the book, One More Child – download a free chapter at MediaAngels.com In the […]

The Dangers of Insolvency

An alarming trend that I see as a financial planner is the high number of Christians who’s estate would be insolvent at death. Insolvency is when your you owe more than what you are worth. I also see a larger number of people accumulating debt past the age of 65. These issues have the strong […]

Holiness …. Part 2

Holiness – why is it so hard? part 2… Where do we stand – in the flesh we don’t have a chance but with Jesus, all things are possible.

Revolutionary Stewardship

In Ecclesiastes Chapter 3, King Soloman observed and journaled many things pertaining to the seasons of our lives. His conclusion was that everything is meaningless without God’s eternal perspective he has placed in our heart. Financial Stewardship is meaningless without that eternal perspective and how it guides us through the decisions we make.

Becoming a Deacon

In the Catholic Church, there is a group of men, called permanent deacons who are married and serve in various ways. This episode looks at how one man heard his call to become a deacon and acted on it. Who is it? It’s my husband, Deacon John, and I am happy to have you hear […]

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