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ADVENT JOY # 7 – Seeking Consolation and JOY? Join Anna & Simeon at the Presentation

Are you seeking consolation or more JOY? Join us today at the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord where Anna and Simeon show how. They offer us 10 ways the Holy Spirit can help.

Testimony of Fr. Raymond Skonezny

Testimony of Fr. Raymond Skonezny Father Raymond Skonezny served in the United States Navy. In 1952, on Dec. 23rd, 1961. Father Ray completed postgraduate studies for degrees in Theology and biblical studies in Rome. After serving many years in parish life, he retired at St. John Newman in Irvine, CA. He exemplifies the beauty of […]

Practical Connection Tips

Practical Connection Tips We all know that creating and having practical connections are harder than we think. Whether you’re a priest, religious, clergy, teacher, mental health professional, spiritual director, or medical professional, these are some ways you can boost the rapport in your relationships by honoring the dignity of those to whom you’re relating. The […]

Healing Power of God

Felice shares a personal experience after a phone call a friend shared, telling her of the healing power of God’s love and how it changed her life.

Testimony of Mary Ann Shields

Testimony of Mary Ann Shields The testimony of Mary Ann Shields from Orange Co, CA., will inspire you! As you listen to another wonderful Magnificat Ministry presentation, think about who would benefit from hearing this audio. Mary Ann Shields, also known professionally as Mary Ann Shulte, is a nationally recognized executive, accounting consultant, and humanitarian. […]

Overcoming Laziness

Resolution: Overcoming Laziness – Episode 238 Overcoming laziness is not for those who do not want change. Laziness can seep into your spiritual life as well. This show covers the causes of laziness and ways to overcome it and lead to a more productive life! Our sponsor is Media Angels. Two featured books are One […]

Testimony of Bonnie Hardey

Back in 1990, Bonnie’s family life was great. Her husband was a physician, they had two children and lived in a lovely home. Bonnie shares a series of events that changed everything and that was just the beginning of her faith journey. Bonnie Hardey’s story is about the love of the cross, about its blessings […]

The Key to Marriage

Would you believe that the key to marriage isn’t your relationship with your spouse?  Do you know that we all have the same primary vocation regardless of our state in life?  The truth is that the key to marriage is that our primary vocation is that of union with the Lord!  It’s true!  Monks, hermits, […]

ADVENT JOY # 6 – Join the Chorus of Angels & Shepherds!

Do you need a message that brings MORE JOY and Peace? Join us today for the birth of our Savior and meet the Angels and the Shepherds who have a lot to share. In fact, uniting your heart with the Angel’s Gloria and the Shepherd’s praises will help you know more JOY and peace.

Resolution – Overcoming Guilt

Resolution ~ Overcoming Guilt ~  Episode 237 Guilt can be terrible, and we are all plagued by it; however, overcoming guilt is possible, and with it comes the assurance that we are not alone. This podcast explores the meaning of guilt and how we can avoid the near occasion of sin. Our sponsor is the […]

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