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Testimony of Lily Loh

Testimony of Lily Loh Lily Loh was born in China, the youngest daughter of 10 children from a devout Buddhist family. Her amazing conversion story to Catholicism has led her through four continents with an innate awareness that God was always watching over her. Lily’s family moved from China to avoid Communism when she was […]

Prayer Warrior

Prayer Warrior ~ Episode 246 Are you a prayer warrior? The military raises leaders and those who have physical strength, stamina, and endurance in their physical lives. How can we apply this to our spiritual life? Are we spiritually tough? Visit MediaAngels.com for books and information that will help you in your spiritual journey here […]

Esther & Turnaround JOY # 2 – The Queen, the Refusal & the Bad Advice

The Book of Esther in the Old Testament was written so that even 2500 years later, we can still relate it to our culture. Today, we continue in Esther Chapter 1 with our introduction to the pompous and extravagant King Ahasuerus and the opulent six-month party he threw in the capital city of Susa (modern day Iran) in the third year of his reign. Ancient historians suggest over 15,000 men came to the party that lasted 187 days. In the midst of the grand party, the king received and followed bad advice. In this podcast, we will cover how to find true wisdom.

Repentance Those Hurt by Church Leadership

Repentance Those Hurt by Church Leadership Repentance is important, especially if you have been hurt by church leaders. I was away from the Church for a number of years because of the abuse I suffered at the hands of Church leadership.  Maybe you or someone you love is in that same place in their walk.  […]

Testimony of Rosalind Moss

Testimony of Rosalind Moss Testimony of Rosalind Moss, Sr. Miriam of the Lamb of God Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God, as she is now called, is known to many in the Catholic world. Born and raised in a Jewish home in Brooklyn, New York, Rosalind Moss embraced Jesus as the Messiah of the […]

Temptation Is Real

Temptation is Real ~ Episode 245 All around me, I see that temptation is real, and the fallout is serious sin. But friends, we cannot become complacent, even if we are walking with the Lord; this podcast explores the meaning of temptation as it applies to our lives and what the Scriptures say. One of […]

Leaven Pharisees

Leaven Pharisees ~ A Moment In Scripture Join us for Leaven Pharisees with Deacon David Hockwalt as he discusses Mk. 8:14-21 Leaven Pharisees. If there is one, this story’s theme is ‘missing the point.’ The disciples forgot to bring bread with them. Jesus reminded them of the multiplication miracles they witnessed. The disciples did not […]

Our Identity in Christ

Our Identity in christ Our identity is crucial to our personal wholeness and growth in holiness.  It’s a buzzword these days in secular society.  No matter who we are, how we live is going to flow from our identity.  Another way to say it is we behave according to who we believe we are.  For […]

Sandy Ourso

Sandy Ourso Sandy Ourso was born in Shreveport, LA, where she spent her early years. She attended Baptist church services every Sunday till she was 15 yrs. old. She received a wonderful foundation in her faith. The world’s cares lured her away from the boredom of church services. At the age of 20, she was […]

Esther & Turnaround JOY # 1 – The Backdrop & the Party: Turnarounds for Your Life

Just when we wonder, “Where is God in our lives or our families or our communities,” Esther reminds us that God never abandons us. He is faithful. If you have never read or studied Esther before, now is a good time to start. Esther is about trusting in God, interceding in prayer and receiving strength to stand firm amid Life’s challenges. It is about gentle leadership and discernment from God in difficult times. Most importantly, Esther is a dramatic story of how God can bring reversals in circumstances for you and your family – that’s turnarounds in situations and relationships. In Esther’s case, fifteen reversals in circumstances and relationships gave joy and consolation to God’s people resulting in the annual Jewish celebration of the Feast of Purim. Esther is a book of faith, hope and joy! Today we will cover the backdrop for the Book of Esther, the Lavish Party and Personal Reflections.

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