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Family Size Struggles

Family Size Struggles Episode 11 Family size is something you discuss at different times in your life. And, if you have other struggles in your life it may add additional pressure to your decisions. Have you struggled with family size? In this episode, we delve into this topic with faith as our foundation. Thanks to […]

My First Aid Kit

Podcast #48 My First Aid Kit What are the must-haves in your natural first aid kit? Here are the things that we keep in ours. Activated Charcoal For acute use in food poisoning, intestinal illness, vomiting, diarrhea, ingestion of toxins, etc. Apple Cider Vinegar Keep a bottle of organic Apple Cider Vinegar with “the mother” on hand […]

Faith is an Action

Lucia continues her study of faith focusing on faith being an action. Faith is the foundation for living a victorious life.  It’s the first priority for our life, and everything in life is affected by our faith. Lucia references several Bible verses showing people used their faith by doing an action.  She shares the faith […]

Worthy of Blessings

Worthy of Blessings? Episode 93 Are you worthy of blessings? Blessings come to us in different ways and in this episode we will look at the blessings we receive as well as the cost. Thanks to our sponsor Media Angels and the book, One More Child – download a free chapter at MediaAngels.com In the […]

Parenting Under Trial

Parenting Under Trial – Episode 10 Parenting under trial happens to most at some time or another. Parenting, in general, is a skill not for the faint at heart, but when you add a child with some developmentally delayed or ill child the answers can be elusive. Thanks to our sponsor Media Angels and the […]

Simple Ways to Detox Daily

Podcast #47 Simple Ways to Detox Daily Drink lemon water Warm to room temperature lemon water is the best, especially first thing in the morning. Add a drop of lemon vitality or some fresh squeezed organic lemon juice work well. Sip on a Detox Tea There are a variety of teas out there. Look for […]

Enemies of Faith

Lucia continues her series on faith, with addressing the enemies of faith.  Just as there are two kinds of faith, there are two kinds of unbelief.  First, there’s the kind of unbelief that’s based on a lack of knowledge of God’s Word.  And second, there’s unbelief because people can’t be persuaded to act on God’s […]

Blind Faith vs. Real Faith

Blind Faith vs. Real Faith: Episode 92 Blind faith is not what is required of us. We should question and wonder in our walk with the Lord, but truthfully while we believe without seeing, it is far from blind faith. In this episode, we will think back to the time of the Ressurection of Our […]

Marriage Under Trial

Marriage Under Trial – A True Test of Love: Episode 9 Marriage under trial happens each day. This can be due to finances, or family issues such as health and in these cases, the pressure just becomes even more difficult. In this episode, we learn the true test is not what you think. Thanks to […]

What’s the Big Deal About Fragrance?

Podcast #46 What’s the Big Deal About Fragrance This has become a hot topic everywhere. Why? People are becoming more aware of what they are using daily in their homes. One of the top things that we should all be aware of is fragrance. Fragrance has become known as the new second-hand smoke and is […]

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