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The Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew is the focus of the Sunday Gospel readings. It can be helpful to have some context when we are reading the Word to help us better understand it. This Gospel was written sometime between 70 and 100 A.D., after the fall of the temple in Jerusalem. It was written for Jewish […]

Self Control: Raising Teenagers

So, my second son, James, has been learning to drive.  He’s a good driver, but let me tell you…the urge to stomp on the passenger floor for the gas pedal is strong.  EVERY TIME I see the brake lights in front of us.  I’m continually telling James, it’s my problem, not yours.  You’re doing everything […]

Conversion Story of Jan Tate

We are delighted that you have chosen to join us today! This podcast features the conversion testimony of Jan Tate and is provided for you by Magnificat, A Ministry to Catholic Women. Jan has been active in Lay Ministry, Marriage Preparation for her diocese, and involved with married couples retreats. We hope you enjoy her […]

The Working Women of Ministry-Pt. 2

Episode 18-The Working Women of Ministry Pt. 2 On episode 18 of The Working Woman Radio Show, we’re going to continue our conversation about women who work in the ministry with Jillian Palmiotto, Pastor and Director of the Unlimited Special Needs Ministry at Mt. Paran Church of God, and Stacy Georges, the founder and CEO […]

Miracles Happen

Miracles Do Happen – 126 We read about miracles in the Scriptures but do miracles happen today. Yes, miracles do happen! In this episode, we discuss the miraculous from the Bible but we look at the miracles all around you that defy explanation. Thanks to our sponsor Media Angels, and the books A Few Minutes […]

Special Days and the Cycles of Scripture Readings

The Church Year We’re looking at the seasons of the Church year and what is part of each season. The year begins with Advent (Dec 1, 2019), then Christmas (Dec 25, 2019), Ordinary Time (Jan 13-Feb 25, 2020), Lent (Feb 26-April 9, 2020), Triduum (April 9- 12, 2020), Easter (April 13-May 31, 2020), and Ordinary […]

How to Be Led by Holy Spirt, Part 1, Three in One

Welcome to 2020!  Join Lucia in today’s show as she explains as God’s children, we can expect Holy Spirit to lead us through our spirit man into making right decisions.  When we listen to Holy Spirit, He will always lead us into truth and to the right path as you trust Him and step out […]

The Working Women of Ministry -Pt.1

  Episode 17–The Working Women of Ministry On episode 17, we discuss the roles of the working women of ministry. Many of our modern day churches, encourage women to serve in certain positions as Sunday school teachers, nursery workers, children’s church leaders. However, when you read the scriptures about women who work in ministry in […]

Prayer Partner

Prayer Partners – 125 One of the biggest blessings that can come in our lives is to have a prayer partner, someone you can go to and pray with for your special needs. In this episode, we will discuss how to use this for the advantage of focused prayer. Thanks to our sponsor Media Angels, […]

The Seasons of the Church Year

The Catholic Church has seasons, just like the natural world does. Our seasons are based on what is happening in the Church as to what season it is. We have 6 seasons: Advent, Christmas, Lent, Paschal Triduum, Easter and Ordinary Time. Ordinary time occurs twice, between Christmas and Lent and then again between Easter and […]

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