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Adventures in Babysitting

Adventures in Babysitting In this week’s episode, we will expose the underside of helping others. Being called upon to serve others is a noble duty we owe our fellow man – but there is a price to pay, especially when it involves Shauna babysitting her neighbor’s kids. We will explore the differences between boys and […]

Teachers Talk About COVID-19

Episode 43–Teachers Talk About COVID-19   In episode 43 of The Working Woman Radio Show, teachers talk about COVID-19 and the challenges they face as they contemplate going back into the classroom.  They share their concerns about being able to protect themselves and their students.  They also talk about their frustrations with school administrators and […]

Modern Missionaries

Modern Missionaries – Episode 150 Where are all the modern missionaries today? The Lord has taken people that I feel were the saints of the day, including Mother Theresa home. There are many pastors and preachers that are also enjoying their eternal reward. But, what about now when our world needs these modern-day and women, […]

I am God’s Storyteller by Lisa Hendey

It was a pleasure to talk with Lisa Hendey about her book, “I am God’s Storyteller” with illustrations by Eric Carlson. Lisa is the founder of CatholicMom.com and a writer of adult non-fiction before she began writing for children. She began with the Chime Traveler’s, a series of illustrated saint stories written in chapter format […]

Spiritual Warriors

Spiritual Warriors Episode 26 Warriors are focused and ready for battle. The same with spiritual warriors. In the midst, of difficulty in life, the Lord looks for generous individuals who are “spiritual warriors” who are willing to do penance in order that the Lord will more quickly show his healing mercy. We hesitate at this […]

Balancing Work and School

Episode 42–Balancing Work and School Balancing work and school is a challenge for many working women who have returned to the classroom. Special guest, Marilyn Smith, talks about how she juggles teaching and being a student, herself. She talks about why she decided to return to school, and shares tips about making a schedule to […]

Secret Mission For God

Secret Mission For God -Episode 149 I love the idea of a secret mission – but a secret mission for God? In this episode, we will discuss how many of us keep our faith hidden and ways we can share the “good news,” and the love that is only in Christ. Sponsor Media Angels, Inc. […]

Who’s The Real Enemy?

Who’s the real enemy? How is the enemy working to destroy us?  What are the enemy’s tactics? In a reflection given July 1, 2020, Deacon Dave Hockwalt guides us to the answer.

Passion of Hope, a Ministry to Singles

Marriage isn’t for everyone, right? Or is it? Julieanne Bartlett, based on scripture and Church teachings thinks it is for everyone! Her ministry, Passion of Hope speaks to the heart of people who long for a spouse. Their world and culture may look and think they have it all – education, career, good income, fun […]

Family First

Family First – Family The Bedrock of Society – Episode 35 Societies have broken apart because family first has been forgotten, and as the bedrock of society has been neglected. In this episode, we discuss how families can now take back your kids! My special guest is Denise Mira. Visit Denise at her website at […]

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