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Immune Support Made Simple

Podcast #36 Immune Support Made Simple Immune support does not have to be hard, in fact, it is actually very simple. It’s as simple as continuously raising our bodies frequency by eliminating sugars, negative thoughts, and toxins from our environment and replacing them with things that will raise our frequency like fresh foods, positive affirmations, […]

Perfecting our Love Walk – Part 2

Join Lucia this week as she shares to live a victorious life, a great place to start on that journey is to recognize the characteristics of love and evaluate the way we love other people. Galatians 5:6 tells us, “For when we place our faith in Christ Jesus, there is no benefit in being circumcised […]

Faith Under Pressure

Faith Under Pressure ~ Episode 80 In today’s world, our faith is under pressure. There are so many things pulling on our time. We are bombarded with the news, the things happening in our day to day work, the pressure of home and family. Everywhere we look we just can’t catch our breath until the […]

Perfecting our Love Walk

Lucia will help you celebrate Valentine’s Day and the Month of Love as she begins a new series on perfecting your love walk. She shares the one tip that will make your life better if you’ll implement it in every area of your life.  The enemy is always trying to get your heart full of […]

How to Make Yogurt

Podcast #35 How to Make Yogurt   Making your own yogurt isn’t as hard as one may think. It is actually a very simple and easy thing to do plus you have the added benefit of knowing exactly what is in your yogurt.   There are two ways that I recommend making yogurt: the good […]

God Given Gifts

God Given Gifts Episode 79 God is amazing and he has given you a present. Your God given gifts are something you can discover. In today’s episode, I share a personal story about how God used my son, who the world would consider a struggling learner. He did me a favor this week that just […]

Abortion And Sacrifice

Abortion and Sacrifice Episode 78 Abortion has taken on a new meaning. What happened to love? In our world, it seems that love is no longer a factor in so many people’s life. The recent news has shown the sin of abortion toward the unborn. We as Christians need to wake up and take a […]

Habits: Listening to God (Part 5)

Join Lucia as she finishes her series on Habits. This week Lucia shares how perfecting the habit of listening to God for His instructions, and then exercising your faith to follow through with them will help you live the victorious life you were created to live. When life seems out of order, many times it’s […]

Sacred Mountain

Podcast #34 Sacred Mountain This is an amazing blend of essential oils that create a feeling of security and protection. It contains ylang ylang, cedarwood, balsam fir, and spruce. The conifer oils used in this blend have been used by the North American Indians for hundreds of years for protection. The oils helped them to […]

Second Chances

Second Chances Episode 77 Is there a time for second chances? Of course, there is and we see that again and again in the Scriptures. We find the opportunities in our own lives to try for a second time. We are close to the New Year as I record this episode and one of the […]

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