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Connection to God

Connection to God FEARLESS Chapter 2 Connection to God. Jesus is the bread of life.  He is the food for which we are made. What does food do? It nourishes us, gives us energy. Good food makes us healthy, bad food makes us sick, poisoned food can even kill us, but without food we would […]

Never Underestimate Prayer

Never Underestimate Prayer ~ Episode 281 Do you think your prayers never get answered? I believe you should never underestimate prayer! In this podcast, Felice discusses ways we can shortchange the Lord and what a blessing it is to realize that our prayers have been answered. Thanks to our sponsor – Media Angels, you can […]

A JOY-Filled Advent #1 – God Hears & God Answers; Don’t Give Up Hope

God hears & God answers prayer. Join us today in Podcast #1 of A Joy-Filled Advent series as Zechariah, Elizabeth, and Gabriel teach us to never give up on prayer.

What does God say is perfect prayer?

How are we to pray? So often, we think, because of the way we were taught, that prayer is “talking to God.” And while that is true, we also need to be silent and listen to him and be with him. Words to Catherine God’s words to Catherine of Siena: “You see then, that perfect […]

Connection Overview

Connection Overview FEARLESS: Chapter 1 Connection Overview. What is so important about connection and why pair it together with the concept of holiness? We don’t have to look far to see how God regards community. He models it for us in the Holy Trinity. We see their love, unity and order in relationship to each […]

Joy and Peace

Joy and Peace Two of the themes echoed throughout the weekend are ‘joy and peace.’ The gifts the Lord wants us to go forth with as you return to your homes, Chapters, husbands and children, work, friends, and community. He wants us to bring joy and peace as our traveling companions. Bishop Toups refers to […]

Celebrate Christmas

Celebrate Christmas and Advent – Episode 280 When you celebrate Christmas, does it include Advent? Advent is the time before Christmas. It is the 24-day countdown to the blessed event, the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Advent helps us to put the holiday in perspective. In this podcast, Felice discusses ways you can celebrate […]


FEARLESS Preface FEARLESS Preface & Intro. Many years ago, I noticed that healthy connections to God, self, and others are the foundation of peace and fulfillment in life. Without these connections, we perpetuate lies in our minds that become the basis for our self-talk and how we relate to others. These lies chip away at […]

Eucharist Presence Part 3

Eucharist Presence Part 3 The Eucharist- Part 3- The Presence- presented by Jimmy Seghers. The focus of this segment is on the presence. Jesus promised I will be with you always. It affirms a truth that Catholics have always believed: the blessed Eucharist is the source and the summit of the Christian life. The Eucharist […]

Wrapped in JOY and Armored in Prayer

When prayer is the atmosphere we breathe, and we keep breathing it, the Holy Spirit is released to work in unimaginable ways, and supernatural graces and gifts are poured out. Heaven will even surprise us when we stay connected with the King of Kings and His Kingdom in prayer! Plus, prayer secures your JOY and activates the Armor of God.

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