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Spiritual Experience

Spiritual Experience | A Few Minutes with God Podcast with Felice Gerwitz Episode 308: Exploring Spiritual Experiences Based on Matthew 17 Have you had a spiritual experience? Have you ever felt like you were on a spiritual mountaintop? In this episode of the “A Few Minutes with God” podcast, Felice Gerwitz explores these profound moments. […]

Ruth, Finding Joy in Tough Times Part #2: Weeping Forward – I Will Go Where You Go

Are you weeping forward or backward? Sometimes, we must weep, but we must also go forward, trusting that God is leading us on. Join the podcast today, where we focus on Naomi’s blessing and Ruth’s words, “I will go where you go, and your God will be my God,” as they weep forward. From Moab […]

Pick your Saint Squad

Meet the Author Amy J. Cattapan is a middle-school English teacher and Catholic speaker, retreat leader, and author who has written or contributed to several books, including Sweet Jesus, Is It June Yet?, Chicken Soup for the Soul: From Lemons to Lemonade, and the award-winning novels Angelhood and Seven Riddles to Nowhere. She hosts the […]

Conclusion to the book Fearless

Conclusion to the book Fearless Conclusion to the book Fearless. Establishing a foundation of peace and fulfillment in life, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, is a matter of delving more deeply into the reality of God’s connection to us. Fully receiving and being transformed by the indwelling presence of the Blessed Trinity is an ongoing process. […]

Evil Tactic

Evil Tactic  – Combatting Evil ~ Episode 225 What is an evil tactic? It is something employed by the evil one to take souls to hell. Harsh? Maybe. But, this is something that few of us want to talk about or consider. In this podcast, Felice will explore the tactics used and how to prevent […]

Glorious Encounters with Mary; A Guide to Living the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary

Meet our Author Maria V. Gallagher is an author, advocate, speaker, and life coach. Her latest book is Glorious Encounters with Mary: A Guide to Living the Mysteries of the Rosary. Her other books include Mercy’s Power and Joyful Encounters with Mary. Maria previously worked as an award-winning radio reporter and television news producer. She […]

Pseudo Connection

Pseudo-Connection Since reciprocity between people in the areas of connection (boundaries, valued, known and openness) is essential for healthy and holy relationships, it stands to reason a lack of give and take in these areas leads to unhealthy and even abusive relationships. For example, in any type of abuse, there are boundary violations of a […]

Ruth – Finding JOY in Tough Times #1: Decision Making & Turnaround

Welcome to Ruth-Finding Joy in Tough Times, Episode #1. The Book of Ruth reveals God’s goodness. It’s about God’s providence, Godly relationships, and most importantly, how God uses faithful women in Salvation history, especially Ruth, a refugee and convert who ends up in the lineage of Jesus Christ. God’s Word is always alive and fresh and will speak to our hearts through the Holy Spirit and, in this case, through the Book of Ruth.

God’s Word Revealed (Replay)

God’s Word Revealed – Episode 220 We often read the Bible and are left unmoved, but through the words of scripture, God’s word is revealed. Why is that? What are the tools you need to get you into the right frame of mind before praying and delving into the scriptures? Stay tuned and find out. […]

Navigating Relational Struggles

Navigating Relational Struggles As surely as we have the indwelling presence of the Holy Trinity through baptism, we are meant to be occasions of grace for each other. Since it is our call to be incarnations of God, his hands and feet in the world at this time, even our simple interactions can minister his […]

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