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ADVENT JOY # 2 -The Great Annunciation and Message: “For Nothing Will Be Impossible with the Lord”

If you are unsure about God’s power to accomplish miracles or significant changes in your own life, consider this: If God can supernaturally beget the Son of God in a virgin and give an old woman Elizabeth, past her time of conceiving  a child, God can fix the barrenness in your life too. If you feel unproductive or barren, ask the Holy Spirit to come upon you in new ways and to open new doors where least expected. He will give you a breakthrough! “For nothing is impossible with God!”

Greatness of God

Greatness of God ~ Episode 230 The greatness of God is all around us and we see it in the miracles of life. God’s greatness is nothing we would dispute and a loving God grants favor to us. But what happens when we are overwhelmed or inundated with the holiday sales (yes, Cyber Monday and […]

Habits of Freedom; Holy Indifference

We are continuing our series of Habits of Freedom: 5 Ignatian Tools for Calming Your Mind and Resting in the Lord by Christopher S. Collins, SJ. God often calls us out of our usual to get our attention. In the scripture, we see him call people to the desert, recall the Israelites in the desert […]

Doing What is Expected Luke 17:7-10 By Deacon David Hockwalt

DEACON DAVID HOCKWALT was ordained a Permanent Deacon in the Diocese of San Bernardino in 2012. He continues in active ministry today and is the spiritual advisor to the vicariate Life in the Spirit team. We pray that today may be a special day in your life as you experience the presence of Jesus Christ […]

The Role of Sports in Christian Character Formation

Join me as Coach Herrmann and I discuss the role sports can play in character formation!   Coach Kelly Herrmann – now a wife, mom, grandma, health coach, author, and speaker was a fixture in sports at Franciscan University of Steubenville for decades.  Having given up a full ride to play division one basketball, she […]

Spiritual Reflection 10 Oil Lamps By Fr. Pat Crowley 11.12.2022

Fr. Pat Crowley, SS.CC., MAS, is a member of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary in the Western United States Province. Father Crowley is the Spiritual Advisor for the Magnificat North County San Diego Chapter. He is a retreat director and conference speaker who brings a holistic approach to the healing […]

Miraculous Prayers

Miraculous Prayers ~ Episode 229 Miraculous prayers are all around us, yet no one but the Lord knows what will be answered and what will not. In this podcast, Felice discusses the prayer that the Lord gave us as well as prayers that are always answered. Thanks to our sponsor, Media Angels. Visit the website […]

Habits of Freedom, Introduction

Normal We want our life to go back to normal. And what exactly does normal mean? I think, instead, let’s consider grounding ourselves in Christ. When we are with him, life will be on a more even keel. When we begin with him, Jesus helps us get through life. A Series The next few episodes […]

I’m Going to Follow Jesus By Mary Wilson 11.10.22

Jesus says, “Come follow, me!“ But to where, how and to what? What do I have to do, what do I have to change to leave everything behind to follow Jesus? These questions are contemplated by Mary as she shares parables and practical applications of life, then and now, in ways the devil tempts us […]

Advent JOY #1: Don’t Give Up Hope – God Hears & God Answers

Don’t Give Up Hope – God hears & God answers prayer. Join us today as Zechariah, Elizabeth and Gabriel teach us this lesson.

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