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Kathy MacInnis – Her Personal Testimony

We are delighted that you have chosen to join us today! This podcast features the conversion testimony of Kathy MacInnis and is provided for you by Magnificat, A Ministry to Catholic Women. Kathy  MacInnis was a founding Coordinator of the West St. Tammany Chapter of Magnificat in 1996, located just north of New Orleans. She […]

A Few Good Books

Books are the best! I rarely regret buying the book or reading the book. I do regret have given away books, especially those I can’t replace. I’m sharing a few of my past favorites today, books I pick up again just to read what I underlined or the notes I jotted down. It’s like seeing […]

Joyful Family Celebrations

Joyful Family Celebrations Episode 28 Joyful family celebrations take planning. No matter what time of the year we are in we can find ourselves overwhelmed! In this episode of One More Child Podcast, we will discuss how to look for the good in our family life. Thanks to our sponsor – The Star Movie – […]

A Secret To Easy Joy

Do you ever long to experience joy but feel like it takes too much work to make it happen? In today’s episode, I reveal one of the keys to clearing the space for joy to come in! Just like cleaning out a cabinet before we organize things inside it, it is necessary to clear out […]

Pro-Life Minsitry

Pro-life Ministry with Fr. Pavone Episode 27 Have you wanted to help the pro-life ministry? What can you do with love and compassion? With today’s special guest is Father Frank Pavone known for his work with Priests For Life, he shares ways we can be involved to help bring in the culture of life. Thanks […]

Practical Help for the Single Working Mom-Part 2

Episode 11–Practical Help for the Single Working Mom-Part 2 On this week’s episode of ‘The Working Woman Radio Show’, we will continue our conversation about ways the church, extended family, and community can help the single working mom.  Last week, we were privileged to have Priscilla Wilkinson, Anne Stuckey, and Angela Paul in the studio […]

Gift Giving

Gift Giving Episode 119 What is the greatest gift that we can give to others? Well, there are plenty that come to mind but the greatest gift-giving comes from Almighty God and His Son, Jesus. In this episode, we will discuss how gift-giving sometimes takes center stage when the focus should be on the Lord! […]

Love is Speaking Up

Last week, we discussed how love is about listening.  This week, we’re covering the opposite side of the spectrum: speaking up. Today we’ll get really clear about three different areas where speaking up is crucial. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these three are some of the most important times, in my […]

Practical Help for the Single Working Mom

Episode 10–Practical Help for the Single Working Mom According to statistics from KIDS Count Data Center, single parents, are raising more than one-third of the children in the United States. This amounts to more than 24 million children having only one parent in the home. The majority of these households consists of a single moms […]

Peace Within Families

Peace Within Families Episode 118 Next to world peace, we want peace within families! I’ve heard horror stories of siblings not talking to each other for years and in this episode, we will pray for broken families and those who are lost to the hope of Jesus. Thanks to our sponsor – Media Angels, Inc. […]

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