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God Reaching Out & Breaking Through

Glimmer or God? I’ve been hearing about ‘glimmers’ on social media lately. I’ve seen a few memes. And while I liked the thought of a glimmer as opposed to a trigger, I wasn’t happy with the advice to look for the glimmer. You see, to me, a glimmer is not about looking for something good, […]

Interventions to Cope with Stress

Interventions to Cope with Stress Interventions to Cope with Stress. At one time or another, we all experience stress in our lives.  Whether from anxiety and apprehension about the future or pain over hurtful things from the past, we can feel like our emotions hijack our brain and our ability to maintain that gift of […]

My Amen

My Amen My Amen by Mary Wilson shares the definition of Amen from different sources. It means, ‘It is so, so be it.’ To say ‘Amen’ to something expresses strong approval or support for an idea. It also means,’ truly or true, I believe.’ Jesus, himself, is called the ‘Amen’, the one who is faithful […]

Suffering Christians

Suffering Christians – Episode 271 We know there are suffering Christians worldwide, but what about in your home? We often suffer silently and become depressed when we can turn that suffering into something more that will enhance our own lives and the lives of others. This podcast is brought to you by our sponsor, Route […]

The Seven Sorrows of Mary

The Seven Sorrows of Mary The Seven Sorrows of Mary. Deacon Dave reflects on Our Lady of Seven Sorrows celebrated on September 15th. Just as Mary is the mother of Jesus, she is mother to all his followers, she is mother to us, especially the mothers of today. St. Louis de Montfort said, “if you […]

Testimony of Sr. Jacqueline Gitonga

Testimony of Sr. Jacqueline Gitonga Sr. Jackie Jean-Marie Gitonga was born and raised Kenya on a farm. She was the oldest of 3 children, with a younger brother and sister. She grew up in the Catholic faith. A program called Opus Dei taught her the basics of living and gave her the foundations of her […]

Greater Peace, Joy, & Freedom!

Greater Peace, Joy, and Freedom! Greater Peace, Joy, and freedom! Below is a Self-Evaluation regarding the pillars of connection.  I share this tool with you to help you find the areas where the Lord may have even more profound peace, joy, and freedom for you.  This is not a weapon to use to beat yourself […]

Promises Of Christ

Promises of Christ ~ Episode ~ 270 How can we believe anything Jesus said? Why are the promises of Christ real? Why should you care? This podcast will explore whether this is true and how we can apply it to our lives? Sponsors keep us on air! Thanks so much to ROUTE 60: The Biblical Highway Airs for […]

Discipline and Discipleship

Discipline and Discipleship Why does discipleship conjure up such a beautiful sentiment for most of us, but discipline not so much?  If you’re like me, you might feel like discipline is about how you are not good enough, that something more is going to be required from you, and you already feel like you’re at […]

Testimony of Carla Comer

Testimony of Carla Comer Testimony of Carla Comer. Carla Comer was raised Catholic and attended Catholic parochial schools through High School. During high school, she suffered from depression and rebelled against God. Carla went to college, dropped out after a year, and came back home. Her mother was a devout Catholic and Rosary prayer. Carla’s […]

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