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Spiritual Discernment

Spiritual Discernment ~ Episode 100 The gift of spiritual discernment is one we all need! It allows us to see the truth to avoid darkness and to be ready for what is in store for those who love the Lord! Welcome to AFMWG – this is a milestone episode for me – 100! When I […]

Faith is the Evidence of the Unseen

Lucia continues her study of faith and shares faith is the evidence of the unseen. God’s Word tells us what’s in the spirit world, and it’s actually more real than the physical world we can connect to with our five senses. Faith is the evidence or the proof of things that are not perceived by […]

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Gifts of the Holy Spirit Episode 99 The gifts of the Holy Spirit are real and free and available to all. At Pentecost, the disciples were able to speak in different languages and those who heard them understood. The disciples were taught by the Holy Spirit in other ways as well, by reminding them what […]

Raising Great Kids In One Easy Lesson

Raising Great Kids In One Easy Lesson! Episode 16 We want to raise great kids that we are proud of, let’s face it isn’t that hard, or is it? In today’s podcast, we discuss raising great kids and how it really can be done in one easy lesson! Thanks to today’s sponsor – OvercomerMovie – […]

How Faith Works – Part 8 in Faith Series

Join Lucia as she continues her study of faith and shares how faith works. The scripture for this session is Hebrews 11:1, which explains the characteristics of faith.  The Good News Translation says, “To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see.” […]

Promises To Abraham

Promises To Abraham – Episode 98 When we read Genesis we learn, soon after the fall that all is not lost. We have hope in the promises to Abraham, from God. All is not lost and we know that through Abraham came the lineage to David and through David the lineage to Joseph and in […]

Your Measure of Faith

Lucia continues her study of faith this week, and shares that everyone has been given “a” measure of faith or “the” measure of faith, and what we do with that measure is the key to growing strong faith. Have you ever prayed and ask God for more faith?  You don’t have to ask for more […]

Mary Mother of Jesus

Mary Mother of Jesus – Episode 97 Mary, Mother of Jesus is known throughout humanity, nations and time. We can learn so much from her! Most Christians know her name and read about her in the Bible. She receives a staring role in the New Testament that begins with humble roots, becomes elevated by her, […]

Mindful Kids

Mindful Kids – Teaching Kids To Be Present Episode 15 Being present for your kids and having mindful kids is the topic of today’s podcast. The last episode of One More Child Podcast we discussed mindfulness and being present. Thanks to our sponsor, Media Angels, Inc. check out the latest book One More Child on […]

Model Christian

Model Christian Episode 97 Being a model Christian requires responsibility, but what does a model Christian look like? Is it someone who talks the talk or walks the walk. As a Christian, you can no longer act like a heathen and there is a standard to uphold – or is there? Thanks to our sponsor, […]

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