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Meaningful Faith

Meaningful Faith ~ Episode 257 Has your faith matured through the years to hit the realm of “meaningful faith?” In this podcast, we discuss how our faith needs to be our own and for the right reasons. Visit the Media Angels website and check out the One More Child book and A Few Minutes with […]

Mercy Seat

Mercy Seat – Episode 256 We know that God is merciful, and his mercy endures forever, but what is God’s mercy seat and what can we learn to apply to our lives? Thanks to our sponsor, CTCMath.com, and an innovative math curriculum for all K-12, you can check out more information at CTC Math. I […]

Growing Chastity and Uprooting Lust

Growing Chastity and Uprooting Lust Growing Chastity and Uprooting Lust. We are bombarded with lustful images daily.  Billboards, commercials, song lyrics, and the like are often filled with impurity.  It can be difficult to live lives of purity and chastity.  Yet, it is that to which we are called.  Why does God ask that of […]

Growing Gratitude, Kindness

Growing Gratitude, Kindness Uprooting Envy Growing Gratitude Kindness. Envy is the vice of wanting something that isn’t mine.  Which is actually wanting something contrary to what the Lord knows will lead me to the joy, peace, and contentment He has for me.  When we don’t stay rooted and grounded in love like St. Paul tells […]

Ordinary Time-An Opportunity

  What is Ordinary Time? This is one of the seasons in the Church’s Liturgical Year. We have various liturgical seasons, just as there are natural seasons. Ordinary time happens two times a year, and now it is beginning again, from May 29 until December 2. For more information, you can read this post.  On […]

Testimony of Fr. Joseph Droessler

Testimony of Fr. Joseph Droessler Testimony of Fr. Joseph Droessler. Fr. Joseph Droessler is a diocesan priest of Orange, well known for his charism of preaching and many other gifts of the Holy Spirit. He is a native of Orange County and the seventh of eight children. His priestly formation includes years of study at […]

God is Calling You

God is Calling You ~ Thoughts and Ponderings Did God choose Me? By Mary Wilson God is Calling You. Mary Wilson shares a scripture from John 15:16. “You did not choose me; I chose you and appointed you to go bear fruit that will remain.” He chose you for a purpose with a plan in […]

Prayer Text

Prayer Text – Episode 255 When was the last time someone asked you to pray? Have you considered sending them a prayer text? In this podcast, we discuss the importance of prayer and how to use technology to pray now. Appreciating sponsors are part of what keeps us on the air, so reach out to […]

Testimony of Lu Coetese

Testimony of Lu Cortese Testimony of Lu Coetese. Lu is the founder and Executive Director of St. Ignatius Retreat Association, St. Joseph Catholic Radio, and IHS Productions. What started 25 years ago as an at-home apostolate is now a worldwide radio and evangelization ministry heard on EWTN Radio and Catholic radio affiliates throughout the country […]

Keeping God’s Word

Keeping God’s Word ~ Episode 254 How can we keep God’s word close to us? In this podcast, we explore ancient traditions still practiced by those of the Orthodox Jewish faith today and how we can learn from these practices. Thanks to our sponsor CTC Math and the curriculum receiving rave reviews. Check out the […]

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