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6th Sunday of Easter – Bread of Life Bible Study

6th Sunday of Easter-C. May 22, 2022 – Bread of Life Bible Study Today, living a life conforming to the prompting of the Holy Spirit is not easy. We have so many distractions in our everyday living, that only the Holy Spirit could empower us to remember with clarity the obedience that’s needed to walk […]

Presence of God

Presence of God – Special Replay For a Christian, the presence of God is an amazing feeling and even without that feeling, we have faith that God is with us always. How do we understand God’s presence? We will look at the Scriptures for clarification during this episode. Thanks to our sponsor, Media Angels, Inc. […]

5th Sunday of Easter

5th Sunday of Easter-C, May 15, 2022 – Bread of Life Bible Study Jesus’s love for us shows us that there is no glory like that of being loved. Let that sink in for a moment. He died for you because he loved you just as you are, not as you should be.   “There […]

Holy Spirit Spiritual Journey

Holy Spirit – Spiritual Journey ~ Episode 203 A spiritual journey is personal and it is different for each one of us, and it begins with faith and a large dose of the Holy Spirit. God promised He would not leave us orphans and the infilling of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost was this gift […]

5 ways to Care for your Soul

Our soul needs care just as our body does. This week, I’m offering 5 suggestions that help me be the Christian witness I want to be and live notlukewarm! Five Ways Start your day with a prayer. Read scripture. Spend time in nature, noticing the beauty of God’s creation. Sit in silence for a short […]

Faith and Trauma

Because the particularly hurtful events we endure can become encoded in the brain in a way where they continue to be experienced as current rather than past, we can be effected in a wide variety of ways without even being aware.

Nicodemus Seeks Answers Jn. 3:7-15 Deacon David Hockwalt

A Moment in Scripture- ‘Nicodemus Seeks Answers John 3:7-15 by Deacon David Hockwalt DEACON DAVID HOCKWALT was ordained a Permanent Deacon in the Diocese of San Bernardino in 2012. He continues in active ministry today and is the spiritual advisor to the vicariate Life in the Spirit team. We pray that today may be a […]

4th Sunday of Easter – C

4th Sunday of Easter, C – May 8, 2022 – Bread of Life Bible Study The role of a shepherd was very well known in Palestine, and they knew that a flock of sheep knew their master by the sound of his voice. When God speaks we  must listen to him, or else we risk pushing […]

Growing Spiritually Serving Others

Be sure to subscribe to this podcast or listen to this here – online. You can download this talk on your computer or you can listen on your phone. Share this podcast with a friend. Tools for Growing Spiritually Serving Others In this episode, we will explore ways to grow spiritually and serving others. Show […]

The Courage of St. Catherine of Siena

About Catherine Catherine of Siena was born in Siena, Italy in 1347. She was a twin but her sister died shortly after birth. The following year the Black Death entered Siena. She had a vision of Jesus as a young child and from then knew she wanted to give her life to God and renew […]

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