13th Sunday of Ordinary Time-C

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13th Sunday of Ordinary Time-C : Today's gospel gives us an example concerning the vocation to follow Christ. Vocation entails a "totality."13th Sunday of Ordinary Time-C   June 26, 2022 –Bread of Life Bible Study

Today’s gospel gives us a third example concerning the vocation to follow Christ. Vocation entails a “totality.” By this I mean that once we set out to follow Christ we do so wholeheartedly,  no half-way measures. We cannot chase after other pursuits; we should not be distracted so as other pursuits gradually become more and more important at the expense of the vocation to follow Christ.


“There is a famine today that is raging across this great land of ours. There is a deep hunger and thirst for the healing Word of God … With humility, boldness, and energy, we must personally hear the Word, pray the Word, study the Word, proclaim the Word, and live the Word of the Lord Jesus Christ.” (from Introduction for The Bread of Life Bible Study)


Today’s podcast is based on the Bread of Life Catholic Bible Study and presented by the coauthor, Marie Finn. Please visit the website: www.StDismasGuild.org for more information and for supplemental materials.

We pray that today maybe a special day in your life as you experience the presence of Jesus Christ among us through this podcast. May the Lord speak to each heart the words He wants us to hear!

Magnificat, taken from Luke: 1, is the great hymn of praise that Mary prayed while visiting her cousin, Elizabeth. We trust that this sharing will help us better understand that we are truly children of God, made in His image and likeness, and are called to “go and bear fruit, fruit that will last” (John 15:16). Join with us as we come together in God’s presence and proclaim that the Almighty has done great things for you and me. Holy is His Name!

To find out more about Magnificat, A Ministry to Catholic Women, visit us at www.magnificat-ministry.org

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