5 Ways to Prepare for Prayer

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It’s Good to Prepare for Prayer

Sometimes, prayer becomes difficult because we can’t decide what to do, when to pray, or where is the best place—so many questions when all we want to do is sit down and focus on the Lord for a bit. As I listened and talked with people, I realized that often, what is lacking is a concrete plan to make prayer happen. I pulled a few of my favorite ways to be ready when it is time to pray.

5 Ideas for You

  1. Decide ahead of time what type of prayer you will pray. There are many options, and it can be overwhelming. Choosing in advance means one less thing to think about. You might even make up a weekly schedule of different types of prayer each day.
  2. Put together your prayer tools. If you are using a Bible, journal, pen, or pencil, put it in a bag or basket. If you are reading a book or praying a specific novena – whatever it is, leave it out or near your prayer space. Which brings me to
  3. be consistent in your place and time of prayer. At times, we may go elsewhere to pray in Adoration or outdoors, but where is your usual place? What is your usual time? Pro tip: pick a time when you are not sleepy. If it helps, schedule it in your calendar.
  4. Keep it simple. Focus on God and quiet, not the externals of candles, special lighting, incense, music. The more that has to be set up, the less time for actual prayer!
  5. If you are distracted in prayer, before settling down to pray, make a list of what is going on in your mind. Then, when prayer time is over, it will still be there. And solutions may come to you during prayer for some problems.


I believe quiet and silence are non-negotiables in prayer. No matter how, when, or where, I encourage you to spend time looking at God and allowing him to look at you. Silence gives God room to make himself known. He comes to us in stillness, not noise.

I’d love to come speak to your group or parish. You can look here for previous talks but know that I love to craft new talks specific to your needs.


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