“Anxiety…It’s Time To Break Up!”

Anxiety...It's time to break up.Anxiety…It’s Time To Break Up!

Fear…no matter what your profession, age, or ethnic background, it’s the one common thread that seems to creep into everyone’s lives, stealing precious time that should be spent enjoying life instead of consumed with worrying.

My Top 10 ways to “Break-up with fear for good!  

  1. Keep your eyes on the Lord! Remember… the lies Satan puts in our heads only become reality when we believe them and receive them, allowing them to take root.  Stand with the Lord and what He has told you in his word.  He  tells us in His word that if we are His children and we believe in Him then we are entitled to our inheritance!!  The Lord’s word can NEVER lie and, as His children, we are promised an inheritance of wholeness, healing, favor, and blessings.
  2. Use the Bible as your shield! Just like a soldier needs ammo and gear to fight a war, we need what God says in His word to use as our shield! Be a good soldier.  Don’t try to attack a war unprotected!  Remember to pick up your shield!
  3. Be Mindful! Stay in the moment.  Don’t allow your mind to drift off worrying about what is going to happen in the future. We’re not promised the future, just today. Instead, pull yourself back to the present… where you are and what is around you.
  4. Breathe!!! Life can get overwhelming so often I will take my own one minute “Time out” to breathe in deep breaths of an essential oil.
  5. Give yourself a ticket! For every time you find that you are worried, heart racing, or anxious…give yourself permission to do one thing that’s good for you. You will find you are jumping at the chance to cash in those needed “Stress Stars.”
  6. Promote positivity! Four words…TURN THE TV OFF!!! News can sometimes, and for me lately, all the time, reap havoc on our minds.  Take a break from the negative and watch something funny or find the Hallmark channel instead.
  7. Talk to someone…or not! Mental health is SO very important to your entire body and what works for one may not work for you. Take time to talk to the Lord. At times I get so anxious that I don’t really even have the words to say, so instead I just close my eyes and repeat, “Jesus….Lord Jesus.”  You would not believe how powerful JUST His name can be.
  8. Just Say, “NO!” Easy word to speak, right?  Not an easy word to do. Try saying “No,” or changing the requirements with a few things in your life and see how the mound just lifts from your shoulders.  It’s a liberating feeling you will truly want to adopt in your life.
  9. Simplify  Clean up the clutter.  Leave behind the packed schedule, and let go of the “But what if”…thoughts.    It will free you from the chaos of life and place you in a new and less anxious arena.
  1. For #10 Don’t combat anxiety by pigging out on twinkies and junk! Sugar in times of anxiety may SEEM like a comforting option but all it’s going to achieve is more junk in your trunk and you’ll be left with added anxiety because your clothes will no longer fit.  Instead, lean on God for relief instead of a box of Krispy Kremes.

He’s there, trust me, ready and willing to help you get through this crazy thing called life. The world may be changing before our very eyes but KNOW this.  John 16:33 “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace.  In the world you will have tribulation.  But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

Fear. It’s an endless cycle of torment IF you allow it to enter and become a part of who you are!  It’s an unhealthy relationship that we have ALL had for WAY too long!  Demand it to leave in JESUS’ NAME! Declare it NO longer has a grip on your life anymore! Breathe in God’s peace and keep your eyes focused on the Lord.  Fear…it’s break-up time, once and for all, and no…we cannot still be friends!


  1. Pat Rooney says

    Your voice is like a warm soothing blanket wrapping the listener in a cocoon of love and spiritual harmony.

    • Nikki DeSalvatore says

      Thank you so much!!! All I wanted was for someone to feel comforted and empowered. Your words mean so much!

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