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Decisions to be made

How often do we wonder, is this what I should do? What will be the best decision? We think and pray and ask a few or twenty-five, people, what they think, instead of going to the Holy Spirit. Or maybe you do go to the Holy Spirit but still, ask questions.

Is there a way to figure it out?

Turn to prayer and wait. Ask for the answer. Try not to tell God what you’d like to have happen. And then wait with hopeful expectation. When you have peace, which is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, you will know you have your decision. Go with it.


Romans 8:26a “The Spirit helps us in our weakness”

Jesus call the Spirit…

The Paraclete, the one who is called to one’s side.” I think we can stand strong, knowing the Holy Spirit is beside us. Call on him and he will come.

This week, before you make any important decision, take it to prayer.

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