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Welcome to Authentic Faith and Live with Dr. Sue Ellen Nolan!  Sue Ellen grew up the youngest in a large non-Catholic family and always wanted to be a guidance counselor. Today her life mission is guiding people towards the healing Truth and Love of God.

A convert, Sue Ellen was challenged to find God in the Catholic Church, and discovered the wealth and depth of Catholic Theology and the Tradition of the faith that led to formal study; and a lifelong commissioning in a healing ministry. Through a series of mystical events she was lead through key points in her life to a life of service for God, and to “be about the business of the Church.”   The Identity Series, a cap-stone of her work is drawn from her dissertation based on our Christian Anthropology, from the writings of St. John Paul II, St. Thomas Aquinas, and St. Teresa Benedicta.

Dr. Nolan has many years of experience teaching in Adult Faith Formation through workshops, retreats, and lectures. Additionally, she has a background of working with adult survivors of abuse, Adult Children of Alcoholics, codependency issues, and a ministry with the divorced and separated.  Sue Ellen is the Coordinator of Adult faith Formation at Our Lady of Light Catholic Community and has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology-with a counseling Minor; A Bachelor of Science in Human Services-and an Addiction Minor; Masters in Theological Studies from Ave Maria University; and a Doctorate in Pastoral Counseling.

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Authentic Faith and Life Episodes

The Feast of the Visitation Ever have one of those days when it could not possibly turn out good? Crisis, frustration, events leave you depleted, devastation, or dangerously disgusted? Radical, overwhelming, crazy, insane events take the breath out of you? How does God show up in this? How does He confirm to you that He […]

Arms Crossed Across My Chest   Jesus meet us in the Mass in Mercy, no matter where we are in our lives. He meets us exactly where we’re at. And He loves us there.   What does it mean when you see someone with crossed arms across their chest in the line to receive the […]

God had a loving plan for us, to bring us back into communion with Him. He gave His Son for us, who, through obedience fulfilled His Father’s plan. The result of God’s Love and Jesus’ Obedience burst forth on the Cross, in the Holy Spirit. This Trinitarian relationship allows us to participate spiritually and physically, […]

We can participate in Heaven on earth!  The Hebrew people believed God became present to them in the Passover celebration-the memorial meal. We have God’s same presence with us as He renews His covenantal relationship with His people, on the altar, in the Mass!   “This is the covenant I will make with the people […]

spiritual mother

Spiritual Mother   I give Mary my heart for her to become my Spiritual Mother after dementia takes my mother on a terrible wonderful journey, with God showing up providentially and profoundly. Our Lady cannot be outdone in her loving Mother’s heart and gives me the greatest gift that  exists.         Welcome […]

God cannot resist a Mother’s broken heart and sends His own Mother. In the first crisis as a mother I hear the whispering heart of Our Lady and the prophetic words of a Priest as God directs our lives-while permitting our free will. After the initial provision of Our Lady God continues to show Himself […]

the mountain comes to me

Join Dr. Sue Ellen Nolan as she shares… The Mountain Comes To Me Podcast #3 God becomes real in a prophetic revelation from Our Lady of Medjugorje in an undeniable way. After struggling with infertility a simple, joyous message showed me how Our Lady works to make her Son real to us. Three times, she […]

wedding feast of cana

Wedding Feast of Cana with Sue Ellen Nolan “The First of His Signs; Believe in Him” In this podcast we are at the Wedding of Cana. Jesus is called out into ministry, by the prompting of His mother to step into His identity as the Savior of the world and manifest His glory in order […]

Spiritual poverty

What Is Spiritual Poverty? with Dr. Sue Ellen Nolan The need for God that nothing else can answer. St Augustine says “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.” This spiritual poverty was answered for me by our Lady bringing me to her Son. In Him […]

Dr. Sue Ellen Nolan

Introducing Dr. Sue Ellen Nolan and the Authentic Faith and Life Podcast! From a small town village in northern Michigan’s Upper Peninsula into Northern Ontario and down to South Florida, God has had a plan for my life and a unique journey He meant for me.  Just as He has for you! His enduring love […]