Response to Powerlessness

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Response to Powerlessness | Our response to powerlessness. There’s a pattern I’ve noticed as a therapist and experienced personally | #christianpodcast #catholicpodcast #ResponsetoPowerlessnessResponse to Powerlessness ~ Don’t Waste  Suffering!


Our response to powerlessness. There’s a pattern I’ve noticed as a therapist and experienced personally.  It’s a deeply frustrating pattern, but it’s quite typical for us as human beings.  When we experience the suffering that comes from being powerless in painful circumstances, the natural fear we can tend to feel so often leads us to a place of self-reliance.  However, because many situations we do not have the power to affect, this self-reliance can surely fail, leading to an experience of inadequacy that we couldn’t take care of the situation or fix the situation.

When we feel inadequate, the natural result is a sense of shame which leads to hiding and isolating ourselves from others and even the Lord, just as Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden.  Ultimately, we find ourselves disconnected, even disconnected from who we truly are in the Lord.

Contrast this with when we experience powerlessness and experience those feelings of fear but instead choose to counterbalance the information that the situation is fear-provoking with the fact that God loves us more deeply and profoundly than we can ever fathom! If we go from that fact to the truth of who He is to us as our Good Father and who we are as His beloved daughter or son, then we can trust in and rely on Him.

In that place – knowing that He is with us always and will never leave us orphaned, we experience intimacy with Him.  We are truly seen by Him, held precious by Him, and protected and provided for by Him in eternity, even if our life in this world is suffering.  We see Him, who He is, and come to value Him for who He is regardless of the outcome of the circumstances.  He is the truest, richest reward.  This intimacy leads us to gratitude and a deepening of connection to Him, to ourselves, and to others, as well.  This fuels the cycle of trusting in Him more readily in the future.

Scripture tells us not to fear.  So, what are we to do instead?  How can we choose not to fear when circumstances are frightening?  Counterbalance the information of that emotion of fear with the truth of God’s love, who He is to you as your Good, Good Father, and who you are to Him as His beloved child.  In this way, all suffering is an occasion for intimacy with the Lord.

Don’t waste suffering!

May the Lord give you peace!