Authority to Enforce Satan’s Defeat

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Join Lucia as she explains the power and authority you have as a born-again child of God. She will give you examples of how to use your faith to release your God-given power and authority to enforce Satan’s defeat in every situation in your life.

You have authority over circumstances and situations in your life, so when you speak God’s words, you can know heaven will back you up on what you refuse to allow to come into your life, or what you let come into your life.

Have you allowed negative things in your life because you’ve not exercised your authority to make them leave? Maybe you haven’t done anything about your situation because you didn’t know you have power over Satan and what he brings to you; or you may be waiting on God to do something.

A Special “Thank You!” to our sponsors, ABC’s of Who I Am, at Lucia Claborn Ministries for sponsoring this podcast.  Learn and confess who God says you are from A to Z so you can walk in victory! .  Lucia Claborn Ministries is providing resources to build your faith and teach you who you are according to the Word of God!

God has done everything He’s going to do for you, because He’s given you His power and authority, and now He’s waiting on you to exercise your authority by speaking His word to the situation. He can’t do anything until you release your authority by speaking faith-filled words.

The power that’s in you is greater than the power that’s in the world, because the power that backs your authority is greater than that which backs your enemy’s authority.  You can reign in this life because Jesus has already paid the price for you to have victory. Then, he ascended to Heaven and sat down at the right hand of Father God, which is the place of authority. As a child of God, you are now seated with Jesus in the place of authority.

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