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Are You Interested In Playing Sports?

Join your host, Andrew Layton.

Andrew Layton loved playing football and devoted his life to playing until he took a wrong turn because of finances. Now he wants to help student-athletes to make to take the higher road.

Andrew is a personal trainer, former professional athlete, and currently the Head Football Coach at Canterbury High School in Ft. Myers.

Andrew is determined to help at-risk kids just as he was at one time, now he encourages athletes to stay on a better path, and avoid the cycle of despair that he fell into. He saw the affects on the lives of other young men and women who grew up in similar communities, including his late mom.

Andrew was a star football player at Estero High School and he entered Georgia Military College. His mom died during his first year in 2000. He later attended Appalachian State University in North Carolina. Although a pulled hamstring barred him from the NFL draft, he started a professional football career in the Arena Football League, playing for the Greensboro Prowlers.

Andrew was recruited by the first-string Dallas Desperados and elated to be making money doing what he loved. Now he shares his story and insider tips and advice to all of you athletes who want to Dream Big on his Big Dreams Podcast! Join Andrew Layton weekly.

Big Dreams Podcast
Big Dreams Podcast
Andrew Layton

Andrew Layton is a community leader. Fox 4 News:


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Interview with Deandre Simmons

Interview with  DEANDRE SIMMONS & Andrew Layton We’ve got an interview with Deandre Simmons, About Deandre Simmons: I’m originally from the area from Riverdale high school back in 2008, played football, ran track, wrestled the whole nine. So, while I played sports, we had the quandaries and a lot of the times it was going […]

Why hasn’t Lee County won a High School Championship Yet?

On Big Dreams we talk about “Why hasn’t Lee County won a high school championship yet?” Is it the coaching style? Could it be too many schools in one district? Not enough talent in the community? What and how is the best way we can bring a championship to SW Florida. So, come listen and […]

When Do You Let It Go?

Hey guys on today’s podcast I talk about, when do you let it go? What’s a good time to move on from the love of the game physically? My love for the game will forever be in my heart, but when do you hang up the cleats? We talk about that, and much more. So […]

Interview with Michael Patterson

On today’s podcast, we talk to one of my Frat brothers, Michael Patterson, Coach at East Lee High School, a guy that serves his community. Author of “Live Love and Lead,” and how his hitting rock bottom transformed his life into becoming a better man. Sharing with us about a sickness that took a threat […]

Interview with J.R. Rivera

Today on Big Dreams Sports Tv, we sit and talk to J.R. Rivera, Teacher and author of “What is eating up your time” and author of 3 kid’s literary books. He explains how his platform has led him to reach 150,000 through uplifting, motivating and educating. So come join us as we talk to this […]

How to Prepare for the Upcoming Season

Today on big dreams we are talking about how to prepare your child for the upcoming season! When it comes to preparing your kids for the upcoming season of sports, how parents play a major role, and how creating a routine can bring value and balance to your young athlete. So, grab your coffee and […]

Interview with Johnson Marce

Talking about Forgiveness with Johnson Marce Today on Big Dreams we sit down with Johnson Marce, talking about forgiveness and what is means to him, and how he implements in his life. So go grab your coffee and headphones and come join us on Big Dreams Sports TV. Find us on: Youtube Facebook Instagram More […]

Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number

On today’s podcast Andrew talks about the future stars game in Kennesaw Georgia, and his perspective while coaching the 6th grade future stars team. When it comes to the kids and their sports, what is age appropriate for your child to play with the other kids? We get into a little more depth on Andrew’s […]

Sweat and Sacrifice

Sweat and Sacrifice Hey everyone, in today’s podcast I’m talking about sweat and sacrifice. And how you can learn a valuable lesson in sports and use them in life! I have two special guests, Darryl Rowe And Keith Williams. I sit down and gain a perspective from a freshman and also a legend that is […]

Meet Keith Williams

Keith Williams was born and raised in Fort Myers, Florida. As a child, Williams attended Evangelical Christian School from kindergarten to the eighth grade. Keith also attended Bishop Verot High School. He played football for the Dunbar Little League, for the Fort Myers Rebels, and for the North Fort Myers Raiders (Knights). After high school […]

Interview with Rika Lashawn, founder of The WOW Club

Reka Lashawn is a devoted mother of seven, a mentor, a teacher and an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. She was born and raised in Fort Myers, Florida by her mother who was sixteen at the time. Reka continued the cycle and gave birth to her first child at the age of sixteen. Reka is the […]

Who Is Andrew Layton?

Join your host, Andrew Layton as he talks about the Big Dreams Podcast – what you will hear on this show and his hope to inspire all the athletes out there to dream big! Andrew is a personal trainer, former professional athlete, and currently the Head Football Coach at Canterbury High School in Ft. Myers. […]

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