Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling at Your Workplace

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Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling. Dealing with gender and racial discrimination in the workplaceEpisode 2- Breaking Through the ‘Glass Ceiling’ At Your Workplace

The “glass ceiling” is a metaphor for the invisible barrier that prevents some people from rising to senior positions in the workplace. Every day across America, women experience sexism and inequities that that their male counterparts do not face. Additionally, women of color have the extra burden of racial discrimination.

Workplace discrimination is a difficult thing to tackle, but it’s not impossible. Emmy Award-winning journalist and Atlanta Mommy blogger, Joyce Brewer and I, talk about some things that women, specifically women of color, can do to push past the “that’s just the way things are” mentality and smash the “glass ceiling”.

In our interview, we will discuss the psychology behind the “glass ceiling” mindset,  the “micro-aggressions” that women of color face when they try to climb the corporate ladder, and the actions that management can take to break with the status quo and dismantle the “glass ceiling” culture.

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  1. Adriana’s experience is not uncommon. There are a lot of “fragile,” insecure, and angry people who “think” they are in charged over our futures. I remember my first job out of college working in the predominantly White buying offices of a major department store in the mid 80’s. I was the last person in my class of 30 to get promoted because the other 28 were white, except this sweet, young black woman with her southern drawl, long hair. Daphne fit more “in the mold” of what they were comfortable with. She was one of the first promoted to assistant buyer. Once at a review of mine, I had a good year and could not understand why I wasn’t promoted within my division. I politely asked my Divison Manager why, but (not looking at me) all he could say was he didn’t know why, then I had the “ah ha” moment. I moved out of my comfort zone as soon as an opportunity presented itself. As a buyer, I had to deal with older white men who I am sure said things under their breath and I had a good DM, but I had one supporter no one could stop: God! I understand and have felt racial discrimination in school and at work, but God is the one who opens and closes doors, and I trust Him over any manager. He has moved mountains in my life so I don’t keep my eye on the things of Earth, but on the God who created the Earth.

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