Can I love as God does?

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February – if you live in a cold, wintery climate it can seem like the longest month. Maybe that’s why we celebrate love this month, something to warm us up and thaw us out. Who knows? This episode is not about romantic love, but about God’s, which is more fulfilling and constant and true than any other love.


First, what kind of love does God ask of us?  Deuteronomy 6:5, says “Therefore, you shall love the LORD, your God, with your whole heart, and with your whole being, and with your whole strength.” That’s a big ask, isn’t it? How can we love God that much? If we know him and believe his words are true we can do it.

Look at Isaiah 43:1-7. Here we are told that God created, formed, redeemed and called us. He tells us we are his, precious, protected and honored; created for glory. And that we do not need to be afraid because he is with us through all the trials and difficulties of life.

I often forget to ask him to be with me. True, he is there no matter what, but by asking it reminds me I am not alone and that he wants to be present at all times.

When we can hold these truths in ourselves, they lead us to better be able to love God with all our mind, heart and strength. And then we can love others. I like to use Romans 12:9-13 as a guide as to how to love others; sincere, honor, mutual affection, fervent. I want to love people as if I am serving the Lord. If there are people or situations that often make you angry or frustrated, ask God to reveal to you why and then ask him to get rid of the cause of your anger or frustration.

These are just the highlights of what I talked about, I hope you can listen to the episode and hear the rest.

the not lukewarm challenge


Our Not Lukewarm Challenge this week is to love others as God does. Remembering that he created us for glory and we can share that with others will help us.


  1. Deanna, what a beautiful discussion. It really makes you pause, and feel so empowered, knowing we are “precious, protected and honored; created for glory”.

    • Deanna Bartalini says

      Thanks, Jen. I like that you use the word “Empowered,” that’s what I want us to believe we are through the love of God!

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