“Can the Turkey…Carve the Memories”

I will show you how this year especially, you’ll be able to…”Can the Turkey and Carve the Memories.”It’s no doubt that Thanksgiving this year will look a little differently than years in the past. So…on the eve of Thanksgiving 2020…with a little creativity and a whole lot of grace, I will show you how this year especially, you’ll be able to…”Can the Turkey and Carve the Memories.”

  1. Skip the turkey, order a brisket instead. Find a BBQ restaurant and order a smoked turkey or even pulled pork, all prepared by one of your favorite restaurants in town. If you have family recipes for sides then take time to make those from scratch, but order the meat from a restaurant!  It’s not only SUPER yummy, but it will save you a TON of time!
  2. Watch football- Whether you like NFL football or not, there’s something about having the game on that just exudes happiness.
  3. Uninvite the in-laws- If there is any year that you can have a pass from getting your cheeks squeezed by Aunt Mildred then it’s 2020! It’s a year of social distancing and a year to excuse yourself from the “When are you going to finally get married?” questions…or the “You need to get a job and start doing something with your life” remarks.  Keep the gathering small and save both your cheeks AND your ego from getting pinched!
  4. Keep the dessert homemade- After you buy the bird or whatever meat from a restaurant take the time to make the dessert from scratch. Keeping the dessert homemade makes the last thing on your lips remembered as a Thanksgiving dinner which spent hours in the kitchen…when in reality, it took less time than watching a movie.
  5. Tune into the Macy’s Day Parade-It’s a 100 year iconic annual tradition and will be sure to kick off your Christmas season.
  6. Prep for Christmas a few days before- Sort out the fun parts of decorating saving those to do with family and take care of the not so fun parts BEFORE turkey day official arrives.
  7. Don’t travel- Stay home with a warm cup of coffee and your favorite pair of jammies.  Remember…comfort, not stress.
  8. Get outside- Put on your favorite pair of jeans, a soft hoodie, and go outside. Take a walk, play some street football, or build a bonfire.
  9. Make a list- Although the world has had our share of trials, it’s important to stop and reflect on the things that WERE blessings to us this year, and give thanks for those specific things. “How can we ask the Lord to heal our land from the Corona Virus and restore our Thanksgivings and gatherings to what they used to be when we don’t even stop to thank Him for the good things He HAS allowed for in 2020?”  Every single good thing we have in our lives comes directly from the Lord’s kindness and love towards us.  Show Him you are grateful.
  10. Give back- Life isn’t about how perfectly we carved the turkey or how the mashed potatoes came out just right. This Thanksgiving giving back means more than it ever has. It’s paying it forward without any restrictions, without any boundaries, and without the expectation that we will get anything in return. Buy some stuffed animals and drop them off at a local emergency room.  Make two pans of mac and cheese and give one to the local shelter.  Knock on the door to someone you know is alone and make sure they are taken care of this season. Whatever you choose to do, give back with your children by your side. Show them the heart of gratefulness.  Show them that hope in this world doesn’t depend on what the neighbor down the street is doing. It’s up to us to make the change.


Thanksgiving…by the world’s standards, can often be a time of stress from cooking, cleaning, and the pressure to create a bountiful table.  This year, make it a day of simplicity, of ease, of actions that extends far beyond the perimeters of that day.  Lessen the load, can the turkey, and take that time saved to carve some memories instead.  After all, in the words of  Winston Churchhill, “We make a living by what we get. But we make a life by what we give.”


  1. Thankful for the season of giving!

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