The Working Women of Ministry -Pt.1


women who work in ministryEpisode 17–The Working Women of Ministry

On episode 17, we discuss the roles of the working women of ministry.

Many of our modern day churches, encourage women to serve in certain positions as Sunday school teachers, nursery workers, children’s church leaders. However, when you read the scriptures about women who work in ministry in the scriptures, we see them serving in a much broader way.

Emily Tellez, a pastor’s wife and ministry leader, discusses the joys and challenges of being a woman who works in church ministry. She shares how she and her husband work to balance family life with their ministry work, and about what a woman can do if she feels that the called to serve in the ministry.


More About Emily Tellez

Emily Tellez grew up in Bogota, Colombia. She and her husband, Carlos, have four children. Carlos and Emily have been married for eighteen years. Carlos is currently the pastor of a house-based church the Tellezes helped plant three years ago in North East Atlanta. 

Emily has served in a variety of ministries over the years, including youth and college ministry, children’s ministry, English as a Second Language for adults, curriculum development and teaching. She is currently the interim children’s ministry coordinator for their church. She has her BA in Counseling and her MA in Ministry Studies. 

Emily is passionate about empowering others to reach their full potential. Although she considers herself an introvert, Emily loves to host people in her home. She would also choose an evening at home with her family over a party, any day. In the margins of her life, Emily trains for half marathons, reads good books, and enjoys deep conversations over coffee with close friends.  


Helpful Resources

Grace Church Northeast Atlanta Campus

Grace Church NE Atlanta Campus

Grace Church NE Atlanta Campus

At Grace Church we think the story of Jesus is the single most life-changing thing we can share. We want to ignite a gospel-centered movement to Know It, Live It and Give It Away. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ.



women who work in ministry

Developing Female Leaders by Kadi Cole


women who work in ministry

The Ultimate Christian Communicators Conference

Side Gigs for the College Girl

Side Gigs for the College Girl

Episode 14–Side Gigs for the College Girl

This week’s WWRS episode, ‘Side Gigs for the College Girl’, features Adrianna Cauthen, a college student and entrepreneur. She talks about flexible jobs for the college girl (and guys, too) can do to earn money.

As a full-time student, Adrianna knows the challenges of balancing the demands of school and a job to earn extra money. 

Adrianna discusses what things a student needs to consider when choosing a side gig. She shares information on how to monetize a hobby. She also talks about the advantages of a being a part-time entrepreneur. Finally, she gives ideas on how to find a traditional part-time job that fits your schedule.

More about Adrianna Cauthen

Adrianna is the youngest of Andrew and Deanna Cauthen’s four children. She is a 12-year classically trained pianist. As an accomplished pianist, she has performed numerous times and won several music awards. She also owns and operates The Cauthen Piano Studio in Decatur, Georgia and has been teaching private and group piano lessons, for the past three years. 

Adrianna also loves to bake, upcycle clothing to create new fashions, spend time with her dog, Carolina, shop for clothes, and recently started a YouTube channel called “Fashion Hacks’ that shows viewers how to upcycle clothes to make new outfits.

Adrianna attends Clayton State University in Atlanta, Georgia, where she has been accepted into the Honors program, and is pursuing a degree in piano performance. 


Helpful Resources

Fashion Hacks by Adrianna

Tutorial Jobs via Jobtomic


Image result for tutors

13 Ways to Monetize Your Hobby

Earn extra income and stay motivated when you monetize your hobby. Here are 13 proven ways to make extra money doing what you already love to do. #earnmoney #earnmoneyonline #makemoney






Love is Speaking Up

Last week, we discussed how love is about listening.  This week, we’re covering the opposite side of the spectrum: speaking up! Today we’ll get really clear about three different areas where speaking up is crucial.

Last week, we discussed how love is about listening.  This week, we’re covering the opposite side of the spectrum: speaking up.

Today we’ll get really clear about three different areas where speaking up is crucial.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these three are some of the most important times, in my book, to open our mouths!

1. Love means speaking up when it’s the gospel that did the work, or is the remedy.

Romans 1:16: For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew and also to the Greek.

The gospel has power. It is the remedy!

When we know that the joy of the Lord is our strength, but we don’t proclaim that remedy to others, it’s like knowing someone is ill and having the medicine for them, but walking away.

Additionally, when we are focused on giving God glory, it helps us stay zoned into the heart issue and not whatever outward actions rub us the wrong way or are different from how we’d do things.

2. Love means speaking up when others have requested accountability from us.

Galatians 6:1: Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted.

There is a default accountability agreement that we become a part of when we are part of the church of Christ. Speaking up to hold others accountable is part of our job.  Gentleness, kindness and humility is required, but accountability is a necessary component to growing as believers.

Additionally, sometimes people ask us to hold them accountable.  While their response is not always guaranteed to be pleasant when we do it. If we agree to speak up when we see something that needs improvement, but don’t, it isn’t love.

3. Love means speaking up against false teaching.

Ephesians 5:11: Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.

When we keep silent, we allow, by default, others to speak lies to those we love.  When people are desperate for answers, they are equally susceptible to any concepts that sound good and hopeful.

Two examples of false teaching in the coaching world include:

The importance of FORGIVING YOURSELF

Nowhere in the Bible will you find any scripture indicating that forgiving yourself is something you need to do.  Scripture talks about forgiving others, asking forgiveness of God, asking forgiveness of others. We don’t owe ourselves a debt. That’s a position that belongs to God and forgiving ourselves is a slick way to leave the real solution- true repentance and acknowledgement of our need for a Savior – out of the equation. It’s the world’s way of taking God’s idea and attempting to solve a problem without Him. Sure sounds good though.

I am enough.

This one is also a false teaching that is sweeping the world by storm and it is love to share with others the lack of hope and truth in this statement.

What is true?
We are valuable- priceless, actually. We are loved enough for Jesus to die to save us.

What is true?
We don’t need to be anything more than what we are for him to love us. And in that context we are “enough”. However, that version of “enough” is simply that God takes us as we are. We aren’t enough to save ourselves.

And are we enough for anything else? Is who we are sufficient to any task? No! The Bible says that in our weakness, he is made strong.  That he enables us to will and to do what he calls us too.  That indicates that we very much are NOT enough, but HE is!

God is enough.  Regardless of where we start, how weak or strong we are, God is enough to get us through, help us fulfill his purpose.

Again, this is a slick deflection the world uses to gently slide us towards elevating ourselves and eliminating our need for God.

But the truth is, HE is enough.  Because he works in us and through us, we become enough.

So, where have you experienced false teaching and choose to sit on it?  Love those around you well.  Speak up! Expose the lies. There is life in the TRUTH!

What one action will you take today in order to love God, love others, and enjoy it?

Working Moms With Special Needs Children

Episode 8-Working Moms With Special Needs Children

Special guest, Deidra Green, candidly shares about her experience as a working mom with a special needs child.

We talk about the challenges of managing doctor’s appointments during work hours and missed work days. We also chat about resources for families with special needs children, and securing caregivers for special needs children.

Additionally, we discuss how parents with special needs children can develop a strong network of support. Deidra finishes our conversation by sharing about the joy of being part of a supportive community of people who has helped to lighten her load.  

Deidra is a New Orleans, Louisiana native. She lives in Atlanta with her two children, Stephanie and Myles. She works for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a Public Health Advisor.


Helpful Resources for Families with Special Needs Children:


FOCUS of Georgia

FOCUS + Fragile Kids is are organizations that help children who are medically fragile or have significant developmental and/or physical disabilities. They offer comfort with hospital visits and support groups, give hope by providing information and education, organize fun activities for parents and kids, and help to make equipment available to children in need.

The Arc

The Arc is the largest national community-based organization advocating for and with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and serving them and their families. They work to make sure that every individual and family living with I/DD in the United States has access to the information, advocacy, and skills they need to support their full inclusion and participation in the community throughout their lifetimes.

Why hasn’t Lee County won a High School Championship Yet?

On Big Dreams we talk about "Why hasn’t Lee County won a high school championship yet?" What is the best way we can bring a championship to SW Florida?On Big Dreams we talk about “Why hasn’t Lee County won a high school championship yet?” Is it the coaching style? Could it be too many schools in one district? Not enough talent in the community? What and how is the best way we can bring a championship to SW Florida. So, come listen and comment you opinion on our Big Dreams Sports Tv Podcast.

Find us on:




Are You Interested In Playing Sports?

Join your host, Andrew Layton.

Andrew Layton loved playing football and devoted his life to playing until he took a wrong turn because of finances. Now he wants to help student-athletes to make to take the higher road.

Andrew is a personal trainer, former professional athlete, and currently the Head Football Coach at Canterbury High School in Ft. Myers.

Andrew is determined to help at-risk kids just as he was at one time, now he encourages athletes to stay on a better path, and avoid the cycle of despair that he fell into. He saw the affects on the lives of other young men and women who grew up in similar communities, including his late mom.

Andrew was a star football player at Estero High School and he entered Georgia Military College. His mom died during his first year in 2000. He later attended Appalachian State University in North Carolina. Although a pulled hamstring barred him from the NFL draft, he started a professional football career in the Arena Football League, playing for the Greensboro Prowlers.

Andrew was recruited by the first-string Dallas Desperados and elated to be making money doing what he loved. Now he shares his story and insider tips and advice to all of you athletes who want to Dream Big on his Big Dreams Podcast! Join Andrew Layton weekly.

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6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy… Naturally

Podcast #49

6 Simple Ways to  Keep Your Kids Healthy… Naturally

With all the resources that we have why does it seem like kids are getting sicker quicker and more than ever before?

These are some simple way to keep your kids healthy all year round.

Balance the Gut

This is huge. Keeping out gut flora in check keeps are entire body running well. Some simple ways are to avoid processed foods and adding in prebiotic and probiotic-rich foods and supplements. Grab yours here.

Fun in the Sun

Food is a great way to get your vitamins but sometimes we could use a little boost especially with vitamins D & C. Sunlight is a big help where vitamin D is concerned but if you are needing a supplement this is one that we use. Citrus fruits are helpful when it comes to vitamin C but when we need extra this is a great source too!

Let Them Play in the Mud

As odd as it might sound to us as parents there are naturally occurring compounds in the dirt that boost serotonin levels and will also contribute to healthy sleep. On top of that, by interacting with dirt, kids are naturally exposed to a host of natural bacteria and pathogens that actually help strengthen the immune system.

Avoid Chemicals

This sounds super easy but have we really looked at what we are pouring on to them lately? Check out your toothpaste, lotions, shampoo/conditioner, bug sprays, sunscreen, laundry detergent and more.

Add Some Salt to the Tub

Epsom or sea salt baths are amazing for detoxing the body especially when we add some essential oils to them but it also has an additional health benefit- magnesium. Due to depleted soil and water levels, many adults and children are magnesium deficient.

Essential Resources

Keeping things like essential oils, homeopathic remedies, herbs, and tinctures on hand is crucial. That away when something does pop up, you are prepared to handle it.

What are some ways that you keep your kids healthy?

As always, be grateful & have faith!

God Bless!

Prayer: Singlemindedness in Prayer – Part 4

Join Lucia and her special guest, her pastor, Mrs. Sonya Collins. Mrs. Collins shares a prayer secret from her 20 plus years of ministry experience, focusing on singlemindedness in your prayer life. #Podcast #ChristianJoin Lucia as she welcomes a very special guest, her pastor, Mrs. Sonya Collins. In this podcast, Mrs. Sonya shares a key prayer secret from her 20-plus years of ministry experience with the main focus being singlemindedness in regard to your prayer life.

As you read the Word of God and spend time in His presence, your heart will change, and you will begin to get settled and refocused on God’s promises. You will not be moved by what you feel – whether things are looking good or whether they’re looking bad.

Life happens after you pray, and you will have daily opportunities to question God if what you prayed will really come to pass. However, a key to living the victorious life is to have dove’s eyes and stay focused on His promise.

Mrs. Sonya encourages you to not say something unless you would pray it! The quickest way from amen to manifestation is true thanksgiving. If your situation is better but not what you’ve prayed for, it’s not over! God’s not done! Keep thanking God and keep your faith strong. He is faithful, and you can trust Him!

There’s no formula for faith. Your answer is simply Matthew 6:33, “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.” He knows the end from the beginning and as you seek Him first, He will direct you to the next level by the next step. As you live each day seeking Him first, you will walk into His glorious plan for your life!


Join Lucia and her special guest, her pastor, Mrs. Sonya Collins. Mrs. Collins shares a prayer secret from her 20 plus years of ministry experience, focusing on singlemindedness in your prayer life. #Podcast #Christian

Healthy Kids Part 2

Podcast #39

Healthy Kids

Part 2

As parents, we all want what is best for our kids and their health is a priority to us. We talked about some of the key areas that we can look at to make sure that we are creating a healthy lifestyle and the overall health of our kids.

+ Fingernails

Fingernails are a good indicator of what is going on inside of our bodies. Who knew, right? What are we supposed to look for:

  • We should see eight moons on our fingernails, this is a sign of an overgrowth of candida(this is something that happens around those mid-teen years and older)
  • Inflammation around the cuticles is a sign of inflammation in the body
  • Lines from tip to cuticle is a sign of parasites
  • Fungus nails is a sign that we are not eating enough healthy fats
  • White marks on our nails is a lack of zinc
  • Constant biting or picking is a sign of parasites

All of these go back to gut health. It is important to keep an eye on our gut health because that is typically where illness starts.

+ Poop

We can talk about poop, right? Everyone’s poop is a good indicator of what is going on inside of our bodies, especially in our gut. The Bristol Stool Chart is something to familiarize yourself with so that you can make sure that everything is working as it should be for both you and your children.

  • 1-2 is a sign of constipation
  • 3-4 is where you want to be and you should be going at least once a day
  • 5-7 might be normal for some but is definitely not healthy

+ Start simple

It is not too late and you can start by taking simple steps. When we know better, we do better. Some simple steps in the right direction:

  • Clear any parasites, candida or fungus. Find EDS(Electro-Dermal Screening) in your area because it is worth every penny!
  • Start by making one healthy meal a day. Simple small changes make for a lifetime of improvement.
  • Limit sugars
  • Cut out as many outside toxins. This is the best place to start and I will walk you through the process.
  • Know what the root cause is to things that are issues for your child: reflux, breathing issues, food dyes, aspartame, etc.

Start simple but simply start

When we know better we do better and now that you know, what will you do?

Tune in next week on how we can prepare our bodies to have a healthy child and more steps to raising healthy and happy kids!


As always, be grateful & have faith!

God Bless!




What is a Doula

What is a Doula?Podcast #18

What is a Doula?


Many people have heard the word doula and have no clue what it means or think that it is “like a midwife or something?” Not exactly. Doulas have been around forever but without the fancy name. They are the numerous women throughout history that come together when a woman was in labor and they were there to “show her the way.” It truly is a beautiful thing.


In no way does a doula take the place of Dad but rather helps him to be a bigger part of the birthing process. Dad doesn’t have to sit on the sidelines watching TV or checking his phone but he can more so be a part of helping to bring his baby into the world as well.


What Is A Doula?

Doulas are trained and experienced in childbirth and are usually mothers themselves. While they have good knowledge and awareness of the birth process, a doula is not a medically trained professional. That is the job of the midwife or doctor. A doula helps the mother-to-be to achieve the birth she hopes for, no matter if it’s a birth with or without drugs, or a c-section. This makes a doula a valuable addition to the birth team


What Does A Doula Do?

A doula may provide some of the following services. Often doulas are also qualified in other therapies too, so it always helps to ask when you interview them!

  • Birth education and preparation
  • Birth planning (including creating a written birth plan/birth preferences document)
  • De-briefing previous births (sometimes we forget)
  • Massage, acupressure, and other comfort measures
  • Suggest positions and changes to help ease pain and facilitate a smoother, more effective labor
  • Provide reassurance and encouragement
  • Talking through emotional blockages which may come up during pregnancy and in labor
  • Keep your ‘environment’ how you want – essential oils, light/dim, music/quiet, etc
  • Photography/video of the birth itself, as well as those precious first moments as a family
  • So much more!


One of the biggest bonuses of hiring a doula is that fact that she is a professional birth support person. Doulas are trained in the art of birth support.


If you are looking to learn more about having a more natural birth, check out Homeopathy for Mommies podcast as well as her new Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond course:


Remember to check out your local birthing community and interview a few doulas to make sure that the one that you choose is what you are looking for!


As always, be grateful & have faith!

God Bless!

Turning From Sin Toward God

turning from sin toward GodTurning From Sin Toward God 

Episode 8

Father David explains turning from sin toward God in the light of the scriptures and explains that God really does forgive! Join Father David weekly as she challenges us to live our faith in a deeper way.

Turning from sin toward God can be demonstrated in the Bible. In the Gospel of Matthew when Jesus heard that John the Baptist had been arrested he left Nazareth and went to live in Capernaum by the sea. From that time on Jesus began to preach and say “Repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (Mt. 4:17) Jesus proclaimed that the kingdom of God had already come, and the condition for entering the reign of God was conversion. In the New Testament repentance is usually presented in the context of conversion. A conversion which consists of both interior and exterior notions. When viewing conversion from an interior point of view it means “a change of heart.”  And from an external consideration, it means a change that entails  “living a new way of life.”  The change of heart is primary in the sense that the heart needs to respond to the work of grace, which then secondarily leads to deciding to live a new way of life. In the scriptures, repentance and penance are interchangeable notions. Looking at repentance from a moral point of view it means, “turning from a sinful life back to God.” In the New Testament a “radical change of heart” moves one to a break from a sinful way of life.

Can we turn from sin toward God?

When we hear the word penance in our contemporary society the understanding we usually have is that it means the “sacrament of confession” or “acts of mortification.”  However from a biblical point of view, penance or repentance means, a radical new life in Christ which depends on faith. It is primarily an internal attitude, and it necessarily involves an external manifestation. So penance is not just primarily external practices like fasting, almsgiving, and saying devotions and prayers, but a new way of living which elicits acts of love, mercy, and justice. When looking at conversion from a prophetic point of view it involves a “turning back” and an “experience of compassion.”  On the part of an individual it is a turning away from sin which is ungodly, and on the part of God a gift of compassion which is expressed in  forgiveness. This action of repentance or penance is truly a life-giving Spirit-filled experience within the dynamic action of conversion. Therefore, the demand to do penance is living a new way of life in Christ. ( “De Illis Qui Facient Penitentiam”, Robert Stewart, OFM)

A Penitent is one who is living a way of life which expresses the Christian way of life at a high level of perfection, one who is growing in being completed in living “the Christ-life.” Doing penance is a call to conversion by doing penance which is growing in union with God, and is one who is making the power of God utmost in ones life. In a real sense penance is the way one lives the Gospel, and embraces it generously in growing to salvation. A Penitent lives a life of penance, which is conditioned by a maturation process in the social conditions of one’s life through conversion. For example, Francis of Assisi lived within a penitential culture, in which he  sought contact with God through penance.

Francis experienced two stages of conversion in his life. In the first stage, he gradually went through changes which seem somewhat ambiguous. He tried twice to gain worldly renown by becoming a knight. In the first incident, he participated in a battle between Assisi and Perugia in which he was captured and spent a year in prison. Where he became a totally broken person that took him a long time to rehabilitate. Yet he tried again when he traveled to Spoleto and came across an old battered knight who had nothing. Francis gave him all his new equipment, and now with greater insight into what God wanted from him, he returned to Assisi to face the rage of his Father. Working in his father’s shop where he gave alms to the poor, and at the same time prayed for long periods of time in the caves in the nearby mountain. This first stage climaxed, according to St. Bonaventure, in a life-sized vision of Christ crucified in a cave. Francis was so pierced by the painful rays of Divine love from the suffering heart of Christ that he was totally transformed into a young man filled with great compassion.

In the second stage of his conversion when Francis was still not fully converted, significantly took place on the plains of Assisi when Francis encountered a leper, which he totally abhorred, and embraced him. This event brought about a complete conversion in Francis’s life. From that point on he took care of the lepers in the leprosarium. He says in his writings that from that point on he was a completely converted man, and he “lingered a little and finally left the world.” This stage in his life led to externally renouncing the world by stripping himself naked in front of the Bishop and the whole town of Assisi. “ He stripped naked before the crowd, returning not only the money but also his clothes to Pietro, his father, calling from that day forward, only God his “father”. By this gesture, Francis repudiated his entire past and displayed his intent to “do penance”. Nakedness was a form of humiliation practiced by public penitents. Francis expressed symbolically the rigorous goal of penance: the goal of following Christ in that ancient tradition. Francis had become the penitent. By this act, this conversion…he embraced much more than a simple spiritual change. He made a choice to live, a specific social life as a penitent.

Responding to the ire of his father he returned all the money he was using to restore the area chapels and returned all his clothes to his father. The crucifix in the San Damiano chapel spoke to him and told him to go and rebuild his Church. At this point, Francis received the vision and mission of his call flowing from his total conversion to Christ Crucified and a clear direction for his spiritual journey. ( The Life of Francis of Assisi, Manscelli, pp 55 + )

What does “ lingering a little and then finally leaving the world” mean for us? This meant for Francis and for anyone living in the Penitential culture of the middle ages that this was a call to leave the world he or she was living in and enter some form of consecrated life. Francis lived a life of evangelical poverty for a short period of time. However,  others wanted to be with Francis and do what he was doing. So for Francis and those who joined him they entered a form of consecrated life. There were others who wanted to join him but could not because they were not able, in light of family ties or social situations. He eventually gave them some guidelines and they started to live the Gospel but in a non-consecrated situation. This approach eventually became a Secular Order in the Church for lay men and women who wanted to imitate Francis’s spiritual journey, while handling their God-given responsibilities in the world and also live an evangelical way of life.

However, for us generally speaking, this is a different matter. What does leaving the world mean for us, lay men and women, and also families living in our affluent, busy, and engaging modern society? For us it means prayerfully seeking, no matter what season, stage, or age, we are in at this time of our life; in prayer and the light of the Holy Spirit to seek a clear vision for our life, given to us by God’s mercy and grace. “Leaving the world” in relationship to penance means leaving the worldliness of reality, not leaving active responsible presence in our society.

And consider to seriously evaluate and reorder some of the values and external practices of our life. Francis’s conversion acts as a sign for us, although we have not had a vision of Jesus crucified, but still suffer misery, pain, sometimes rejection and abandonment as we live in this modern, fast-moving, technological world. It may be certain for each one of us that we desire to truly be and live as a Christian in this post-modern world.  Is it possible for us that penance could mean for us a deeper conversion from a life centered on the personal “I” to a life centered on a rich life of grace-centered on God’s loving and caring will for our lives?

Are we able to listen to Jesus preaching to us a life of repentance or penance, not specific actions but a “conversion of heart”, not simply penitential practices but a life lived “in God?” In the course of time, a life lived in a way in which we are molded to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. May we not be concerned primarily with some kind of external activity or a practice of a particular virtue or set of virtue’s, as with a life according to the form of the Gospel.

Again, what do we mean by penance? Many of us know well the story of King David’s sin with Bathsheba. Through the prophet Nathan, God confronts David over grave sins: adultery and murder. The guilty sovereign responds by confessing his sin to the prophet and to God. Then he humbles himself by exchanging his royal raiment for humble sackcloth. In hopes that the child born from him and Bathsheba, who was gravely ill, would be spared from death; and for a week he lies on the ground and refuses all food. David is performing self-imposed penance in his deep grief for his wrongdoing. His attitudes and behavior illustrate how genuine penance includes both an interior and exterior aspects. Interior penance is a conversion of heart, a turning away from sin and a turning toward God. It involves the penitent’s intention to change his life because he hopes in God’s mercy. We see David’s change of heart shown in his interior attitude and reflected in his prayer of repentance on this occasion, recorded in Psalm 51.

He demonstrates external acts of penance by wearing sackcloth and fasting from all food. External acts of penance include such actions as prayer, fasting, almsgiving, the practice of charity in all its forms, and giving to those in need; recall the story of the Good Samaritan in St. Luke’s Gospel, and other appropriate practices. These behaviors can have several purposes: demonstrating the penitents intention to change; detaching him or her from the things that they love too much; drawing one closer to God; repairing some of the damage caused by personal sin, and participating in the reparation and atonement to God (satisfaction) made by Christ through his death on the Cross and his Resurrection to new life.( NAB – Questions & Answers ) Being a penitent actually has a rich and profound meaning for our spiritual life when they are connected to the interior life of grace and the work of doing the mission. There are two major concepts which are united and operate in the dynamic experience of transforming grace in our lives, two sides of the same coin so to speak. The first is our deepest aspiration to be united with Jesus in being missionary disciples of intercession, reparation, and atonement to the Father and to one another; and the second is also being united with Jesus in the offering of his life as a ransom for the many, the splendid gift of his love-filled salvation. Both of these life-giving realities are intimately entwined through our dynamic and participation and union with our glorified Lord, together fulfilling Jesus’ mission in the establishment of the Kingdom of God.

May we pray!

Lord Jesus to you is eternal life. I believe You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God. I love You and I place my trust in You. I am sorry for all of my sins and for withholding myself in any way from You. Please forgive me and heal any pain I have caused others. I forgive anyone who has hurt me, and I ask You to bless them. In Your Name Jesus, I renounce anything in my life that is not of you that I have welcomed into my mind or heart. Wash me in mercy and fill me with Your Precious Blood and the Holy Spirit. Father, all of my need for love and affection is found in Your embrace. May I never leave my home in Your heart again. By Your grace I resolve to remain in Your shelter and abide in Your shade, where You restore to me the Joy of Your salvation. Amen. (Fr. John Horn)





Letting Go Letting God

Letting Go and Letting GodLetting Go and Letting God

Episode 29

Letting go and letting God takes an effort. Let’s face it, life is so unpredictable and most of the time we just can’t keep up! It can a chaotic topsy-turvey existence one spent lamenting and clinging to the what could have beens, what could I have done different or what is the next thing that will surely break me?

In this episode, I share how life experiences can be an enjoyable ride (for the most part) with hills and valleys but the assurance that God is never far!

Sponsorship – Media Angels, Inc.

a few minutes with GodA Few Minutes with God

This book explains how to hear the small still voice ~ God, in your life. Great as a gift or for tweens-to-adult.

Show Notes: Letting Go and Letting God

Yes, life happens and most of the time it can be something as small as a tiny child spilling a drink at dinner time or perhaps even a speeding ticket. But even those things can send us over the edge and in this episode, I really want to hone in on one important fact. We need to allow God to be God in our life.

For those of us with older children now, we wish for those days long gone of the spilling of drinks at the dinner table. Little kids little problems, big kids big problems!

How do we prepare when life  is out of our control? We pray, your will and we let go and let God. Let’s face it most things that “just happen” are out of our hands. People don’t plan to lose money in the stock market, people didn’t plan for the economic crash in 2009 – or whenever that affected your family. For us it was 2009 when my husband who owned his own business found work scarce. He is a builder working in the construction industry in Florida. We watched as storefronts closed, motorcycle and auto stores (the smaller ones) closed shop and the streets and the stores were like ghost towns. I remember walking into a sporting goods store at one point and there was no one as far as the eye could see, around!

We must have faith that things will get better…

Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

We have faith because that is all that is left. We have faith because the Bible tells us that it takes conviction of not seeing the evidence and still believing.

I recently had a miraculous event I want to share with you. I have five children and the second oldest went to college nearby. She lived at home, finished in 3 years and the cost was very affordable for our income level at the time. Now, with my 4th child in college – she received a partial scholarship, thank-you Jesus and my 5th child about to go to college I was beginning to worry.

Lord we can’t afford both of them in college at one time. What do we do? I remember having a frank discussion with them about the possibility of taking out student loans. One of my children became very stressed by this… we’ve talked about not getting into debt for years! Part of the issue resides in majors – as in finding colleges that offer what they want to study, as well as those that will offer them a position on a baseball or softball team.

And, so we prayed. Over Christmas when my daughter was home from college, we gathered and discussed this situation. We decided to storm heaven as a family, each night we would pray for the situation and pray God’s will. Within, day four or five, I can’t remember, both of my children received full tuition, books, and meal plan offers. I couldn’t believe it. It seemed too good to be true. Seriously Lord – no debt. (Living costs in these states are much more reasonable than some of the other places we looked at!) Yes, they were different states but they are within 6 hours of each other.

But then reality set in … one college is 17 hours away from my house and the other is 23 hours away! Oh, Lord, that is so far away… and then I remembered. Let go and let God.

We want everything our way – we think we will be happy when we get our way but in reality, we always have another demand another request that we are asking the Lord. Of course, we should pray for everything, but we need to remember that when we pray it may not all work out the way we’d like. Letting go and letting God be God, is sometimes difficult… okay, for me it is hard.

Letting Go and Letting God takes work!

Here are some practical ways to allow the Lord to work in your life:

  1. Trust: That He has the perfect outcome in His time
  2. Freeze: Don’t make rash decisions. If you are “letting go and letting God” you don’t have to make any immediate choice – just let it be and pray.
  3. If we’ve given our Lord our problems we can expect great things to happen, not necessarily how we wish or plan – but His perfect will, so much better than ours!
  4. Thankfulness: Praise God that His answer will be miraculous, thank Him ahead of time.
  5. Hope: Without hope we are in a sad state. We can always hope but we also need to put things in God’s very capable hands.

Letting Go and Letting God means letting go of the outcome WE want, and allowing God to bring about His perfect will.

He is in charge, He has the answer, He knows what is best for my children, for me, for my husband, for my extended family. He knows my heart, He knows my prayers – in fact He knows them before I even ask!

Letting go and letting God takes faith – the faith that surpasses all understanding.

Philippians 4:7

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

So, my prayer for you today and one that I will pray myself is for the grace to know that God’s plan is so much better than ours.