Catherine of Siena and Hope

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Who is Catherine of Siena?

Born in 1347, Catherine was a 3rd Order Dominican. She left for us The Dialogue, which is a conversation between Catherine and Giod while she was in ecstasy. It was transcribed by her secretaries as Catherine spoke.

Catherine died in 1380 in Rome. In 1461 she was canonized by Pope Pius II and later named a Doctor of the Chruch by Pope POaul VI. She was the first layperson to be given that title.

Quotes from The Dialogue

God to Catherine:

I never fail those who never fail in thier hope. I provide for them as a kind compassionate Father.

The devil is not able to resist yoyur humle hope in My goodness.

I wish souls to hope in my mercy at the pioint of death…During thier life Iuse this sweet rick with them, makining them hope greatly in My mercy.

Catherine :

Put your hope decisively in God and not in this mortal life. I beg you, as ransomed servants, to set your desirte and your soul’s affection intently on your Savior who has ransomed you.

Hope & Mercy

“But the soul, exercising herself in virtue, begins to lose her fear, knowing that fear alone is not sufficient to give her Eternal LIfe, as I have already told thee when speaking of the second stage of the soul. And so she proceeds, with love, to know herself and My goodness in her, and begins to hope in My mercy in which her heart feels joy. Sorrow for her grief, mingled with the joy of her hope in My mercy, causes her eye to weep, which tears issue from the very fountain of her heart.” God to Catherine (and us)

When you feel you are losing hope, say this brief prayer, an aspiration: “God, my hope is in You!”

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