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Blessings of Christmas - Christmas blessings come to us all year long, yet are we aware of the beauty of the Christmas message? The message of peace, love, joy, and most of all, hope!

Christmas Blessings Episode 192

Christmas blessings come to us all year long, yet are we aware of the beauty of the Christmas message? The message of peace, love, joy, and most of all, hope!

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What comes to mind when you think about Christmas?

Think about this. You are so special in the eyes of God that He sent a Savior just for you. This child did not come with a mighty army but was born to humble parents. A young woman, a Virgin, and her betrothed, Joseph known as a carpenter. This working class of people was not nobility, but their example resounds through the generations.

What do we learn from the Blessed Virgin Mary and her spouse, St. Joseph? We learn the true sense and meaning of the words: unselfishness, love, humility, and faith in the face of severe consequences (Mary could have been stoned to death for being “with child” without a husband.) The scriptures talk of visions and dreams. The angel Gabrielle came to Mary and told her she was the chosen one. She didn’t have to say yes, but she did, knowing full well the consequences. Joseph, who Mary had been promised to wed, could have divorced her quietly, but then the Lord sent another angel in a dream so that he would know this was the will of God.

Why were Joseph and Mary so different? They really were not different but given extraordinary graces. They had faith, it was the faith that was taught to them all of their lives and they lived this faith. It was in every breath they took and the lives they lived. It was a simpler but harder life than what we live today. They had hardships but they knew that their goal was not a comfortable life, but one with an eye to eternity. And, they knew that they had been given a gift, what we consider a Christmas gift today – that of the birth of a son, who became Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Mary and Joseph were the caregivers of the Eternal Word of God – and we by way of faith are given this gift each and every day. How? By our belief not only in the miracle that happened over two thousand years ago, but by the increase in our faith each day.

What is the Christmas blessing to you? Think about this:

  1. Do you think you are worthy of blessings?
  2. Do you realize that the blessings of the birth of the Savior were for you?
  3. Are you aware that faith is a gift?
  4. Are you open to the gift of faith?
  5. Are you open to the miracles that happen all around you each day?

Is your heart open—and can you spend some time in silence to search for this you will find it! You will see that the gift of faith and the birth of the Savior was for you – you are that special in the eyes of God!

Our world is one of darkness, our world looks at the ordinary and makes it less than – there is a big emphasis on tolerance but only when you follow belief as they do. What they believe is not acceptable to a practicing Christian.

Let me just say quickly that if you believe in God as the Creator of the world we are all one flesh – there is not a difference in the human race and we are all created equal in the eyes of God – so if we are all equal and the Almighty Creator of the universe says we are, who are humans to say that men are not? Who is sowing the seeds of discontentment in our world and in the hearts of men? The prince of this world, the evil one.

So then, how will you live your life? Is it to love and serve others, or yourself? Sometimes we can only put one foot in front of the other and think about the day at hand. So many people struggle with illness, or sadness due to things that are out of their control. All we can do at times is to pray, hope, and trust that God is God and He has a perfect plan for our lives.

[More on the podcast – read Luke 10:17-20].

The battle has been won, but the fight remains and therefore the blessings we receive at the time of the celebration of the birth of our Lord – Christmas blessings …


Let’s Pray!

Dear Lord you are the Savior of the World and I thank first, God the Father for sending you His Son, and You, God the Son, and also God the Holy Spirit for remaining with us always. With the Holy Trinity, we are assured the faith that will withstand the trials we face in this life and pray that we will remain for all time in eternity with you. I ask you my God for your blessings and to listen to these prayers I have in my heart … during this time of Christmas blessings and miracles I ask for miracles to happen not only to fortify my faith but to increase the faith in others, and I pray this in Jesus Name. Amen.


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