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Christmas is Real - Is Christmas real? What about the date, wasn’t Jesus born in the spring? When we get right down to it, what does the date matter, and what is the bigger and greater message of Christmas?

Christmas is Real – Episode 193

Is Christmas real? What about the date, wasn’t Jesus born in the spring? When we get right down to it, what does the date matter, and what is the bigger and greater message of Christmas?

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Christmas. What do you think of when you hear that word? For many, it is the overwhelming thoughts of the commercial aspect of Christmas, the preparation, the decorations, and the gifts to buy. I often asked my young children, “Why is it when Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus that you get presents?” Of course, no one could answer that question. Through the years we have worked on making the meaning of Christmas real in our hearts and in our lives. One year I gave my children an envelope filled with one blank strip of paper with each person in our family’s name on it. I asked my children to write down what gift that person has – spiritual gifts as well as gifts of character. In other words, was there evidence of generosity, or joyfulness – did the people in our family have the gift of kindness or service? I gave everyone in the family – myself and my husband included, a week to think about this and come back and share together as a family. It was a thoughtful assignment but also brought home the true gifts are ones that we can not buy.

Christmas is Real!

Many would like you to believe that Christmas is not real but a fabrication. There are all kinds of movies that point to Santa as the true spirit of Christmas with miraculous interventions in the lives of others through the kindly, fat, jolly guy. Many encourage their young children to believe in Santa and when kids finally learn there is no Santa, other than the true St. Nicholas, they usually feel that they have been lied to by their parents. I was one who felt that way, it was the only time I can remember being disappointed in my parents for lying to me!

The things that happen to us as children usually translate into how we feel as adults and I never encouraged the belief in my children, but told them that Santa was a representation of the gift of giving. I also encouraged them to not tell their friends there was no “real” Santa as that was not our place! Each family makes decisions that are best within their own household.

How we celebrate Christmas shows us an insight into our hearts and our faith … are we more interested in the decorations, the food, and the presents? Are we sucked into the vortex of buying that stretches our budget or do we look at the gifts and the true meaning of the Christmas message? Despite what the world tells us Christmas is real, the birth of the Savior did take place, and the exact date is irrelevant. The truth is that the Savior was born to free us from sin, the Savior came in humility to parents who were humble to show us without words but with example what true love looks like.

God could have come into this world in any way He wanted, He could have been born to a King and Queen and commanded an army to get rid of those who oppressed the Jews, but who were the Jewish leaders when Christ was born?  [more on the podcast]

Why is it so hard to believe? [More on the podcast]

Why do we follow them instead of the true light? Where does your faith come from? This Christmas seek the Lord in the scriptures read all of the book of Luke to yourself, and with your family. Read the book of Isaiah and the prophecies that came true in the time of Christ.

Christmas is a time when we celebrate the gift of hope. Without hope in this life, there is nothing. The joy of Christmas can last a lifetime; we can count on it when we feel hopeless or are suffering the loss of loved ones. In the last six months, I have lost four dear friends, they were younger than I or the same age and when people we love are gone it brings home to us that life is precious and it is short, it not forever. We are here for a short time and the question is how will you live this life? Will it be in pursuit of selfish pleasure or with an eye to the everlasting life that comes from faith in God to rejoice in eternity with Him?

I pray that the blessings of Christ and the realism that comes with the Christmas message is in your hearts. May the love of Christ that surpasses all understanding come upon you today, and may the love, peace, joy, and hope of this Christmas be with you today and always.

A blessing from all of us at the Ultimate Christian Podcast Network for a Blessed Christmas and New Year!


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