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Whether or nota church should assume debtChurch Debt

A common question people have confronted me with over the last several years is whether or not a church should assume debt. It is my opinion that a church should not take on debt. Many issues may cause a church to consider debt or become a church in debt. One of the primary reasons is the remodeling or purchase of a church building. Other times, there may be a need for a bus, repairs, and numerous different scenarios. When looking to build because of lack of space, I first think a church should consider adding additional worship times. After splitting worship times, and the church still needs space, discuss this issue with the members. I am amazed at how members will step up and give when included in the decision-making. This problem solver should be used with any given financial need within the church when there are shortages.

Less Debt Means More Flexibity

2020 is a prime example of why we should not be presumptuous upon God and assume debt. Many churches closed their doors during the pandemic. Members have yet to return to live church sermons fully. Many have seen deceased giving during the 12 months. Those churches operating under the strain of debt are crunching numbers now to see what bills to pay. Those churches serving without debt have much more mobility during a financial crisis, as we have seen. I cannot think of a good reason for a church to carry debt, regardless of the amount. Allow God to work through the members, and your needs will be met. Many times we lose patience with the timing of God’s answer and therefore see debt used. God will provide on his timeframe.

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