Confessing Where You Are In Jesus

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Lucia is continuing her series on the Power of Your Confession.Lucia is continuing her series on the Power of Your Confession. On today’s show she shares the importance of Knowing and Confessing Where You Are or where you’re positioned in Jesus so you can live a victorious life.

If you, or someone you know, is living with depression, oppression, worry, doubt, unbelief, fear of your future or just fear in general, it may be because you don’t know where you’re positioned in Jesus Christ.

Lucia asks the question, “What if I told you, you could be so certain of where you are in Jesus, and that your position of power and authority has already qualified you to walk in victory?”, and then she answers that question for you.

When you were born again, the old you – the real you – your spirit man – was born again.  But that was not the end of it.  When Jesus was raised from the dead, you were raised from the dead! When Jesus ascended, you ascended! This is why the life you are living now is empowered by your faith in Jesus Christ.

Lucia encourages you to start seeing yourself the way God sees you!  Whatever Jesus had, whatever He did, you can have it and you can do it. Plus, where Jesus is seated now is where you are seated!!  Now, your confession is ‘I’m seating with Jesus at the right hand of Father God which is the place of authority!’

I would like to take a moment and thank our sponsor for this podcast, the ABC’s of Who I Am, at Lucia Claborn Ministries.  This resource will build your faith and help you confess who and what God says you are from A to Z according to the Word of God so you can walk in victory!  Lucia Claborn Ministries at is providing resources to build your faith and teach you who you are and what belongs to you according to the Word of God!

 When you get a revelation or a picture of where you’re seated and the power and authority you have as a child of God, you can enforce Satan’s defeat in your life every time he tries to bring something your way to hinder you or stop you and you can walk in victory!

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