Faithfulness vs. Discouragement

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How do we actually break free from a cycle of discouragement? Why do we let it go on so long? Today we’ll discuss three keys about discouragement and 4 ways to make it go away!How do we actually break free from a cycle of discouragement?
Why do we let it go on so long?
Today we’ll discuss three keys about discouragement and 4 ways to make it go away!

Be aware that when one thing isn’t working, we tend to gather all the things together that aren’t working like a little collection.

Why are we so quick to gather those things together?
What if, instead, we gather together all the possibilities?

Be aware that discouragement is more than just a feeling.

Discouragement can be a habit.

A pattern of worry, control, or analyzing.

Remember: The past is not evidence of all that is possible for the future.
Discouragement can come from a worry over time.

Thoughts like, “Not enough time before…x,y,z.”

Or, “Too much time has passed…I should be further along by now.”

Remember: If your big investment hasn’t paid off yet, the story isn’t over.

Discouragement comes from focusing on the negative what ifs.

Questions such as:

What if it doesn’t work out?

What if I don’t get there in time?

What if I run out of money?

What if they don’t figure it out?

Remember: It is possible to choose to focus on positive what-ifs instead.

Be aware of shame shutting you down! Shame pops in and causes us to shut down from sharing.  It causes us to believe or at least pay attention to lies. It prohibits us from reaching out.

So, what are you focused on?
How can we overcome discouragement?

Feel free to journal about all the things you are anxious about, worried about, scared of, fearful about, frustrated with. AND THEN…

Slow down



Look for the positive what ifs.

We find joy in life by looking for the joy in life today!

Give no attention to the possibilities of failure. You can find excitement and possibility if you look for it. What do you look for most?

4 Ways to Overcome Discouragement:

1. Choose something else.

Choose to make a list of things that work.

A list of what-if’s that are exciting and possibilities.

(The more often we choose what is supportive, the easier it will get to choose it.)

Philippians 4:19

God’s abundance is always available and doesn’t disappear with a change in my circumstance.


2. Turn the lies around to truth.
We are so willing to put lies on a loop in our head.
Can we be just as willing to loop the truth?


3. Take the opportunity to focus on God’s goodness completely!

Movement- changes my physical body

critical to boosting dopamine! Take a walk, jumping jacks, dancing,

Laughter- don’t take yourself so seriously!

Also increases feel happy chemicals

Music changes my emotions

Do you have a playlist of music that elevates your spirit?

Gratitude Changes my mind

Celebrate your little wins. Remember the progress you are making.


4. Be aware of resistance.

What are you getting from staying discouraged?

What benefit are you receiving?

Recognize the rewards of discouragement, and ask yourself if this is the reward you want.

Choose to give no place to doubt and fear.

No place to what if it doesn’t work, the times I’ve blown it.

The past is not evidence for what is possible in the future.

God always works things together for my good.
I can trust him.

Stay focused on him.

He is faithful. We can be faithful. We can testify to his faithfulness at work in us!

What one next step will you take in faithfulness today?



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