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Get out of your Rut

The first four chapters of Habits of Freedom have us looking inward and being contemplative. The last chapter, 5, is about looking outward, getting out of your rut, and acting on your life experience.

How to become a Contemplative in Action?

  • Experience – what goes on around us through our senses
  • Understand – the experience, what happened
  • Judgment – do I need to do something with this information
  • Act – or not, based on the nature of the judgment

Desolation requires Action

Once we are stuck in a rut, we need to move out of it by going against ourselves. Often when we feel spiritually desolate, we withdraw and turn in on ourselves. Collins suggested we focus outward instead.

As St. Augustine says about sin – an inclination to cave in on ourselves

Scripture: John 21:15-17

Final Quote

“God invites me to stay stil, open, and receptive to how he wants to appraoch me and find me and call me home to ttrue life and freedom.”

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