How To Make 2021 The BEST Year Ever Despite Being In The Middle Of A Pandemic!

with a fresh clear perspective, we can close a very long chapter and learn how to make 2021 the BEST year ever… despite being in the middle of a pandemic!2020 has been tough.  It has pushed us to our limits and has challenged us beyond our own comprehension.  However, with a fresh clear perspective, we can close a very long chapter and learn how to make 2021 the BEST year ever… despite being in the middle of a pandemic!

  1. Embrace what you’ve learned from 2020- If we can walk away a better person because of the valuable lessons we learned then the year we just experienced did not happen in vain. When we go through something tough, especially as tough as this year has been, we get to experience first-hand the person we truly are.  We’ve learned that a lot of things in life are unpredictable and are frankly out of our control.  But despite this fact, there is one thing that IS in our control…our state of mind.  We can choose to stay positive and minimize the impact or throw in the towel and exasperate the circumstances all together.
  2. Rearrange a Room In Your House- For some reason this little strategy of moving stuff around will brighten your spirit, realign your perspective, and put a spark in 2021 that we all need!
  3. Book The Experience- With masks and vaccines, our journey to new adventures can come alive once again! So if it’s a desire to climb the Rocky Mountains or embark on a sailboat cruise, make this year one that embraces the moment and book the experience!
  4. Treasure Friends and Family- Just like Sunday afternoon dinner or times at the fishing hole, taking time for family keeps us grounded.
  5. Trade your resolutions in for a Vision Board- It’s fun and has no restrictions because you can change it as your goals and dreams change. Get a cork board, acknowledge where you are at the moment and vision yourself where you would like to be.  Print out pictures, write out quotes that reflect your passion, and gather anything that makes you feel uplifted and peaceful.  To achieve something you must FIRST see it.
  6. Implement one new tradition per season-Whether it be taking a trip to the beach in the summer or taking a painting class in the fall, if you give yourself permission to do one new thing each season, your year will be filled with positive memories despite what may come up.
  7. Start your morning with a devotion-This one thing will ABSOLUTELY make the MOST impact on your life! Trust me.  If you will give the Lord the FIRST of your day, before the world gobbles it up, then you will reap His blessing beyond your imagination.  God sees what we give Him and He has a heart for those who seek Him.  Make the small change in your mornings and your days will reap the benefits. Michael Vidaurii’s book called, “He Healed Them All” is a great devotion book that literally changed my life.
  8. Make your bedroom a sanctuary- Your bedroom, where you sleep, where you dream, should be your peaceful retreat. With all the other rooms in your house to exhibit everyday life, your bedroom should be kept separate.
  9. Remember Gratitude and Giving- Make it a point to give and listen to your heart when doing it…not someone else’s two cents of what they deem is acceptable. Give with what’s between you and the good Lord. Give when you feel that little tug pulling on you and even though the Lord will bless you because of it, give without ever expecting anything in return.
  10. Change Up Your Day To Day- Whether it be stopping by Starbucks every Friday before work or buying a Keurig for your time at the office, making a small change will leave you feeling like a whole new you!

The new year is a time for renewal, for wiping off the slate, for reflection, gratitude, and for securing a chance to start over.  It’s a time to reflect on what we’ve learned and what the year has taught us. It’s taught me that this new year especially, holds a much earned opportunity to dream, to plan, and to write chapters where the pages remain blank. We may be still recovering from the loss of 2020 but the healing of 2021 is literally at our feet.  This new year, enter with a state of redemption and don’t bring the worry into what’s been given… and that is a fresh start. Understand that the chapter won’t be over until we finally close the book.

2021…What will you write on the pages of this new year?

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