Just a Whisper

Have you ever been in a situation and felt a nudge, a yearning, a kind of voice that seems to be ultimately telling you something? Have you ever been in a situation and felt a nudge, a yearning, a kind of voice that seems to be ultimately telling you something? Our lives are constantly speaking to us.  It speaks every time you feel a pit in your stomach telling you this is no longer your place of acceptance.  It speaks when it leaves a spark of excitement in your spirit as it guides you to your next clear step.  It speaks when it plants a notion in your mind delivering a message that something’s just not right.  It’s the brief interruption that mumbles, “There’s a better path on your journey…”or the warning that the turn you took may just be leading to an unfulfilled dead end. Listen…it happens with just a whisper.

So, here’s my top 10 signs that you may not be listening to your inner voice making both your mind and body out of alignment:

  1. You feel unsettled.- Bottom line. You feel like something is wrong.  Even if you aren’t able to identify why you’re feeling that way, you just know that something isn’t right.
  2. You constantly question why you’re here.- When you are living out of alignment you constantly question your purpose on this Earth. You don’t understand your reason for existence because you’re not in the life you’re supposed to be living.
  3. Your health starts to deteriorate.- You may start getting headaches, brain fog, or find that you’re growing accustomed to just not feeling well. Although you often can’t pin point what it is, you know that something in your body is not right.  You may also find that you are irritable or quite often in a bad mood. What you’ll discover is if you get back to your truth, even the tiniest of bad moods will disappear.
  4. Your bad habits are growing.- You might find that the one  glass of red wine you have at night for the benefit of your heart is now turning into two glasses a night for the sole benefit of masking your nerves.  The decadent dessert you once indulged in for special occasions only presently occurs as part of your ordinary nightly routine.
  5. You feel like you don’t belong.- Being in the space where you belong doesn’t begin with warning signs. When you are living in the truth and listening to where you need to be, you feel as if all the parts of your world come together. They are working harmoniously and you are left feeling balanced and connected to the world around you. Being around people who don’t align with your same values eventually leaves you feeling like the odd guy out.
  6. You get a pit in your stomach.- So the expression described as your “gut feeling” is really that; you feel like you’ve been sucker punched in your stomach. You may feel like your appetite has diminished or even experience a sense of nausea.  This is your intuition practically screaming at you!
  7. You find every excuse not to do something even though you know you should.- Living a life of true integrity often means not giving into fear. You know it’s time to move onto something better, either with your job, your relationships, or whatever it is that would improve your personal growth, but you’re afraid.  Put down the excuses and decide you’re going to stop living a lie and allow change to put you back to integrity.
  8. You feel guilty.- When this happens you can be confident that some part of your life isn’t lined up correctly. Take a few minutes to just be quiet because it’s in silence that we find the truth.
  9. You pretend that everything is great and it’s not- How many times have you posted something on social media and it look 100% better than what it actually was? We all do it.  You’re not alone.  Hiding behind the canvas of what the world sees and not listening to the real dreams of your own soul is living by default not fulfillment.
  10. You feel like you’re lost.- From a young child, we learn early on to do the things and be the way others have defined us to be.  We learn that as long as we follow through with the expectation that others put on us, then our lives will stay in harmony with the culture that our friends and family have set.  This is the reason we feel lost, because we are living the life everyone else wants from us instead of being in harmony with what WE want for ourselves.  Make the change and start getting back to what you love.

From the smallest gut instinct to the largest sense of call, our bodies know when we are living outside of the truth and will tell us if we quiet ourselves to listen.  It’s the uneasy feeling, the sneaky suspicion, the guiding spine-chilling sense that can strike fear in even the most complacent of people. Ignoring the warnings won’t make them go away.  They will instead get louder and louder because any form of distress in our lives is just our bodies trying to get us back to the truth.  Whatever shape the whisper takes, know that it is NOT by accident. Listening to these signs can open the door to your personal progression, pushing you towards your life’s greatest calling.  Ignoring them, and sweeping them under the rug, is an invitation to complete chaos.  Martha Beck said, “ Every single choice is a chance to turn toward the life you really want.” And how do you do this?  I’ll answer that…it starts with just a whisper. 

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