Loneliness At Christmas

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Loneliness At Christmas | Loneliness can happen at any time of the year, yet loneliness at Christmas seems especially painful. In this podcast we will discuss our role as Christians and how to bring to those in need the joy of the season of light | #christianpodcast #catholicpodcast #Godandmercy #mercifulGod #CelebrateChristmasandAdvent #CelebrateChristmas #LonelinessAtChristmasLoneliness At Christmas ~ Episdoe 282

Loneliness can happen at any time of the year, yet loneliness at Christmas seems especially painful. In this podcast we will discuss our role as Christians and how to bring to those in need the joy of the season of light.

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Temptation is Real

As I think back on Christmas past, I remember how my father felt after my mother’s passing. Every time there was an event or holiday, he missed her, especially the first time. He was so used to spending time with her and sharing his life that when she was gone, it was as if a piece of him was missing. My neighbor died this summer unexpectedly, and I am certain his widow also feels the pains of firsts, the first Thanksgiving without him, the first Christmas, and more. We are only neighbors, and friends, but when someone has a special place in your life, you will definitely feel the loneliness at Christmas.

In Isaiah 41:10 we read: (Read on air.)

God gives us the strength we need, but we need to ask. How often do we forget to ask? I know I do. In living our lives we can feel lonely even in the midst of people. I think that is why we stay so busy, so we don’t feel loneliness and so that we don’t focus on what is bothering us.

Loneliness At Christmas Can Be A Struggle

Psalm 16:11 – (Read on air.)

When we are in a good place with our faith and our Lord, it seems to stem the loneliness. We don’t feel as alone or afraid. We find that joy that surpasses all understanding. Yet at times, we feel as if we are being tested.

In 1 Chronicles 29:17, we read on air.

Loneliness At Christmas Understood

There is no secret formula to combat loneliness at Christmas other than to give our hearts to the Lord. My friend would take her three boys and spend time at the soup kitchen or Church ministries. She did this at Thanksgiving as well as at Christmas. This took place after she was divorced, and she felt that her holiday was different, sad, and lonely. She decided that in giving, we receive, not for the sake of receiving. And she did! She said it was the best holiday and she wished she had done it sooner.

That is truly a gift.

Make me an instrument of your peace is a song as well as a prayer attributed to St. Francis…O, Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love; For it is in giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; it is in dying that we are born again to eternal life.

St. Francis gave up his life of wealth to serve the Lord and to serve the poor. We may not all have the opportunity to spend time with the poor this Christmas, but if you can, it is well worth it. Sometimes ministering to our own families and extended families is serving the poor in spirit. Other times they are blessing us with their joy and presence. It takes an effort to travel, especially during the holidays.

Loneliness can be a blessing; it is a pearl of great price. Think about how the Lord Jesus prayed at the garden of Gethsemane and the apostles could not stay awake with him for one hour. I pray in my mind that I am there with him. God, Jesus doesn’t need me, yet we can offer the simple tasks as an offering of our hearts even if it is just in our thoughts.

Matthew 13:44 states (read on air).

Loneliness Overcome

Our loneliness is a struggle, and it is something we may try to overcome, but each in our own way. Finding other like-minded people is helpful. I often see people at church who have lost a loved one join together for the holidays or even after church for coffee. I try to reach out to friends I know who may be struggling. I know they are being social even if they do not feel like it. It is easier to stay home, but putting out the effort is often rewarded.

We can all pray that the Lord uses us to minister to others, whether it is visiting someone without family in a nursing home, serving the needs of the poor, donating to a worthy cause, or buying gifts for those less fortunate. All of these things are small in the scope of our lives, but each one of these things brings us closer to the Lord.

This week the challenge is to pray for those who are struggling and lonely this Christmas as well as other times of the year and to ask the Lord to use us to bring joy to their hearts. Let God be praised now and forever.


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