Looking Through a Different Lens

I will share how in ten short steps  you could walk away with a life of peace, of gratitude, of love…all by looking at life… through a different lens. 

How would you feel if I told you by changing one thing in your life, you would change your world entirely? Every day we face challenges and every day we have a choice on how we see it, how we internalize it, and how we react.  Perspective is all about what you choose to focus on. Today, I will share how in ten short steps  you could walk away with a life of peace, of gratitude, of love…all by looking at life… through a different lens.

  1. Celebrate the small victories- Take time to be happy for yourself. Celebrating birthdays, holidays, etc. will always come naturally.  But adding in those little victories like finishing a project, will bring so much extra joy to your world!
  2. Notice the way you talk to yourself- We are our worst critic. Start being aware of how you talk to yourself.  The next time you have negative feelings, don’t act on them without thinking them through. Remember, the way you talk to yourself usually becomes your reality.  From the words of Tony Robbins, “Whatever you hold in your mind on a constant basis is exactly what you will experience in life.”
  3. Choose Happiness- It’s easy to feel happiness when everything’s going our way. But sometimes happiness comes from us making a conscience decision to CHOOSE to be happy.  It’s saying, “I will NOT allow the difficulty to define me.  If I look closely, there is something good that either came out of this or WILL come out of this.  I CHOOSE to focus on this joy, no matter how small the fragment may be.”
  4. Cut-off the complaining- Complaining usually doesn’t actually fix anything, it just makes us feel better temporarily. The danger comes when we get so used to complaining that what once was an occasional vent session has now become a “Way of life” and your new norm.  Instead, take your words and put action behind it.
  5. Embrace differences- It’s when we encounter people who are different than us that we are shown a different angle of life, one who teaches us, shapes us, and enlightens our world.  So the next time you find yourself feeling frustrated or annoyed because the person isn’t like you, stop and see life through their eyes and be grateful that they gave you that opportunity.
  6. Forgive and Forget- Visualize your situation. Do you think the person you had a conflict with is at home torn up with sadness because you won’t let that hurt go? Holding onto bitterness only hurts you. Psalm 37:7-9.  It says, “Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; do not fret when people succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.  Refrain from anger and turn from wrath; do not fret-it leads only to evil. For those who are evil will be destroyed, but those who hope in the Lord will inherit the land.  Our job? To forgive as Christ forgives us and be at peace that He’ll take care of the rest.
  7. Embrace the silly stuff-Remember when you were a kid? Remember how you’d laugh for hours over something that didn’t even make sense? You may not still be a kid, but loving and appreciating something that you can’t always explain is true joy.
  8. Hold onto hope- People who are genuinely happier have something else they are grounded in than just themselves. When you are grounded in something that’s brings you hope you stay more constant when the road of life gives you a turn.
  9. Change how you look at social media- Stop and think. “What was social media originally meant to be?”  It was a way to connect to one another and stay in touch.  It was NOT meant to compare yourself to anyone else nor struggle to stay in competition with anyone else’s life.  Release the pressure and use social media for what it was intended for.
  10. View your life as where you should be at the moment- Sometimes, we’re in such a rush to get to the “next place” in life that we miss the stage that we’re in. You are meant to be where you are exactly at this moment. Embrace that.

Perspective…it’s putting down the fogged pair of glasses which only saw with eyes that deemed you were right.  It’s the choice to close the box of your way or the highway and open the possibility to other views.  By doing this you will encounter a world you’ve never known.  Benjamin Franklin once said, “While we may not be able to control all that happens to us, we can control what happens inside us.” Perspective…it WILL change your life…all by simply looking at life…through a different lens.


  1. Pat Rooney says

    You are WAY better than Oprah!!! Tell Joe to eat a breadstick. 🤪

    • Nikki DeSalvatore says

      Omg thank you!! I was just sitting here a little down because I’m not reaching the amount of people I had hoped for. You always swoop in at the exact moment. Thank you!

  2. Pat Rooney says

    It’s because I got you Nik Nik. Always and forever in my heart my friend.

    • Nikki DeSalvatore says

      And knowing you’ve got me makes everything better. You will always have a place in my heart. Thanks Pat. ❤️

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