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Magnificat® is dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God, an image of the Church, and model for all Christians, especially women.Magnificat ® is dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God, an image of the Church, and model for all Christians, especially women.

Two hundred Catholic women from all walks of life crowded into a Knights of Columbus hall on October 7, 1981, to have breakfast and to hear a woman’s personal
witness to the power of God in her life.

The women who left that hall were filled with a joy that only the Holy Spirit can give; that is, a deeper awareness of God’s loving presence in their lives and a burning desire to share this wonderful experience with more and more of their sisters in Christ.

The modest breakfast held on October 7, 1981, is today, a ministry to Catholic women known as “Magnificat” with Chapters in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa.

While the Magnificat Meal is the main function of the ministry, Magnificat is much more than “putting on a meal.” It is a time of praise and worship, fellowship, and prayer.
Magnificat is a private association of the Christian faithful under the vigilance and jurisdiction of the local ordinary. The ministry is consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The essence of Magnificat is the encounter between Mary and Elizabeth (Luke 1:39-56). Magnificat is a woman-to-woman ministry which calls forth a lively faith in God and His actions in daily life, a love for Mary and for the Church, and deep holiness. The words of Our Lady’s canticle in Luke’s gospel take on a personal significance for Magnificat women as they seek to magnify the Lord in their own lives and lead others to know His great love and goodness.

We encourage you to join us as we pray, learn, and experience what God can do in our lives if we let Him!

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Magnificat Ministry Podcast
Magnificat Ministry Podcast
Magnificat Ministry

Magnificat Ministry Podcast Episodes

Testimony of Alexandra Andrews

Testimony of Alexandra Andrews Alexandra is a wife and mother of two young boys and a Pro-Life speaker who shares her testimony as an Abortion Survivor. Alexandra reveals the ways in which God carried out His plan for her life, to bring her out of an orphanage in Russia so she could spread the message […]

The Passion of Jesus Christ

Episode 20 – The Passion of Jesus Christ In this 20th episode of the Understanding Catholicism Series, our presenter, James Seghers, reflects on how the life of the Church revolves around the Eucharistic sacrifice of our Blessed Lord’s Passion and death and how the sacraments are powers that come forth from the risen body of […]

Testimony of Laurie Walsh

Testimony of Laurie Walsh Laurie Walsh is a retired therapist, probation officer, and published author. She is the youngest of three girls. Laurie was raised in a small Montana town, attending Catholic Schools and the local University. She shares her story of being rescued by the Lord from addictions and sins that caused deep depression […]

Blessed Virgin Mary

Episode 19 – Blessed Virgin Mary In this 19th episode of the Understanding Catholicism Series, our presenter, James Seghers, explores the unique gifts God bestowed on the Blessed Virgin Mary as the ‘chosen one.’ He also discusses how it is the Father’s plan to incorporate all his earthly sons and daughters into the Blessed Trinity—the […]

Fr. Robert Cavalier

Testimony of Fr. Robert Cavalier Fr. Robert’s priestly call has its origin in an experience of the sacrament of Penance and its growth and continuation in movements in the church that have formed since the Second Vatican Council. He witnesses to the truth that all things are possible with God. The faith journey God has […]

Celibacy and Purgatory

Episode 18 – Celibacy and Purgatory In this 18th episode of the Understanding Catholicism Series, our presenter, James Seghers, discusses the spiritual aspects of celibacy and how it is connected with the sacrament of matrimony and the Church’s teaching on Purgatory. Celibacy is the voluntary vow to remain unmarried and to practice sexual abstinence. The […]

Testimony of Fr. Gary Copping

Testimony of Fr. Gary Copping Fr. Gary was born and raised in New Orleans, in a family of four boys. Fr. Gary knew from an early age he wanted to become a priest and began researching different orders in middle school. Fr Gary attended HC Schaumburg, St James Major Elementary, and Brother Martin HS.  He […]

The Mass Part II

Episode 17 – The Mass Part II In this episode (Part two of two episodes) of the Understanding Catholicism Series, our presenter, James Seghers, discusses The Mass. The Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist, when viewed as a whole, evokes a profound sense of reverence and awe. The liturgy of the […]

Testimony of Angela Rizzo

Testimony of Angela Rizzo Angela Rizzo’s journey began in the Bronx, NY where she lived until the age of 28.  Born into an Italian – American family she lost her mother to cancer when she was 12 1/2.  With a loving father, younger brother and lots of extended family Angela grew up feeling loved.  But […]

The Mass

Episode 16 – The Mass Part I In this episode (Part one of two episodes) of the Understanding Catholicism Series, our presenter, James Seghers, discusses The Mass. James tells us that the Mass is not about fellowship, although that is a remarkable aspect. The Mass is also not about beautiful music, although that is desirable. […]

Testimony of Mary Wilson

Testimony of Mary Wilson You will be intrigued by Mary Wilson’s raw sense of humor as she shares her conversion story. Mary is from Central Louisiana. She has been married for over 50 years and is a mother of three grown children and 10 grandchildren. She considers herself very shy but comes across very relatable. […]

The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony

The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony Our presenter, James Seghers, explains the priesthood and The Sacrament of Holy Orders in this episode of the Understanding Catholicism Series. In the Old Testament, God created the covenant of marriage beginning with Adam and Eve. This union is also a metaphor that depicts God in a marital relationship with […]

Testimony of Judy Zelden

Testimony of Judy Zelden Judy will share her life-changing experience of receiving the ‘Baptism of the Holy Spirit.’ the tragic death of her father, the conversion of her husband, Michael, and the great privilege of seeing her youngest son enter the seminary. Judy Zelden was born and raised in New Orleans, LA. She attended Catholic […]

The Sacrament of Holy Orders

Episode 14 – The Sacrament of Holy Orders Our presenter, James Seghers, explains the priesthood and The Sacrament of Holy Orders in this episode of the Understanding Catholicism Series. Sacraments of Holy Orders and Holy Matrimony are two sacraments of service ordered to the salvation of others—matrimony to one’s spouse and children with the self-donating […]

Testimony of Kitty Cleveland

Testimony of Kitty Cleveland Kitty Cleveland raise in a devout Catholic family in New Orleans, LA. She was the middle child of six girls. Her father was a lawyer and wished for all his daughters to follow in his footsteps. Kitty had a dream of her own, to become a singer on Broadway and see […]

Anointing of the Sick

Episode 13 – Anointing of the Sick In this episode of the Understanding Catholicism Series, our presenter, James Seghers, explains the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. To receive the church’s Sacrament of Anointing the Sick through the ministry of a priest, there is no need to wait until a person is at the point […]

Testimony of Julia Monnin

Testimony of Julia Monnin Julia Monnin grew up in a good Catholic family in Ohio. She was one of 5 children. Like most kids growing up she was swooped in the ways of the culture and made some bad choices in her high school and college years. She was ashamed of the sinful nature she […]

The Sacrament of Reconciliation Confession

Episode 12 – The Sacrament of Reconciliation Confession Our presenter, James Seghers, explains the origins of the Sacrament of Reconciliation Confession in this episode of the Understanding Catholicism Series. In John 20:21-23, Jesus, having risen from the dead, bestows the miraculous power to forgive sins. “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, […]

Testimony of Mary Lou McCall

Testimony of Mary Lou McCall Mary Lou was a ‘military brat.’ Her family moved every three to four years. Her father was in the air force. Her mother was German, and her family spent much of her growing up years visiting her mother’s relatives in Germany. Mary Lou was raised Catholic, and her mother showed […]

The Eucharist Part II

Episode 11 – The Eucharist Part II On the second part of a two-part episode on the Eucharist in the Understanding Catholicism Series, our presenter, James Seghers, delves into the sixth chapter of St. John’s Gospel. The prologue of St. John’s chapter six recalls two miracles that prepare Jesus’ audience for the following Bread of […]

Testimony of Fr. Tony Mugavero

Testimony of Fr. Tony Mugavero Fr. Tony Mugavero is pastor of Holy Apostles parish in Rochester, NY. He has been devoted to the vocation of the priesthood for 44 years. He loves his vocation and he has many God stories. He shares a fond memory of his sister Rosalie and the 25th wedding anniversary he […]

The Eucharist

Episode 10 – The Eucharist Part I On this two-part episode of the Understanding Catholicism Series, our presenter, James Seghers, discusses the Eucharist, the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, and Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians. On Holy Thursday, Jesus knew he would depart from this world to the Father, and not wishing to […]

Testimony of Denny Charbonnet

Testimony of Denny Charbonnet Denny grew up as an only child in a devout Catholic home. She attended Catholic schools. Her mother had breast cancer while Denny was in high school but recovered. Shortly after, she lost her father to an unexpected heart attack.  Denny’s plans to attend Theatre Arts in NY were dashed. She […]

The Sacrament of Confirmation

Episode 9 – The Sacrament of Confirmation On this episode of the Understanding Catholicism Series, our presenter, James Seghers, delves into how Christ, through the Sacrament of Confirmation, sends us an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The Sacrament of Confirmation is the second of the three sacraments of initiation. This Sacrament completes the Sacrament of […]

Testimony of Deacon Kevin Helfers

Testimony of Deacon Kevin Helfers Deacon Kevin Helfers was ordained in the Diocese of San Diego in June of 2018 as a permanent deacon in the Catholic Church. He has been married to his wife Yvette for 31 years and together they have six children and four grandchildren. Kevin and Yvette have been active in […]

The Sacrament of Baptism

Episode 8 – The Sacrament of Baptism On this episode of the Understanding Catholicism Series, our presenter, James Seghers, explains the Sacrament of Baptism in four parts. First, James explains what it meant when Jesus declared himself “the living water.” “Whoever believes in me, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” (John 7:38). […]

Testimony of Fr. Kyle Gorenski

Testimony of Fr. Kyle Gorenski Fr. Kyle Gorenski was raised in a Catholic home in Rhode Island. His mother was devout, and she was involved in many ministries in the Church, his father was a Sunday Catholic. He was the 2nd sibling of four brothers. High School was a struggle for Kyle as he had […]

God’s Grace

Episode 7 – God’s Grace On this episode of the Understanding Catholicism Series, our presenter, James Seghers, explains how grace heals us, how Martin Luther was in error in explaining grace, how Jesus established His church as the instrument in which his grace comes to us, the importance of good works and how the sacraments […]

Testimony of Mildred Moy

Testimony of Mildred Moy Mildred Moy was born in Hong Kong. She was the youngest of four girls. She was a very shy child. She was born and raised Catholic and received a Catholic education through High School. Her mother fostered in her a close relationship with the Virgin Mary. Her mother told her that […]

Jesus Comes to Save Us

Episode 6 – Jesus Comes to Save Us The name ‘Jesus’ means ‘God saves,’ and ‘Christ’ means the ‘Messiah’ or ‘Anointed Savior’ who fulfills all the prophecies of the Old Testament. In this episode, James explains how, in each Gospel, Jesus is introduced as the Divine Word became flesh to bring about a new creation […]

Come Follow Me

Come Follow Me Fr. Tom Sparacino reads from the Gospel of Matthew 11:28 ‘Come to me all you who labor and are burdened. And I will give you rest, take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart, and you will find rest for yourselves. For my […]

God Establishes His Kingdom

Episode 5 – God Establishes His Kingdom On this episode of the Understanding Catholicism Series, our presenter, James Seghers, discusses God’s founding of the Kingdom from the days of King Saul and King David to the destruction of the Temple in 586 to the Babylonian captivity. James also gives examples of God’s boundless love, mercy, […]

Testimony of Evelyn Garcia

Testimony of Evelyn Garcia Evelyn Garcia is a message of hope to all who know her. She is a fourth-generation native of Orange County, CA. Evelyn is a cradle Catholic and has a large extended family. She got married at the age of 19, and she knew it was a poor decision, so the marriage […]

The 10 Commandments

Episode 4 – The 10 Commandments On this episode of the Understanding Catholicism Series, our presenter, James Seghers, discusses the 10 Commandments and how God gave us the 10 Commandments on Mount Sinai as the divine remedy to the slave of sin. Individuals who look upon the commandments as restrictions to their freedom have bought […]

Testimony of Denise Beyer

Testimony of Denise Beyer In 1994, during a time of questioning whether to remain in the Catholic Church, the Lord heard Denise’s cry for truth, she experienced a dramatic encounter of God’s love during Mass that forever changed her life. Denise’s understanding of the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist awakened her spirit as […]

God Expands His Covenant

Episode 3 – God Expands His Covenant On this episode of the Understanding Catholicism Series, our presenter, James Seghers, discusses how God expands His Covenant to prepare for advent—the period of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas and also of preparation for the Second Coming of Christ. After the […]

Testimony of Louise Carson

Testimony of Louise Carson Louise Carson is a cradle Catholic born and raised in Rhode Island. She met her first husband after college and moved to his hometown of Rochester, NY. They had three children. She went through a period of questioning why she was going to Mass. Shortly after, she went on a retreat, […]

Creation and Fall of Man

Episode 2 – Creation and Fall of Man On this episode of the Understanding Catholicism Series, our presenter, James Seghers, touches upon four main points in the Creation and Fall of Man, beginning with an explanation of The Blessed Trinity, followed by God’s Creation of Angels and Humans, the Fall of Adam and Eve and […]

Testimony of Jess Echeverry

Testimony of Jess Echeverry Jess Echeverry is a wife, mother, family advocate, and speaker. She has survived parental divorce and alcoholism, as well as emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. Her testimony includes dark times of physical and sexual violence, teenage pregnancy, years of on and off homelessness, abortion, same sex attraction and two attempts at […]

God Speaks to His Children

Episode 1 – God Speaks to His Children On this first episode of the Understanding Catholicism Series, James Seghers, our presenter, will focus on ‘how God speaks to us,’ how he speaks to us through divine revelation, through sacred tradition, and sacred scriptures. It will explain how divine revelation comes to us in two forms. […]

Follow the Joy

Follow the Joy by Fr. Tom Sparacino Listen as Fr. Tom Sparacino, from the Diocese of Pittsburgh, proclaims with exuberance ‘Follow the Joy’ with his crowd-pleasing humor. He shares many stories that will captivate your attention. Joy at the foot of the cross with Mother Mary (“Ma” as he calls her) and answering the call […]

Testimony of Barbara Heil

Testimony of Barbara Heil We are delighted that you have chosen to join us today! This podcast features the conversion testimony of Barbara Heil. Barbara Heil is a former Pentecostal prophetic minister who has traveled the world as a missionary, teacher, and evangelist. After an amazing journey, Barbara came into full communion with the Catholic […]

Fall on Me

Fall on Me Bishop David Toups introduces his dear friend for over 20 years, Dr. Carol Razza.    What we are about to experience is a woman who has stepped into the Holy Spirit with everything she’s got, and that is what she is going to help us do. Carol expressed, ‘Expect the unexpected.’ We can […]

Exhortation to the Ministry

Exhortation to the Ministry In the final general session of the International Leaders’ Conference, Donna Ross, Coordinator of the CST (Central Service Team), gave a talk on the ‘Exhortation to the Ministry.’ She defined the word ‘exhortation’ to strongly encourage us, and as you listen to her talk, she will truly inspire you.  Donna emphasizes […]

Testimony of Monique Moussot

Testimony of Monique Moussot Monique shares her personal testimony at the Magnificat Saturday night dinner held in Pittsburgh. The audience was enamored with her every word as she shared her ‘awe–inspiring’ testimony, and so will you. To set the stage for Monique’s early years, she was baptized Catholic and received the sacraments of Holy Communion […]

Stepping Into Your Anointing

Stepping Into Your Anointing Psalm 18:20 “He set me free in the open; He rescued me because He loves me.” Janice Charbonnet had a life-changing encounter with the writings of St. John Paul II, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, a deep passion for ministering to women began.  Born and raised in Canada […]

Jesus Rejoices in the Father

Jesus Rejoices in the Father This is a moment with Scripture reflecting on the Gospel of Luke 10: 21- 24. Let’s set the framework for this reflection. 72 disciples have returned from the mission. Jesus sent them on a mission to every town and place he intended to visit. A mission that sent them like […]

Power OF The Holy Spirit- Fr. Dave Pivonka

Power OF The Holy Spirit – Fr. Dave Pivonka One of the struggles we have in the Church today is that we get exactly what we expect. We do not expect much as a people, parish, and community. We do not see the Lord do great things because we do not expect him to. If […]

Joy and Peace

Joy and Peace Two of the themes echoed throughout the weekend are ‘joy and peace.’ The gifts the Lord wants us to go forth with as you return to your homes, Chapters, husbands and children, work, friends, and community. He wants us to bring joy and peace as our traveling companions. Bishop Toups refers to […]

Eucharist Presence Part 3

Eucharist Presence Part 3 The Eucharist- Part 3- The Presence- presented by Jimmy Seghers. The focus of this segment is on the presence. Jesus promised I will be with you always. It affirms a truth that Catholics have always believed: the blessed Eucharist is the source and the summit of the Christian life. The Eucharist […]

Rejoice & Be Glad

Rejoice & Be Glad Fr. Bao swags his joyful body up to the podium to give his homily, and the audience laughs at his amusing behavior. He begins with the theme of the gospel reading from Luke, where Christ sends out the 72. Fr. Bao states,” Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be […]

The Eucharist Part 2 The Union

The Eucharist- Part 2- The Union The Eucharist. Part 2- The Union. The major theme of this segment is ‘the kiss of the bridegroom.’ The Mass procession is a reminder that every Mass is a wedding. Presented by Jimmy Seghers Jesus’ wedding reception begins in the upper room on Holy Thursday. It continues on Good […]

The Banquet

The Banquet The Banquet Parable Lk. 14:15-24 by Deacon David Hockwalt. This is the time of year for holiday parties. Decisions need to be made. What will be the best date? Who should we invite? What kind of meal? In Lukes parable of the Banquet the host prepared a delicious meal and invited guests with […]

The Power of the Holy Spirit

The Power of the Holy Spirit Bishop David Zubik, Bishop of the Diocese of Pittsburgh welcomed the women of Magnificat to Pittsburgh, PA, and how we were all brought together by the Holy Spirit. Bishop Zubik reflected on Luke’s gospel and the power of the Holy in the visitation of Mary and Elizabeth, who were […]

Eucharistic Sacrifice

Eucharistic Sacrifice ~ Jimmy Seghers  The Eucharistic Sacrifice is something we as Catholics consider common place. In this three part presentation your faith will be renewed. Eucharistic Sacrifice Explained Eucharist Sacrifice. By Jimmy Seghers explains what we participate in at every Mass and how the Eucharist is a mystery of incomprehensible love. He answers why […]

The Kingdom of God Is At Hand

The Kingdom of God Is At Hand  Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR. The Thursday evening opening Mass at the Magnificat Int’l Conference 2023 was held on November 5th, the Feast of St. Faustina and Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, in the ballroom of the Pittsburgh Airport Hyatt Hotel. Bishop David Toups, Ministry Spiritual Advisor and Bishop of […]

Raising The Son Of The Widow Nain

Raising The Son Of The Widow Nain A reflection on Raising The Son Of The Widow at Nain by Deacon David Hockwalt. Jesus raises from the dead the only son of the widow of Nain. Nain was a small village 25 miles from Capernaum. It was at the city gate that Jesus met a funeral […]

Testimony of Kimberly Mouledoux

Testimony of Kimberly Mouledoux Kimberly learned the voice of God and how it has led her. Kimberly grew up in an Episcopal family of four in New York. She was the oldest of two girls. She came from a musical family and learned to play the piano at four. She learned to play the French […]

My Amen

My Amen My Amen by Mary Wilson shares the definition of Amen from different sources. It means, ‘It is so, so be it.’ To say ‘Amen’ to something expresses strong approval or support for an idea. It also means,’ truly or true, I believe.’ Jesus, himself, is called the ‘Amen’, the one who is faithful […]

The Seven Sorrows of Mary

The Seven Sorrows of Mary The Seven Sorrows of Mary. Deacon Dave reflects on Our Lady of Seven Sorrows celebrated on September 15th. Just as Mary is the mother of Jesus, she is mother to all his followers, she is mother to us, especially the mothers of today. St. Louis de Montfort said, “if you […]

Testimony of Sr. Jacqueline Gitonga

Testimony of Sr. Jacqueline Gitonga Sr. Jackie Jean-Marie Gitonga was born and raised Kenya on a farm. She was the oldest of 3 children, with a younger brother and sister. She grew up in the Catholic faith. A program called Opus Dei taught her the basics of living and gave her the foundations of her […]

Testimony of Carla Comer

Testimony of Carla Comer Testimony of Carla Comer. Carla Comer was raised Catholic and attended Catholic parochial schools through High School. During high school, she suffered from depression and rebelled against God. Carla went to college, dropped out after a year, and came back home. Her mother was a devout Catholic and Rosary prayer. Carla’s […]

Testimony of Fr. William Moorby

Testimony of Fr. William Moorby Fr. William Moorby is from the area of Rochester, NY. Fr. Moorby was raised in a strong Catholic home with fond memories of his early sacraments.  He shares in his story how he became involved in the Charismatic Renewal and how it led him to the priesthood. His parents were […]

Testimony of Dr. Carol Razza

Testimony of Dr. Carol Razza Dr. Carol Razza shares her empowering testimony with wisdom and humor. Her lively and animated delivery leads you through a time of transformation to be rid of the lies we tell ourselves to a place of peace and freedom as a child of God and an heir to the kingdom. […]

Teaching Reflection from Fr. Pat Crowley

Teaching Reflection from Fr. Pat Crowley Teaching Reflection from Fr. Pat Crowley. Magnificat is about witness, sharing their stories. Our story brings us deeper into the mystery of God’s love. As we ask the Blessed Mother for guidance, Mary helps move the freshness of the Spirit manifested in our lives into a deeper intimacy with […]

Testimony of Stacey O’Rourke

Testimony of Stacey O’Rourke Stacey O’Rourke is a cradle Catholic. She received all her sacraments, but her family were not big church goers. She grew up in a dysfunctional household as both parents were alcoholics. She also became an alcoholic at an early age. This spiraled her into unhealthy relationships and activities and failed marriages. […]

 Testimony of Angela Copenhaver

Testimony of Angela Copenhaver Angela Copenhaver is a Catholic convert. She was raised in Lincoln, Nebraska in a protestant family. Her parents divorced when she was young. As an adult she worked for a delivery company and worked hard to climb the corporate ladder and financial security. She was promoted to management in sales and […]

Testimony of Pat Higginbotham 

Testimony of Pat Higginbotham Pat Higginbotham was a daughter in a military family. She grew up with three sisters; she was the third child. Her father was in the Airforce. They moved around a lot as most military families do but she felt she had one stable home in Lost Creek, W. Virginia, her mother’s […]

Testimony of Michelle Seghers 

Testimony of Michelle Seghers  Testimony of Michelle Seghers. Michelle begins her story with a verse from Jeremiah 31:3 “I have loved you with an everlasting love.’ She shares how His everlasting love has been with her throughout her lifetime in the Church, and in her family. God has always been faithful to her. Michelle grew […]

A Reflection on Sending Out Laborers

A Reflection on Sending Out Laborers A Reflection on Sending out Laborers Matt. 9:32-38 By Deacon David Hockwalt. What does the heart of God look like? Jesus is the perfect embodiment of God’s heart. Matthew tells us his heart was moved with pity as he surveyed the crowds before him. He had compassion that sprang […]

Testimony of Deacon John Bialorucki

Testimony of Deacon John Bialorucki Testimony of Deacon John Bialorucki. John Bialorucki is a Deacon in the Huron Diocese. He entered the Deaconate late in life. Deacon John finished a five-year program at the age of 65. In his testimony, he focuses on three questions, why am I here? Where am I going? How am […]

Testimony of Shannon Austin 

Testimony of Shannon Austin Testimony of Shannon Austin. Shannon focuses on three areas of her life, how life shaped her, how she helped and hindered God’s plan for her and how God showed up even when she didn’t. Shannon grew up in Louisiana. She was an only child from a broken home. Her father came […]

The Choices We Make

The Choices We Make A Reflection on The Choices We Make Matt. 7:12-14 By Deacon David Hockwalt The Choices We Make. This gospel is about choices. The choice to live a life of their pagan occupiers or according to Jewish law and faith. They faced dilemmas whether to pay the Roman tax or be tied […]

Testimony of Heather King

Testimony of Heather King Heather King is a Los Angeles based writer, blogger, and speaker. Heather was raised on the coast of New Hampshire. She is the oldest of eight children from a Protestant family. She was considered the intelligent one with lots of drive. She is an ex-lawyer, a contemplative and Catholic convert. Heather […]

Testimony of Fr. Sidney Speaks

Testimony of Fr. Sidney Speaks Fr. Sidney Speaks grew up in Baltimore, MD. He was the firstborn of a large family with a devout Catholic mother and an alcoholic father. He first heard the call to the priesthood while doing his chores vacuuming at the age of 11. He ignored the call as he pursued […]

Testimony of Casey Sprehe

Testimony of Casey Sprehe Testimony of Casey Sprehe. Casey’s first experience of the Holy Spirit was as a teenager while attending a Retreat. She knew something was very different as she observed the attendees praising God. She discovered it was having a relationship with our Lord. Casey encountered Christ as never before and returned home […]

Testimony of Amy Del Valle

Testimony of Amy Del Valle Testimony of Amy Del Valle. Amy Del Valle grew up in New York in a culturally Jewish home.  She was the oldest of three children and had a younger sister and brother. Family life was very dysfunctional. Her parents divorced when she was 8 yrs. old and there was a […]

Question about Paying Taxes

Question about Paying Taxes A Moment in Scripture- The Question about Paying Taxes Mk. 12:13-17 By Deacon David Hockwalt Question about Paying Taxes. This scripture shows the greatness of Jesus. Two enemies join forces: the Herodians and the Pharisees. They try to entrap Jesus by setting up a lose-lose situation. Taxes were a hot button […]

Testimony of Ashley Stevens

Testimony of Ashley Stevens Ashley Stevens was born outside of Philadelphia, PA. She was raised as a Methodist and was baptized at age 7. At age 9, her family moved to Oakridge, TN. Ashley’s young years were filled with sports activities and the family rarely had time for church. When Ashley entered high school, she […]

Testimony of Fr. Joseph Droessler

Testimony of Fr. Joseph Droessler Testimony of Fr. Joseph Droessler. Fr. Joseph Droessler is a diocesan priest of Orange, well known for his charism of preaching and many other gifts of the Holy Spirit. He is a native of Orange County and the seventh of eight children. His priestly formation includes years of study at […]

God is Calling You

God is Calling You ~ Thoughts and Ponderings Did God choose Me? By Mary Wilson God is Calling You. Mary Wilson shares a scripture from John 15:16. “You did not choose me; I chose you and appointed you to go bear fruit that will remain.” He chose you for a purpose with a plan in […]

Testimony of Lu Cortese

Testimony of Lu Cortese Testimony of Lu Cortese. Lu is the founder and Executive Director of St. Ignatius Retreat Association, St. Joseph Catholic Radio, and IHS Productions. What started 25 years ago as an at-home apostolate is now a worldwide radio and evangelization ministry heard on EWTN Radio and Catholic radio affiliates throughout the country […]

Testimony of Sharon Lee

Testimony of Sharon Lee Testimony of Sharon Lee. Sharon Lee, a former Ms. San Diego County runner-up to Ms. California, left showbusiness at the height of her success to pursue a higher purpose. Believing that she had found the true way to serve God through channeled spirits and the new age bible known as ‘The […]

Testimony of Annette Baber

Testimony of Annette Baber Testimony of Annette Baber. Annette was born into an Orthodox Jewish family. She was the oldest of five children the little mother of the family. Her parents were very loving. She grew up in Iowa.  Her grandparents lived with them. Her grandfather gave her a blessing when she was three years […]

The Obedient Son

The Obedient Son A Moment with Scripture-8:21-30-By Deacon David Hockwalt The Obedient Son. This gospel highlights the misunderstanding between Jesus and the Pharisees. It is based on the fact that they are coming from two different perspectives. The Pharisees are in this earthly world, and Jesus is from heaven, above. The Pharisees cannot understand Jesus […]

Testimony of Donna Ross

Testimony of Donna Ross Testimony of Donna Ross. After a wonderful 25-year career, Donna left the Magic Kingdom of Disney in 1994 to work for the Eternal Kingdom of God. The Lord enriched her natural gifts with supernatural grace and called her into full-time ministry to his beloved Church. Much to her surprise, many of […]

Working on the Sabbath

Working on the Sabbath A Moment with Scripture- Jn. 5:1-18 By Deacon David Hockwalt Working on the Sabbath. Jesus had gone up to Jerusalem, where there was a pool known as Bethesda. These waters were thought to have curative power. Jesus sees a paralytic at the pool of Bethesda that had been ill for a […]

Testimony of Lily Loh

Testimony of Lily Loh Lily Loh was born in China, the youngest daughter of 10 children from a devout Buddhist family. Her amazing conversion story to Catholicism has led her through four continents with an innate awareness that God was always watching over her. Lily’s family moved from China to avoid Communism when she was […]

Testimony of Rosalind Moss

Testimony of Rosalind Moss Testimony of Rosalind Moss, Sr. Miriam of the Lamb of God Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God, as she is now called, is known to many in the Catholic world. Born and raised in a Jewish home in Brooklyn, New York, Rosalind Moss embraced Jesus as the Messiah of the […]

Leaven Pharisees

Leaven Pharisees ~ A Moment In Scripture Join us for Leaven Pharisees with Deacon David Hockwalt as he discusses Mk. 8:14-21 Leaven Pharisees. If there is one, this story’s theme is ‘missing the point.’ The disciples forgot to bring bread with them. Jesus reminded them of the multiplication miracles they witnessed. The disciples did not […]

Sandy Ourso

Sandy Ourso Sandy Ourso was born in Shreveport, LA, where she spent her early years. She attended Baptist church services every Sunday till she was 15 yrs. old. She received a wonderful foundation in her faith. The world’s cares lured her away from the boredom of church services. At the age of 20, she was […]

Passion Prophecy Two

Passion Prophecy Two ~ Episode A Moment in Scripture:  Passion Prophesy Two, the Second Prophecy of the Passion Mk.9:30-37 By Deacon David Hockwalt Jesus and the disciples are making their way from Galilee to Jerusalem. Jesus is privately instructing them in the final and most intensive part of their formation. The first part of instruction […]

Testimony of Pat Turbitt

Testimony of Pat Turbitt Pat Turbitt, devoted wife, mother and grandmother, registered nurse, and gifted speaker. She organizes and directs weekend retreats for women. With her husband, Donald conducts parish missions and pilgrimages to Europe. Together, they have a preaching, teaching, and healing ministry in Europe through Renewal Ministries. Pat is the founding  Coordinator of […]

Testimony of Debra Herbeck

Debra Herbeck ~ Testimony Debra Herbeck has worked extensively in youth and women’s ministries for the past 25 yrs., evangelizing on college campuses, speaking at high school youth conferences, directing youth camps, and mentoring high school and college-age women. She has spoken at Franciscan University women’s and youth conferences and women’s events throughout the country. […]

Testimony of Dana Rosemary Scallon

Testimony of Dana Rosemary Scallon Dana Rosemary Scallon (born Rosemary Brown; on 30 August 1951, known professionally as Dana, is an Irish singer. While still a schoolgirl, she won the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest with “All Kinds of Everything.” Scallon was born Rosemary Brown in Islington, London, one of seven children. In December 1969, Tom […]

Lord of the Sabbath-Deacon David Hockwalt

Lord of the Sabbath DEACON DAVID HOCKWALT is an ordained a Permanent Deacon in the Diocese of San Bernardino in 2012. He continues in active ministry today and is the spiritual advisor to the vicariate Life in the Spirit team. This is a brief podcast ~ A Moment of Scripture-Mk.2:23-28 by Deacon David Hockwalt We […]

Testimony of Fr. Raymond Skonezny

Testimony of Fr. Raymond Skonezny Father Raymond Skonezny served in the United States Navy. In 1952, on Dec. 23rd, 1961. Father Ray completed postgraduate studies for degrees in Theology and biblical studies in Rome. After serving many years in parish life, he retired at St. John Newman in Irvine, CA. He exemplifies the beauty of […]

Testimony of Mary Ann Shields

Testimony of Mary Ann Shields The testimony of Mary Ann Shields from Orange Co, CA., will inspire you! As you listen to another wonderful Magnificat Ministry presentation, think about who would benefit from hearing this audio. Mary Ann Shields, also known professionally as Mary Ann Shulte, is a nationally recognized executive, accounting consultant, and humanitarian. […]

Testimony of Bonnie Hardey

Back in 1990, Bonnie’s family life was great. Her husband was a physician, they had two children and lived in a lovely home. Bonnie shares a series of events that changed everything and that was just the beginning of her faith journey. Bonnie Hardey’s story is about the love of the cross, about its blessings […]