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Meet the Host of Seriously Shauna PodcastWelcome to the world of Seriously Shauna! In this inaugural episode we meet the host of the show, Shauna Lopez (the shows name and hers are no coincidence!).

During our time together this week, we get to know Shauna and her family and learn the importance of a good education. More importantly, we learn how she navigates the rigors of Kindergarten, while prematurely celebrating her eldest teenagers High School graduation.

Think you know the importance of such things? You won’t want to miss the nuggets of mediocre wisdom given within this episode…

We also see a glimpse into the blessings of being married to an electronic man for more than twenty years.  From surviving a wedding in Mexico, to keeping a running tab on her husbands television purchases.

This episode contains pivotal information that lays the groundwork for all shenanigans to come, so don’t miss a minute!


Do you have a Kindergarten story that is a must share with Shauna? Have you been invited to a Kindergarten graduation? We want to hear from you! Email her at


Is your husband addicted to buying televisions? Or does he have a different prized possession? Are YOU a husband how buys an inordinate amount of electronic devices? Tell Shauna your story! Email us at:


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  1. I’m with you on kindergarten graduations, what’s the point?
    Don’t even get me started on promposals, if a girl has to be asked BIG to go to a dance just how BIG will her marriage proposal have to be? Can’t wait to hear your next podcast!

  2. Yes with the teaching reading!!! It’s the worst! 🤣

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