Monday Morning Quarterback

Here’s my top ten ways to help us become an active player in life instead of a regretful Monday morning quarterback. In the same way a quarterback replays the game over and over in their mind, as if thinking about it could somehow change the outcome, we do the same with decisions in our everyday lives.  “Why did I do that?  If only I had of done this instead…” Continually battling this topic myself, here’s my top ten ways to help us become an active player in life instead of a regretful Monday morning quarterback.

  1. Be confident that God will use regret to renew. – If we allow Him, He will put back everything we lost and then some. God has this way of taking our mistakes and making something beautiful out of it.
  2. Make it right.- Where some bad decisions are choices we made that affected us, others are choices we made that affected other people.  In those cases, either intentionally or not, we need to do the right thing and own up to it. Apologize and try and heal the hurt. It will provide peace over the offense, stopping it from becoming a haunting regret.
  3. Simplify our minds.- As you are minimizing your To-Do list in hopes of a refreshed spirit or renewed peace of mind, don’t forget to take off the weight of carrying around your past mistakes. Regrets we don’t let go of will prevent us from enjoying the present and keep us still connected to the hurt.
  4. Focus on the present- Ask yourself, “Are the decisions I make TODAY, ones that evoke love and peace?” “Are they choices that have the intent to make not only my life better but those around me as well?” Keep your mind focused on the HERE and NOW and make sure your intention is pure.
  5. Forgive yourself.- Be careful not to get so overwhelmed with the failure that it leads to self-destruction and prevents you from experiencing joy.
  6. Work on being decisive.- A large part of regrets happen because of two reasons. One…we don’t really KNOW ourselves well enough to understand which decision would’ve been better for us and two we don’t have the confidence that what we choose was what we needed.  Take some time and figure out what makes you giddy inside, what keeps you going when times get tough…what produces real joy in your soul.  Once you figure this out, go back to your list when you need to make a decision.  If one of your choices doesn’t align with what you’ve discovered about yourself, then that is NOT the right option for you.
  7. Be grateful- When we do have something in our lives that we wished we had of done differently, we learn.  The key is to open your ears and listen.  Listen to what it taught you and be grateful for the lesson.
  8. Be proactive- Now that you really know what makes you tick, take that energy and channel it into one of your passions. Keeping the energy focused on the regret keeps you actively engaged to the mistake.  Once you stop and do something productive that will leave the world around you in a better place, you’ve placed the regret right where it should be…squashed completely in the ground.
  9. Limit your talk- Be careful what you say because your words have power. The more you talk about your past mistakes the more you’ve given it life and the bigger the voice becomes. Choose words that bring about blessing and favor.
  10. Remember what the Lord says- Don’t waste your time doing something that doesn’t matter when your life is over because beyond all the regrets on this Earth, nothing compares to the regret we will experience if we miss Jesus.


Life is a game of wins and losses.  It’s a game that at times we are a leader coaching from the sidelines where as other times we’re running down the field with five guys on our back.  It’s hours of preparing and practicing so that we know ourselves well enough to make those quick decisions all while keeping the final goal in mind.  It’s sometimes having to receive the ball and take a chance to run it in while other times having to decipher when to pass it off to someone else.  It’s a game that if played with God by your side, won’t result in being a Monday morning quarterback.  Instead, the losses you’ve endured will become game clinching playbooks for a Super Bowl lifetime of wins.


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