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You’ve come to the right place. My name is Felice Gerwitz and I’m your host on The Life Faith Hope Podcast. We’ll talk about life struggles, faith, relationships,  family and whatever the Lord brings my way. One thing you can be sure of … I will share helpful solutions and encourage you along your journey of life! I hope to share joyful and encouraging stories and the hope that comes only from faith in the one true God!

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Life Faith Hope Podcast Posts

Invitation To Hope (Replay)

Invitation To Hope – Introduction Episode One Do you need an invitation to hope? Well, I did and I’m convinced that everyone has a story to tell. Every single one of us struggles yet we don’t want anyone to know about it. We want to paint a rosy picture and let everyone know we are […]

Parents As First Responders

Parents As First Responders ~ Episode 37 Parents are first responders to the needs of their children, but they are also spiritual first responders. They are people who are ready to share the good news with others. Today I have a special guest, Lt. Tommy Neiman who has spent his life literally rescuing others as […]

Power of Motherhood

Power of Motherhood ~ Episode 36 The power of motherhood can not be denied, and behind every powerful person in our world is a Mom. In this episode, we will discuss the powerful legacy moms leave. Thanks to our sponsor – a wonderful math curriculum for kids. Check out the website for more information. […]

Family First

Family First – Family The Bedrock of Society – Episode 35 Societies have broken apart because family first has been forgotten, and as the bedrock of society has been neglected. In this episode, we discuss how families can now take back your kids! My special guest is Denise Mira. Visit Denise at her website at […]

Power of Fatherhood – Dad is Destiny

Power of Fatherhood Dad is Destiny – Episode 34 We forget that the power of fatherhood that Dad is destiny. The modern culture in which we live may not agree with this but we find that there is so much good that comes from families with strong dads. Don’t be lied to – listen to […]

Children Are A Blessing

Children Are A Blessing Episode 33 with Denise Mira Are the children in your life a blessing? For many of us we do not realize the impact our children can have on society and in the lives of so many people. Felice Gerwitz and Denise Mira discuss the blessings and the hardships. Visit Denise Mira […]

Blessed Is She Who Believes

Blessed Is She Who Believes Episode 32 with Denise Mira Faith helps us tremendously in this very volatile world, and blessed is she who believes that God can help! We will discuss various aspects of faith and how we look at our lives in light of what God can do for us! Visit Denise Mira […]

Longing For Significance

Longing For Significance – Having an Impact as a Mom ~ Episode 31 with Denise Mira Are you longing for significance while drowning in the daily struggles of the anonymous parenting world? In this episode, Felice Gerwitz and Denise Mira discuss how you are important and have value! Join us for the truth of motherhood, […]

Praying Moms

Praying Moms ~ Episode 30 with Lucia Claborn Are you ready to pray effectively? Well, praying Moms are those of us who don’t stop even in the face of great odds. Today my special guest Lucia Claborn will share how the Lord totally changed her life from a non-believer to one who loves the Lord […]

Trusting God For Your Family Size

Trusting God For Your Family Size Episode 29 with Cindy Rushton Today I want to talk about trusting God for your family size with our special guest who understands the meaning of heartbreak! Cindy Rushton has a strong Christian faith that has sustained her and shares some very important points with you! Meet Cindy Rushton […]

Joyful Family Celebrations

Joyful Family Celebrations Episode 28 Joyful family celebrations take planning. No matter what time of the year we are in we can find ourselves overwhelmed! In this episode of One More Child Podcast, we will discuss how to look for the good in our family life. Thanks to our sponsor – The Star Movie – […]

Pro-Life Minsitry

Pro-life Ministry with Fr. Pavone Episode 27 Have you wanted to help the pro-life ministry? What can you do with love and compassion? With today’s special guest is Father Frank Pavone known for his work with Priests For Life, he shares ways we can be involved to help bring in the culture of life. Thanks […]

Pro-Life & Family

Pro-Life and Family Episode 26 with Special Guest Fr. Frank Pavone Education in the pro-life family with the expert in this movement. In this episode, we are going to discuss the history of the pro-life movement and why we need to learn the importance of the ministry for life and what we are up against. […]

Mega Planning

Season of Joy! Mega Planning ~ Episode 24 Ready to get your life organized, it is time for mega planning. It is a season of joy, no matter what time of the year, but more so near the holidays. With this season comes stress! One of the best ways to relieve stress is to plan […]

Season of Hope

Season of Hope Episode 23 We are approaching a season of hope! Here are five things to really help you to reduce the stress, make a quick plan and get rid of those things that cause you to feel overwhelmed. Get ready to enjoy any season, with these five easy to answer questions. I was […]

Authoritative Parenting

Authoritative Parenting ~ Episode 22 I first heard the term, “authoritative parenting” when glancing at an article and seeing that it fit pretty closely to my parenting style. It’s not easy to parent today, because there is a blog, a tv show or your neighbor, relative or best friend who knows of a better way. […]

Daily Joy

How do you start the day with daily joy? Some days it is easier than others, but in this podcast, I’ll share ways that are helpful and will encourage you to begin with a smile. Shh! It is contagious. Episode 21 – Daily Joy Thanks to our sponsor, – where you can find Christian […]

Fruit Of The Spirit In Families

Fruit of the Spirit In Families ~ Episode 20 Does your family need the Fruit of the Spirit in your lives? Join me and a special guest, Deanna Bartalini, the author of “Invite the Holy Spirit Into Your Life,” and shares with us how you can encourage spiritual growth in yourself and in your family. […]

Taming the Tongue

Taming The Tongue – Episode 18 In James 3:3 he talks about the power of the tongue. In this episode, Felice discusses how some of us need a good dose of taming the tongue in our everyday lives. Can you imagine a world where we are encouraged and uplifted, it can be done and it […]

5 Characteristics of Healthy Families

5 Characteristics of Healthy Families Episode 17 Being open to having more kids comes with understanding the characteristics of healthy families. There are five main characteristics we will focus upon as well as realistic goals to achieve peace and harmony, what parents and children both crave. Thanks to our sponsor! Opening nationwide on August 23, OVERCOMER dares […]

Raising Great Kids In One Easy Lesson

Raising Great Kids In One Easy Lesson! Episode 16 We want to raise great kids that we are proud of, let’s face it isn’t that hard, or is it? In today’s podcast, we discuss raising great kids and how it really can be done in one easy lesson! Thanks to today’s sponsor – OvercomerMovie – […]

Mindful Kids

Mindful Kids – Teaching Kids To Be Present Episode 15 Being present for your kids and having mindful kids is the topic of today’s podcast. The last episode of One More Child Podcast we discussed mindfulness and being present. Thanks to our sponsor, Media Angels, Inc. check out the latest book One More Child on […]

Mindfulness – Being In The Present Moment

Mindfulness – Being In The Present Moment – Episode 14 By a God-incident, I recently stumbled upon an audio book on mindfulness, being in the present moment. It spoke to me in a way that I can not describe. Parts of the book had cautioned that we might not be happy with what we were […]

Faith, Family And Holy Spirit

Faith and Family Episode 13 When my faith in the Lord grew I knew I was a new creation, but I didn’t realize the effect of faith and family as a life-changing event. In this episode, I will share how my faith in the Lord caused my husband and I to grow from trusting ourselves […]

Vasectomy Reversal Reality

Vasectomy Reversal Reality – Episode Open to life was a term I never heard of before but that became the outcome when the vasectomy reversal reality hit. Being open to life described our openness to more children in our family as well as a realization that life is precious and that means all life. The […]

Family Size Struggles

Family Size Struggles Episode 11 Family size is something you discuss at different times in your life. And, if you have other struggles in your life it may add additional pressure to your decisions. Have you struggled with family size? In this episode, we delve into this topic with faith as our foundation. Thanks to […]

Parenting Under Trial

Parenting Under Trial – Episode 10 Parenting under trial happens to most at some time or another. Parenting, in general, is a skill not for the faint at heart, but when you add a child with some developmentally delayed or ill child the answers can be elusive. Thanks to our sponsor Media Angels and the […]

Marriage Under Trial

Marriage Under Trial – A True Test of Love: Episode 9 Marriage under trial happens each day. This can be due to finances, or family issues such as health and in these cases, the pressure just becomes even more difficult. In this episode, we learn the true test is not what you think. Thanks to […]

God Provides In Our Grief

God Provides In Our Grief God provides in the midst of our grief. In this episode, I give you some real-life examples but also ways you can see the hand of God in your life when you don’t think he is here. Thanks to our sponsor Media Angels, Inc. – visit the website at […]


Unplanned ~ Episode 7 My life was going well until something unplanned happened. Life keeps twisting and turning. In this episode, we discuss how we as Christians can stand together when life happens. The movie unplanned has had a ripple effect upon the general population both for and against. It is the turn of the […]

Handling Devastating News

Handling Devastating News – Episode 6 In life, at some point we must deal with handling devastating news – in this episode, I share moments from life and lessons I learned and the hope we all have that today’s devasting news is our future praise report! I had a boy and a girl – and […]

Marriage With Children

Marriage with Children – Happily Ever After Episode 5 I didn’t dream of marriage with children in the sense of planning for this day, yet when it came I was open and excited to the possibilities. Many of you listening are married – and perhaps some of you are considering marriage. Each of us has […]


Loneliness  – Episode 4 Loneliness hit me just as I realized, “I’m now an adult.” In this episode, I share some life lessons I learned along the way to adulthood and how we are never alone. After graduation, I returned to my home town and while my parents were truly loving, and they had the […]


Survival — Episode 3 When I think of the word survival I think of the term, “Survival of the fittest.” We survive life’s curves in different ways. We look at things during different lenses and I hope after the last podcast you are looking at your family roots with a focus on the positive. In […]

Family Roots

Family Roots – Episode Two Have you studied your family roots? We all have a history we are either proud of or want to shove back in the closet. In today’s episode, I’ll share how we can use our heritage to our advantage and bring healing out of situations that truthfully should make us cry! In […]

Invitation To Hope

Invitation To Hope – Introduction Episode One Do you need an invitation to hope? Well, I did and I’m convinced that everyone has a story to tell. Every single one of us struggles yet we don’t want anyone to know about it. We want to paint a rosy picture and let everyone know we are […]