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Peaceful Families | Next to world peace, we want peace within families! I’ve heard horror stories of siblings not talking to each other for years and in this episode, we will pray for broken families and those who are lost to the hope of Jesus. | #ChristianPodcast #podcastPeace Within Families Episode 118

Next to world peace, we want peace within families! I’ve heard horror stories of siblings not talking to each other for years, and in this episode, we will pray for broken families and those who are lost to the hope of Jesus.

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Peace on earth – peace be with you – peace within families goes hand-in-hand. I sometimes marvel that we want world peace, but those born with the same parents sometimes can’t get along! Of course, there are many psychological reasons that this happens, but truthfully, the real reasons are not so complex if we think about it.

I’ve created podcasts on forgiveness, and sometimes, it is the hurt and the unforgiveness that keeps people apart. One of the biggest problems I see among families is the inability to communicate.

We get upset, our feelings get hurt, we can’t understand, we are floored, and we are … well, fill in the blanks. We’ve all had arguments with those we love – and the more you love, the harder it is sometimes to keep from getting hurt. We wear our hearts on our sleeves, especially those of us who are parents, and we hope that our kids and our grandkids will see that we love them. But seeing is often tricky when our actions may show something different.

How do we show we love? For different people, it is in different ways – two quick examples for me are doing something, baking you cookies, having you over for a meal, opening my home, or well-doing. For my husband, it is time – and it is kindness. But peace is something that transcends doing!

John 16:33

Peace is the feeling of being protected and safe, and, most of all, it happens when we feel people understand us. That is why, without good communication within families, it will fall apart! With God, we talk, and He listens – very rarely do we hear the Lord … but when we do, whether through the Word, a friend, or in prayer, it may not be what we want to hear.

God is our haven. In God, we are guaranteed peace. Matthew 11:28: “Come to me, all weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

But back to peace within families – how do we achieve this? Especially in the toxic climate in which we, as Americans, live – and at the time of this recording! I’ve heard of family members who avoid getting together for the holidays because they do not want to get into heated discussions!

So, friends, here are some things to pray about if we want peace!

  1. Pray for the Lord to shower those you love and are family members with love that surpasses all understanding. Philippians 4:7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
  2. Listen: when others talk, listen and pray for discernment – and Proverbs 1:5 Let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance—
  3. Pray to do God’s will – whether that is to comfort or love. We don’t have to agree, but we can do what God would do – maybe not agree but love.

Only God can love unconditionally, but I believe that as family members, we have a special grace from God to forgive if we allow ourselves to be humbled and realize we are not perfect! I know hard to do and easy to say –

So, Let’s Pray for His Divine Grace.

Dear Jesus, I pray for peace within my family. I know You love me all the time with your unconditional love, and I ask for the Divine grace to love those who have hurt me and ask that those I have hurt forgive me. Lord, I don’t want to conform or be less than I am; I want to be a shining star that shows Your love to others. I want to reflect Your light, and I want to be the one who plants the seeds for You to reap. I ask my God that you bless those I pray for and specifically for their needs … Thank Jesus for all you have done for my family and for the peace and joy that we will feel – and I pray this in Jesus, precious Name. Amen.


  1. There seems to be a relation between nonviolence in families and peaceful countries in general. Austrian peace researcher Franz Jedlicka has compared data about violence against children with the Global Peace Index and Valerie Hudson (and co authors) has examined the linkage between domestic violence against women and armed conflict. A “culture of peace” really must start in the families …


    • I agree with this, and we can pray, but we can also do things such as homeschooling or placing children into good Christian schools while still being active as parents. No one can replace parent’s love and attention.

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