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planning time for GodPlanning Time For God Podcast #3

Have you ever wondered how you can really love someone you’ve never met? It might seem tricky at first, but the answer is pretty simple—get to know them! Just like making a new friend, you spend time with them, talk to them, and learn about their likes and dislikes.

Now, think about this in terms of God. We often hear that God loves us, but how can we love Him back if we feel like we don’t know Him? The key is to spend time with God, just like you would with a new friend.

In today’s episode, we’re going to explore the wonderful love God has for us and how we can get to know Him better. When you spend time with someone, you learn more about who they are, and the same goes for God. By reading stories from the Bible, praying, or just talking to Him about your day, you start to build a connection.

Prayer is like having a direct chat with God.

You can thank Him, ask for help, or even tell Him about things that worry you. Reading the Bible helps too because it’s like reading letters from a friend. The Bible tells us about God’s personality, His plans, and how much He cares for us.

Another great way to feel closer to God is by spending time in nature or listening to music that makes you think of Him. These moments can help you feel His presence and love more deeply.

So, remember, getting to know God is like getting to know a new friend. The more time you spend with Him, the closer you’ll feel. Let’s take this journey together and learn how deep and amazing God’s love for us is!

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Thanks to our sponsor, Media Angels, Inc. A Few Minutes with God, The Journey Begins

a few minutes with God

Thanks to our sponsor, Media Angels, Inc. A Few Minutes with God, The Journey Begins

a few minutes with God


Show Notes: Planning Time For God

  1. Can you love someone you don’t know?
  2. What is the best way to get to know someone?
  3. How is your faith strengthened in prayers?


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