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Promises of Christ | How can we believe anything Jesus said? Why are the promises of Christ real? Why should you care? This podcast will explore whether this is the truth and how we can apply it | #christianpodcast #catholicpodcast #Godandmercy #mercifulGod #PromisesofChristPromises of Christ ~ Episode ~ 270

How can we believe anything Jesus said? Why are the promises of Christ real? Why should you care? This podcast will explore whether this is true and how we can apply it to our lives?

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We know that words have power. We know that manipulation comes from those who are good with words. Words are used for good, and words are used for evil. The value of a word depends on who is saying those words. Is it someone you trust, respect, or hold dear? Or is it a stranger? If it is the latter, you can be sure you will consider the weight of those words less effective. How do you feel when you hear the news or something on social media? That’s right, we are suspicious, especially since we’ve been lied to and let down.

However, we know, especially as Christians, that there is someone who will never let us down, and that is Christ. Jesus is man and God, totally. He came into this world and lived, followed by apostles. Jesus preached to the people, healing and casting out demons.

We can trust the words of our Lord. Jesus did not have a sinful nature; he never sinned and can not lie; he only speaks the truth. God is righteous, and He does not change. We are taught He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. There is no time with God the Father, Son, and Spirit. God has infinite wisdom. And God loved his creation so much that he taught and warned them when they sinned.

Promises are powerful, and those promises come within words that can be used to convince and change our hearts, which is why the Holy Bible is a powerful tool. We read Scripture, and we are changed. There are entire books on the promises of Christ, but in this podcast, I want to focus on three.

First, what happens when Almighty God speaks a word? When God spoke, the world came into being. We read this in the account of Genesis. Genesis 1, take out your Bibles and read the words of Creation. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…”

We read repeatedly that when God spoke, amazing things happened. John 1:1-3  one of my favorite ever Scripture verses (read on air).

There are so many more promises of God throughout the Old Testament. Yet, time and time again, the covenant with Abraham is remembered through Moses, the descendants of David, and so forth. Yet, through all of these examples, what do we learn? That men are tempted to sin and disregard the promises of God.

There are so many things we can read about the promises of Christ – here are a few of my favorites.

Promises of Christ -Hope and Everlasting Life. A gift to humanity

John 3: 16-21 (read on air). “For God so loved the world…” This is such a fulfillment of good vs. evil, which will we choose. Jesus promised us many things, but we continue exposing ourselves to darkness instead of light. The lure of darkness is great. I once heard a teaching about the Christian law of physics that it is easier to be pulled down by a non-Christian than for a Christian to lift a non-Christian. Impossible, no, challenging, yes. This scripture explains why in a nutshell.

Christ is our Good Shepherd –

Read all of John 10:1-15 – Jesus promises to be the gate through which we enter, to save us, to give us life and have it to the full, he promises to lay down his life for us, and that he knows us. Wow. to be known, to be seen; that is what our Lord does for us.

John 10: 7-15 (Read on air) Jesus is the Good Shepherd!

The Father is revealed to the Son:

In Matthew 11 – we read about Jesus as he instructs his disciples, but what is eye-opening is that in the place where there were so many miracles performed, we read in Matthew 11; 5-6

Yet further down in Matthew 11:20, Jesus condemns the towns that even though they witnessed these miracles, they were unrepentant. They did not change, so there would be a judgment upon them.

Jesus gives us rest:

If we do change and are repentant, what are we promised? Matthew 11: 28-30. Jesus asks us to come to Him! (read on air).

Jesus gives us eternal life:

John 10:25-30 – Jesus promises to give us eternal life

He promises to make a place for us in his Father’s house

Are we guaranteed heaven? Jesus gives us a roadmap of belief in Him with an ultimate goal of heaven.

John 14:1-5 (read on air) “Do not let your hearts be troubled…”

So what can we do? We can believe that Jesus promises to be the Good Shepherd, to see us, really to see us and know us, to give us rest when we are struggling, to give us eternal life, and to go ahead of us and prepare a place for us in heaven. What a beautiful gift. And this is just a tiny bit of the promises Jesus gives us!

The following podcast is about holding on to our faith when we struggle and have problems.  We keep reminding ourselves that God is righteous and He does care. We cast our worries upon the Lord. In Matthew 6:31-34 we read (on air). Isn’t that right? Each day does hold its troubles, but with Jesus, we are assured help.

In this, we remember, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” While we do not put God into a neat and tidy box, we believe the Words to be true. First, we seek God’s kingdom.

This week, list the promises in Scripture that resonate with you and will sustain you through this life. It helps to memorize them and remind yourself when you are low or feeling down that God is the God of life and truth, and we must have faith.

Friends, we are not alone. God has promised us everlasting life, and I believe. Amen.


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