Raising Great Kids In One Easy Lesson

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Raising Great Kids | We want to raise great kids that we are proud of, let’s face it isn’t that hard, or is it? In today’s podcast, we discuss raising great kids and how it really can be done in one easy lesson! | #podcast #christianfamilies #greatkids #parenting #UCPNRaising Great Kids In One Easy Lesson! Episode 16

We want to raise great kids that we are proud of, let’s face it isn’t that hard, or is it? In today’s podcast, we discuss raising great kids and how it really can be done in one easy lesson!

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I’ve parented since 1980 when my first child was born. If you do the math you can see it is quite a few years. My five children are all different, and my eight grandchildren have the same trait, they are unique. So what do parents do with all of these different little personalities God has gifted them with?

From my experience with my own children, teaching other children and speaking to hundreds of parents of children it is one of two things with everything in between. We spoil them, we are harsh disciplinarians or we fall somewhere right of center, or left of center, or the worse, in the center.

Raising Great Kids by Example

In a nutshell, if you want to raise great kids it takes modeling good behavior and dealing with bad behavior. I believe that God created man to be good, his Creation (read Genesis) was all about seeing that what He created was good. Sure we are tempted and sure our kids tend to protect self over others, but if we believe our kids have goodness in them, that is helpful!

We must model the behavior and encourage our children to do the same. We want our children to have honorable values, be respectful, love God, and be happy.

The problems begin to happen when we don’t correct behavior that is not acceptable. I think one of the biggest issues is when kids lie. I know for some of us lying is the ultimate sin and we can’t handle it when our kids are less than truthful. But what about us? Do we lie? Do we always tell our kids the truth?

The erosion begins when our kids hear things (and our kids have great hearing when they want to!) and they begin to lie.

Have you ever caught your child in a lie and they vehemently argue that you are wrong? (Story about being a kid and this happening to me.) It was a God moment in my life.

Issues with Raising Great Kids May Stem From:

  1. Uncorrected behavior
  2. Making excuses for our kids
  3. Being too understanding

Our kids will soon learn that they can get away bad behavior and that my friends is why we see kids that are brats, we especially see this in other people’s children!

Take a hard look, and look within:

  1. Can your children handle disappointment?
  2. How do your kids do when you discipline them?
  3. Is your child me focused?
  4. Does your child blame others?
  5. Does your child take responsibility or apologize?

Look at yourself:

  1. Do you deal with lies for example when they happen?
  2. Do you have a clear cut disciplinary procedure?
  3. Do you make excuses for misbehavior to yourself or others?
  4. Do you blame others?
  5. Do you expect your child to make restitution?

If your children are little that is the best time to begin teaching our children the difference between right and wrong. We should never discipline in anger. Our kids need to realize we love them but we will not put up with bad behavior. Yes, talk to your children but be sure there is a punishment that will deter future problems. I usually pray when I am at a loss of what to do! Prayer has helped me tremendously in dealing with situations that I felt were out of my control or I felt the usual discipline wasn’t going to work.

The idea of discipline is to get better results, so if the results are not changing you need a change!

You cannot raise great kids alone, it takes being on your knees and understanding that ultimately God is in charge! God gave us these blessings and He handpicked YOU as the perfect parent for your child, whether you believe this or not you are the perfect parent. We all make mistakes but each day is a new day!



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