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How can we resist evil when it is all around us?Resist Evil – Episode 190

How can we resist evil when it is all around us? During certain times of the year, the stores are filled with spooky sounds and scary voices that are used in homes and businesses to celebrate a day that I try to avoid!

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People say that making fun of evil is what they are doing, but is this true is is it embracing and enjoying the idea of scaring others? I was in the store when a little girl was so fearful and her mother kept bringing her back to the spooky display. The little girl looked at me with fear in her eyes, and I said to her, “I agree with you, sweetie – I don’t like it either.”

The mom was a little put-off and she told me in her defense that she was trying to show her daughter there was nothing to be afraid of – and I shared my take on the situation. That while she was trying to desensitize her daughter the opposite was happening, and that God puts in our souls a desire for what is good and holy – and obviously her daughter had a built-in sense of fear of evil… the mom shared that she was a Christian and had not looked at the situation in this way.

Sometimes it takes an outsider to point out the obvious – and whatever the case is whether or not you celebrate certain holidays the main point here is that God has given us a spirit not of fear but of sound mind.

2 Timothy 1:7. …”for God did not give us a spirit of cowardice, but rather a spirit of power and of love and of self-discipline.”

A few weeks ago I recorded a show on avoiding sin, but this one is so much stronger in the sense that resisting evil is something we are often unaware of!

Recently I was listening to a video [the link is in the show notes YouTube Avoiding The Enemy here… the pastor talked about ways we can let the door open to evil – and some of the ways are very surprising, and others not so much. The obvious ones are to avoid séances, tarot card readings, or crystal balls – using crystals or other practices, avoiding occult games.

These seem like no-brainers but on a recent trip to St. Louis outside of a beautiful Catholic Church in what is known as the French Quarter, there were tables set up with people doing these things. It was horrible! People were paying money to have someone tell them about their futures, which are all lies only God knows the future, and no one else. These people were opening the door to evil. Not only that, people were paying tour guides to tell them places where ghosts could be found! People were eating this up … why is it there is a fascination with evil when we should be avoiding it! I believe it is because as the mother was trying to do with her little girl – we are being desensitized.

  1. Many people do not really believe evil exists. Greatest lies of the enemy.
  2. People think even if it does exist it is harmless fun.
  3. Entertainment is filled with evil and the occult.
  4. School libraries contain books with evil chants and stories.
  5. People think that yoga and other exercises rooted in Eastern mysticism are perfectly fine.

I remember someone telling me that they loved a very popular talk show host and this person was rooted in Eastern mysticism, and had at one time been a Christian but abandoned her Christian roots long ago. This friend loved how this person made them feel – and that in itself is a warning. When we place our trust in man over God (not saying she did –but just as a general warning here) we are looking at the wrong place for our assurance.

The media is filled with stories that borderline entertainment with witchcraft or magic and, watching or reading books that can lead us into sin should be avoided. The same with certain exercises that many Christians think is perfectly fine. Yet these are all doors that open us up to eastern cultures that are deep-seated into other beliefs that are not Christian.

Christians fool themselves when they look at what they believe is a cultural trend of mediation and relaxation and put a Christian spin on it saying that the focus is on Christ or God – however, when something is rooted in another culture that leaves out God, then it is truly not something you should participate in, and prayerfully take before the Lord.

Even Jesus was tempted in the desert we read about this in Matthew 4, but what did He use as a rebuttal to the evil one? He used the Word of God that He had memorized in His heart

In the last episode on avoiding sin I recommended a playlist of Christian uplifting songs or scripture verses, and if you have not had time to do this yet this is something you can do that will help you keep on track. Sometimes it is better when we put our own verses together and really take the time to seek the Lord in prayer. If we are concerned or worried about something we can take it to Him.

Read Psalm 12

Let’s Pray –

Lord I want to avoid sin, I want to avoid evil and I want to fill my heart with every good thing that is of you my LORD – please help me as I live each day to give you all the glory and the honor that is due to you! Please, my Lord, I ask that you help me …. I ask also for the following prayers and petitions…. And I pray this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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