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It has been said, laughter is the best medicine for whatever ails you. Who among us hasn’t found this to be true? The world clutters our minds with heavy things, that require a major brain cleanse to reset! I am happy to say you have found the balm for your soul! While it’s true, time with me will likely not make your problems go away, it will help you to remember laughter is a necessary part of life.

I’m Shauna Lopez, host of Seriously Shauna podcast and a homeschool mom of five boys. I am a Christian speaker and entertainer.  I have lived through many trials and triumphs and have learned to find the funny in the ordinary. There is nothing better than enjoying a laugh amongst friends, especially when you’re having trouble finding anything to laugh about. Join me as we venture through the stuff of life, family, and things that make us all face palm.

Each week we will discuss the ridiculous things that happens to each of us and unite under the same banner – Funny is everywhere if you’re paying attention.

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Seriously Shauna Podcast Episodes:

The Doctor

Shauna has been out or range for two weeks and we are going to see just what she’s been up to. It’s not easy being middle age especially for high-risk people. Join us for the ride that won’t end. Shauna takes us through her latest adventure at the doctor’s office. There is no easy way […]


Halloween is this weekend and the world is a buzz. What will we do? How will our children be overloaded with piles of candy from perfect strangers? This is the topic we will discuss today on the Seriously Shauna program. It should come as no surprise that Shauna isn’t over-fond of other peoples’ kids. This […]

Rapunzel’s Tower

This week on the broadcast Shauna brings some interesting news to the program. It seems more of her neighbors are at it again. Why do these people keep living their lives, bent on impeding hers! We will discuss the very poor, shrewd choices her neighbors have made in the hopes of benefitting all.

Meeting Mellows Mom

This week on the program Shauna goes toe-to-toe with her nemesis – herself. Do you ever just let your idiocy shine for all the world to see? Shauna let’s her fool-flag fly in a major way. You really do not want to miss this! We also enjoy a recap of what it’s like to be […]

Mums the Word

This week Shauna is faced with a moral dilemma and needs a multitude of counselors to guide her in making the right choice. When you’re faced with a fork in the road, how do you choose? Listeners will be tasked with making life decisions for Shauna, so she doesn’t have to. It’s Homecoming week! Today […]

Concrete Cowboy

This week on the Seriously Shauna program we are getting a much-needed update on the new neighbors – living their lives next door to Shauna. These people have crossed many lines, but this is only the tip of the concrete gray asphalt. We talk about everything from varying hues of beige to fifty shades of […]

Everybody Loves Shauna

“Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” It’s Biblical, no? But it isn’t enjoyable. This week, Shauna tells us about the adventures of teaching her kids to cook. We learn what the three staples of successful cooking are, and how to survive at college. If you didn’t know boys were different […]

Shauna 2020

For the entirety of this broadcast, we’ve avoided all things political. However, today is the day the silence is broken, and truth shall be spoken! Join Shauna for an in-depth solution to all the world’s problems. No longer will you have to suffer in silence – your voice will be heard! Join Shauna as she […]


FRENCH-FRYED Welcome to another riveting and informative episode of the Seriously Shauna podcast. We are grateful for the grace you have extended us while we took some time to sort out Shauna’s health issues. She is doing ok, and eager to press-on! Today we are going to talk about the wonders of all things fashion. […]

Won’t You Be My Neighbor

This week on the Seriously Shauna Podcast there are new neighbors in town. And naturally, Shauna is suspicious.


This week’s episode is another riveting edition of Train Wreck Television. We explore the fascinating realm of matchmaking in the Indian culture. Every culture has a Yenta – who knew! Shauna will give in-depth commentary on the in’s and out’s of this new, err, old phenomenon telling you details your never knew you needed to […]

Homeschool Homies

So, you’re considering homeschooling, but you want to hear the truth? You want the truth? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! (dated movie reference for $500, please, Alex)… I have been homeschooling for a whole buncha years and I am here to help! I will tell you the good, the bad, the ugly. You will walk […]

Camp Shauna

Camp Shauna Let’s talk about the time Shauna went to summer camp. Why would anyone in their right mind think it a good idea to put her in charge of a group of girls? Haven’t we learned that lesson before? Since we are all experiencing a different way of living, we are going to take […]

Adventures in Babysitting

Adventures in Babysitting In this week’s episode, we will expose the underside of helping others. Being called upon to serve others is a noble duty we owe our fellow man – but there is a price to pay, especially when it involves Shauna babysitting her neighbor’s kids. We will explore the differences between boys and […]

Bird on a Wire

There was a time when my future was so bright I had to wear shades. Being sixteen was a milestone that every teenager in the world has a count down until it’s arrival. My second born son turned sixteen recently and we discuss the differences between then and now… Also, in this episode, the Bird […]

The Cookout

We are knee deep in summertime, ya’ll! Now that you can leave your house, what are your plans? Many summer traditions exist: Drive-in movies, snow-cone stands, and neighborhood pools! But universally everyone, everywhere loves a good summer cookout! In this episode, Shauna breaks down the logistics of summer cookouts. We will compare and contrast what […]

Get Off My Lawn!

Get off my lawn! This week on the broadcast Shauna takes a deep dive into middle-aged people’s obsession with yard work.

Babies, Bad Hair, & Birthdays

We will discuss yet another terrible hair experience and how you can avoid them in the future. Don’t be rash with your quarantine hair! We will also discuss middle children and how the often get lost in the fray, even on their birthdays!

Purple Rain

This week we discuss the rain that continues to fall and how it affects us all! Rain songs rule the day and throw Shauna into a rain-induced depression.

Getting Something Off My Chest

Seven months ago, Shauna had the biggest surgery of her life. It was equally one of the most challenging times as well.


In this revealing episode, Shauna discloses some of her most sacred secrets in parenting. Let’s talk about the do’s and don’ts of parenthood.

Train Wreck Television: Crime Documentaries

This week on the Seriously Shauna Podcast we dive deep into the mysterious and disastrous world of crime documentaries. Shauna is a big fan: read, obsessed.

Back to School

The quarantine has caused hardship for us all – and Shauna has had to go FIND A JOB! We are going to navigate the up’s and downs of the rat race. Seventeen years of being a stay at home mom leaves Shauna with few qualifications, as sarcasm is not a special skill, apparently.

The Un-Influencer

Shauna is going to help you straighten out your online presence; making sure your profile pic isn’t nauseating and your online bio isn’t an MMA challenge. Do’s and Don’ts of social media is important too, so she is going to give all the inside info to make your un-inlfuencer status a success!

The Graduate

In this week’s broadcast we are knee deep in quarantine and taking a look back at times past. What year did you graduate?

The Birthday

Birthdays – Everybody has them! Praise God! And this week, we celebrate with Shauna as she graciously endures another birthday.

Church Clap

In this episode we are going to take a look at some of the activities surrounding the Easter holiday, more specifically in the children’s ministry – because who doesn’t like leaving church with an entire tree of palm branches #PalmSunday.

Quarantine Memoirs

In this bonus episode, Shauna will address all the pressing issue that one would find during a world-wide pandemic – from the comfort of her own hoity-toity home studio, that’s in her garage.

Bathroom Break

In this episode, Shauna will go where apparently everyone has gone before, and left a terrible mess, apparently. Bathrooms are a necessary evil, something I plan to ask God about when I’m taken to glory.

Train Wreck Television

When the world around us shuts down, how do we cope? Most of us have been relegated to our homes under self-imposed quarantines, which leaves us with much time to fill. What helps you relax? We are all doing the same thing – watch bad television!

The Workout

Did you make New Year’s resolutions? Did any of them involve heading to the gym to workout? How’s that working out for you? (pun intended). In the fourth installment of the Seriously Shauna Podcast, Shauna is in rare form! As our resident non-expert on all thing’s gym related, Shauna tells you just what in the […]

The Surgery

Major surgery is no laughing matter – unless it’s on Seriously Shauna! Listen, surgery isn’t so much about the procedure, but about all the funny things you see and hear while waiting on someone who’s IN surgery. From the lady who forgot who her husband was to the hysterical elderly man with no filter in […]

The Vegan Diaries – A Heroic Tale of Courage

Join Shauna as she tackles a topic many dare not. Veganism. Yes, some have tried, few have succeeded. Shauna pours out her heart and reveals the truth about her condition. She will give you the inside scoop on what it means to be a vegan in 2020. Shauna will give you semi-real advice as she […]

Meet the Host of Seriously Shauna

Welcome to the world of Seriously Shauna! In this inaugural episode we meet the host of the show, Shauna Lopez (the shows name and hers are no coincidence!).