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A few minutes with God Podcast with Felice Gerwitz

A Few Minutes with God Podcast 

with Felice Gerwitz

A time to reflect on the most important time you can spend – time with God.

Lots of topics such as family prayer, journaling and more. Stay tuned – we publish new podcasts weekly!

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Not Abandoned
Calm in the Storm
Be Not Afraid
Trust in God
Renew Your Mind
Lies We Believe
Caring and Compassion
Miracles Happen
Prayer Partners


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Your podcast host, Felice Gerwitz is an author, a publisher and the owner of Media Angels, Inc. She is the owner of several podcast networks and is an avid podcaster.  She is also the host of Vintage Homeschool Moms. Felice has published the book A Few Minutes with God available here on Amazon and on the Media Angels Publishing website.

Felice is married to Jeff and has five, mostly grown children and seven adorable grandchildren. Her desire in life is to serve the Lord as He directs, and she is excited to begin this journey alongside you!

Is God Calling You? Felice organized and spoke at the Ultimate Christian Communicators Conference. The video and audio from the conference is now available! Check it out.


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A Few Minutes with God Episodes

Cure For Fear

Cure For Fear – Episode 158 There is no cure for fear, or is there? Everywhere we look, no matter what time or place there is something to fear, if we allow it to creep in. Fear is a tool of the enemy. There is indeed a faction out there that wants us to be […]

Special Replay: Worthy of Blessings

Worthy of Blessings? Special Replay! Are you worthy of blessings? Blessings come to us in different ways and in this episode we will look at the blessings we receive as well as the cost. Thanks to our sponsor Media Angels and the book, One More Child – download a free chapter at MediaAngels.com In the […]

Special Replay: Spiritual Discernment

Spiritual Discernment ~ Special Replay The gift of spiritual discernment is one we all need! It allows us to see the truth to avoid darkness and to be ready for what is in store for those who love the Lord! Welcome to AFMWG – this is a milestone episode for me – 100! When I […]

Against All Odds Prayer Works

Against All Odds Prayer Works – Episode 157 Sometimes we pray for the wrong thing, but often, against all odds prayer works. It is in the little things that we see the hand of Almighty God and in this episode, we will explore that while things seem hopeless we should focus on today, and hope […]

How To Pray

How To Pray ~ Episode 156 Have you thought about how to pray? When I think about how to pray sometimes I am at a loss. So, how can I dedicate an entire podcast to this topic? Well, it is a challenge. And the key is the following words, God’s will be done… Sponsor Media […]

Choices We Make

Choices We Make – Episode 155 Christians are held to a higher standard and so are the choices we make. Are we held to this standard by ourselves, or by God? How do we live our lives? In this episode, we will discuss the choices in this world of a wide array of paths that […]

All Men Are Created Equal

All Men Are Created Equal – Episode 154 Do you believe that all men are created equal? If you are a Christian this truth has been ingrained into you from the beginning of your faith journey. In this episode, we will discuss the issues of our times and how we can combat hate with love. […]

Overcoming Fear

Overcoming Fear – Episode 153 Overcoming fear is something that is important and real for all time, but especially for this present time in which we live. In this episode, we will discuss how we can allow fear to rule our lives or combat it with the spiritual tools we have freely available to us. […]

Fearless Faith Journey

Fearless Faith Journey –  152 How do we have a fearless faith journey when our lives are fearful and full of confusion? In this episode, we will discuss how our journey should be one with hope instead of fear, and we should not be afraid. Sponsor Media Angels, Inc. – One More Child book — A Few Minutes […]

Relationship with Christ

Relationship with Christ – Episode 151 Relationships come and go and yet with Christ, the relationship is everlasting. In this episode, we will explore the meaning of hope, the senselessness of fear, and the relationship that keeps on giving! Sponsor Media Angels, Inc. – One More Child book — A Few Minutes With God We all know about […]

Modern Missionaries

Modern Missionaries – Episode 150 Where are all the modern missionaries today? The Lord has taken people that I feel were the saints of the day, including Mother Theresa home. There are many pastors and preachers that are also enjoying their eternal reward. But, what about now when our world needs these modern-day and women, […]

Secret Mission For God

Secret Mission For God -Episode 149 I love the idea of a secret mission – but a secret mission for God? In this episode, we will discuss how many of us keep our faith hidden and ways we can share the “good news,” and the love that is only in Christ. Sponsor Media Angels, Inc. […]

Faith Beyond Measure

Faith Beyond Measure – Episode 148 What is the true measure of success? Some would say, faith without measure. Think about those you love, can you put a limit on the love? No, our love knows all bounds and if we give a portion of that love to our Lord, our faith will grow beyond […]

Identity In Christ

Authority & Identity in Christ – Episode 147 Is your identity in Christ? Do we allow other people to take away our peace and to become dismayed or despondent? What about all that is happening in our world? In this episode, we will discuss our identity as Christians needs to be rooted very firmly in […]

St. Joseph Model For Fathers

Joseph Model For Fathers Episode 146 Recently my family read about St. Joseph model for fathers and my life will never be the same. In this episode, we will discuss how the saints that lived before us are powerful examples of what it means to live our Christian faith. Today we are going to talk […]

Jesus For All People

Jesus For All People ~ Episode 145 Jesus for all people, not some people not just for you and for me – but for all the people in the world who are open to hearing His voice. In this episode, we will explore that if we really want the true peace and joy that surpasses […]

Replay Challenges For Christians

Challenges For Christians – Replay With the virus and all the chaos that followed it is time to learn that now the challenge is getting our hearts focused on the Lord! Enjoy this replay. I don’t need to tell you that as a Christian we are in peril. There are many challenges for Christians to […]

The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life Episode 144 What is it all about? What is the meaning of life? What is our purpose here? This is an age-old question, and in fact, you probably have joked about it at some point, right? The meaning of life is clearly unfolded in the books of Sacred Scripture but can […]


Pentecost Beginning For Christians ~ Episode 143 The truth can set you free, and on Pentecost, the Apostles were filled with the Holy Spirit and became embolden speaking in tongues, in languages they did not know. How can we be filled with this spiritual influence and use it in our everyday lives to go out […]

Christian Faith Essentials

Christian Faith Essentials Episode 142 Have you packed your Christian faith essentials away, or do you have them on hand when you fight the enemy? How do we explain the way our lives have changed over the course of the last few months of shelter at home and fear of getting sick from a virus? […]

Faith Tested

Faith Tested Under Pressure – Episode 140 During this time of quarantine and stay-at-home orders, we’ve experienced faith tested under pressure. It seems that it was a time of growth for many but panic for some who have not yet experienced the providence of God. In this episode we discuss how your faith tested can […]

Glory and Praise Forever

Glory and Praise Forever ~ Episode 140 Recently I was reminded that we don’t talk enough about giving God all the glory and praise, and honor He deserves. In this episode of A Few Minutes With God Podcast, Felice shares the importance of praise in worship in our lives. Thanks to our sponsor – 40: […]

Fireproof Faith

Fireproof Faith ~ Episode 139 How strong is your belief in Christianity? Are you a weekend Christian or do you have fireproof faith? In this episode of A Few Minutes With God Podcast, Felice shares how all of us need put on the armor of Christ, each and every day. Thanks to our sponsor – […]

Easter People

Easter People 138 We are Easter people, that is we have hope and faith. In this episode of A Few Minutes with God Podcast we will discuss the amazing impact of our Savior, Jesus Christ in our lives. He has indeed risen! Thanks to our sponsor – 40: The Temptation of Christ This year our […]

Eternal Life

The things of this world are passing but for those who believe we know this is not the end but the beginning of eternal life. A life with God in heaven. Eternal Life – Episode 137 Recently I noticed a friend of mine who has produced a Bible study about Heaven. Apparently she has been […]

Not Abandoned

I select my podcast topics typically after prayer and this topic, not abandoned was selected months ago! It seems so timely for our current situation. We are not to fear, and we have an Almighty God that calms us in the midst of the storm. Let’s focus on those two points as we listen to […]

Calm In The Storm

Can we really have calm in the storm of life as our world is thrown upside down? In this episode of A Few Minutes with God the idea of spending time with God has never been stronger. Calm in the Storm Episode 135 Jesus calmed the sea and when the apostles thought for sure they […]

Be Not Afraid

Be Not Afraid ~ Episode 134 In the face of this pandemic, we must “be not afraid,” and realize that all of this is not a surprise to God. How are we acting? If we as Christians are not setting the example then who will? In this episode, Felice shares how God is showing her […]

Tips For Lent

Tips For Lent Episode 133 Do you take the journey to Easter with seriousness? If so, this episode contains tips for Lent to develop a deeper prayer life and contemplate the meaning of the days leading up to this day of celebration when our Lord and Savior paid the ultimate price for our sins. Thanks […]

Lent Begins

Lent Begins – A Prayer Journey – Episode 132 Lent begins and it is a journey, the forty days before Easter. It is a time of prayer and reflection and it can be life-changing if we take the time to spend some time in quiet with God. Are you ready for the best Lent ever? […]

Depend on God

Depend On God ~ Episode 131 They will know us by our love and by our fruit, but if we do not depend on God how will we show others the love of Christ? Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and depend on the Almighty? Thanks to our sponsor Media Angels, […]

Trust In God

Trust In God ~ Episode 130 Of course, you trust in God, right? But do you really? In this episode, we will take a hard look at our lives and shine a light on all the times we thought we were trusting when we really holding back! Thanks to our sponsor … Our lives are […]

Renew Your Mind

Renew Your Mind ~ Episode 129 It’s time to renew your mind with a mini-retreat! Every once in a while we need to be filled up to overflowing so we can be a joyful Christian and others can look at us and say, “I want what they have!” Are you joyful? No? Well, in this […]

Lies We Believe

Ten Lies We Believe ~ Episode 128 We all do it we believe lies. There are ten lies we believe! The worse thing? The lies we believe are by definition not true! We give the enemy credit when all the credit should go to Almighty God! In this episode, we explore the most common lies […]

Caring and Compassion

Caring and Compassion ~ Episode 127 Some people are just natural at caring and compassion and nurturing or so you would think – we have this innate desire to be loved and to love. But sometimes we are so focused on ourselves that we miss those who are in need. I remember going to the […]

Miracles Happen

Miracles Do Happen – 126 We read about miracles in the Scriptures but do miracles happen today. Yes, miracles do happen! In this episode, we discuss the miraculous from the Bible but we look at the miracles all around you that defy explanation. Thanks to our sponsor Media Angels, and the books A Few Minutes […]

Prayer Partner

Prayer Partners – 125 One of the biggest blessings that can come in our lives is to have a prayer partner, someone you can go to and pray with for your special needs. In this episode, we will discuss how to use this for the advantage of focused prayer. Thanks to our sponsor Media Angels, […]

Faith Walk Commitment

Faith Walk Commitment – 124 Are you ready to make this the best year with a faith walk commitment? We have choices to make and this New Year is a clean slate! We can select our faith walk as one where we get closer to God, walk with purpose and have a goal of hope […]

New Year Faith Journey

New Year Faith Journey 123 As we turn the calendar are you prepared for a New Year Faith Journey? In this episode, we will explore the exciting New Year that God’s got for you, and we look at it with expectant hope. Thanks to our sponsor Media Angels, and the books A Few Minutes with […]

Holy Family Our Family

Holy Family Our Family – Episode 122 What a beautiful example the Holy Family is in our lives and in this episode we will explore the examples of Jesus, Mary and Joseph and how to live lives that are filled with hope! Thanks to our sponsor Media Angels, and the books A Few Minutes with […]

True Meaning Of Christmas

True Meaning of Christmas Episode 121 The commercial aspect of the holidays almost destroys the true meaning of Christmas. In this episode, I want to share an easy way to bring Jesus to the front and center where He belongs! Thanks to our sponsor to learn more and get today’s show notes to visit AFewMinuteswithGodPodcast.com. […]

God Loves You

God Loves You ~ Episode 120 I probably don’t need to tell you that God loves you – however if you suffer from stress or find yourself overwhelmed you need to hear it again and again. In this episode, we will discuss God’s love and how closely tied it is to who we are and […]

Gift Giving

Gift Giving Episode 119 What is the greatest gift that we can give to others? Well, there are plenty that come to mind but the greatest gift-giving comes from Almighty God and His Son, Jesus. In this episode, we will discuss how gift-giving sometimes takes center stage when the focus should be on the Lord! […]

Peace Within Families

Peace Within Families Episode 118 Next to world peace, we want peace within families! I’ve heard horror stories of siblings not talking to each other for years and in this episode, we will pray for broken families and those who are lost to the hope of Jesus. Thanks to our sponsor – Media Angels, Inc. […]

Thankful All The Time

Thankful All The Time Episode 117 Don’t you wish we could be thankful all the time? Especially in this time of joy sometimes we can’t see because we are covered with the business of every day. In this episode, we will discuss ways to keep thankfulness at the forefront of each day. Thanks to our […]

Mercy and Thoughtfulness of Our God

Mercy and Thoughtfulness Episode 116 This is a time of mercy and thoughtfulness because with both of these items there is hope. It is almost like a math equation. Mercy + Thoughtfulness = Hope, but more than that God has an abundance of both. Thanks to our sponsor, Sony / Affirms Films and the movie […]

Faithful Families

Faithful Families Episode 115 As we approach the season of joy, we look at this through the eyes of faithful families. But does this always happen? What can we do when we have loved ones who have left their faith behind or loved ones that we want to encourage and pray for? Or loved ones […]


Fasting – Episode 114 Fasting has never been anything I’ve enjoyed and probably the experience is the same for you. However, it can be redemptive and help us to put into perspective God’s holy will for our lives. Thanks to our sponsor: Media Angels.com and Felice Gerwitz on Amazon Does anyone even fast anymore? That is a question […]

Abundant Harvest

Autumn Harvest God Saved Us From Death  113 God’s beautiful abundant harvest makes me think that God saved us from death. In this episode, we will discuss God’s mercy and his endless forgiveness for our sins. Thanks to our sponsor: Media Angels.com and Felice Gerwitz on Amazon When we think of the harvest we think […]

Salvation History & You

Salvation History and You Episode 112 Have we considered salvation history in the light of not only what Jesus did for humanity but what Jesus did directly for us? In this episode, we will learn how to apply this to our lives and others. Thanks to our sponsor: Media Angels.com and Felice Gerwitz on Amazon […]

Faith Journey

Faith Journey Episode 111 Each of us comes from a different place in our walk with God, but our faith journey typically has some of the same factors. In this episode, we discuss ways to grow in faith. Thanks to our sponsor Media Angels, and the books and here on Amazon. Do you have a […]

God’s Timing

God’s Timing – Episode 110 God’s timing is perfect, this is something we hear about all the time but in reality, when we ask something in prayer we often expect immediate results. In this podcast, we discuss how our time is so different from God’s time and ways to let go! Thanks to our sponsor, […]

Christian Hope

Christian Hope – Episode 109 What is the difference between hope and Christian hope? Do we hope in what we want, or do we hope in God’s will for our life? We explore this theme today. Hope in Christ – it is already accomplished – God’s will has been done, it is finished. So we […]

OverStimulated Christians

Overstimulated Christians – Episode 108 Christian information is everywhere, on our phones, on television and the radio and we become overstimulated Christians! In this episode, we will look at our relationship with God, and how to in doing things to get closer we sometimes end up being further away. Thanks to our sponsor, Media Angels […]

Asking God

Asking God – Episode 107 Thy will be done in heaven as on earth is a form of asking God in prayer to guide our life. But is it that simple? Welcome to A Few Minutes with God, where we delve into the scriptures in a practical way. Thanks to our sponsor, Media Angels and […]

Food From Heaven

Food From Heaven – Episode 106 Are Christian’s suffering from malnutrition? Food from heaven is the only food that sustains us in the spiritual sense, but how do we go from hearing the Word to doing what the Word says? In this episode, we will explore these concepts and more. Thanks to our Sponsor A […]

Christian Ministry

Christian Ministry — Episode 105 Have you considered volunteering in a Christian Ministry? In today’s episode, we discuss why ministry work is important and ways to pray to the Lord for help in leading you. Sponsor: MediaAngels.com Recently on a trip, I met two very sweet nuns. It is often that you see nuns wearing […]

Desiring God

Desiring God – Episode 104 Above all things desiring God is the key to our happiness. Or do you look at cheap substitutions and find yourself feeling lacking? In this episode, we will discuss how our desire for God can make us whole and realize what we are missing in our lives. Sponsor! Overcomer Movie […]

Transforming Faith

Transforming Faith – Episode 103 Do you have a transforming faith? A faith that withstands persecution or a faith that would leave everything behind to follow God? We have many excuses for following God The disciples left everything, family, and home to follow Jesus. In this episode we will discuss following God will transform us. […]

WRAP Yourself in Scripture

Wrap Yourself In Scripture Episode 102 What happens when you wrap yourself in Scripture? You will find yourself in a closer relationship with God! Why wait? Learn what the acronym WRAP means and some great resources to get you started. Opening nationwide on August 23, OVERCOMER dares to leave you filled with hope, inspired to dream, and […]

Power of Praise

Power of Praise Episode 101 The power of praise is amazing! It can uplift your spirits in a way that nothing else can. Want to feel like you are touching heaven? Praise God. In this episode, Felice shares the amazing power of praise and ways you can use this in your own life. Thanks to […]

Spiritual Discernment

Spiritual Discernment ~ Episode 100 The gift of spiritual discernment is one we all need! It allows us to see the truth to avoid darkness and to be ready for what is in store for those who love the Lord! Welcome to AFMWG – this is a milestone episode for me – 100! When I […]

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Gifts of the Holy Spirit Episode 99 The gifts of the Holy Spirit are real and free and available to all. At Pentecost, the disciples were able to speak in different languages and those who heard them understood. The disciples were taught by the Holy Spirit in other ways as well, by reminding them what […]

Promises To Abraham

Promises To Abraham – Episode 98 When we read Genesis we learn, soon after the fall that all is not lost. We have hope in the promises to Abraham, from God. All is not lost and we know that through Abraham came the lineage to David and through David the lineage to Joseph and in […]

Mary Mother of Jesus

Mary Mother of Jesus – Episode 97 Mary, Mother of Jesus is known throughout humanity, nations and time. We can learn so much from her! Most Christians know her name and read about her in the Bible. She receives a staring role in the New Testament that begins with humble roots, becomes elevated by her, […]

Model Christian

Model Christian Episode 97 Being a model Christian requires responsibility, but what does a model Christian look like? Is it someone who talks the talk or walks the walk. As a Christian, you can no longer act like a heathen and there is a standard to uphold – or is there? Thanks to our sponsor, […]

Presence of God

Presence of God – Episode 96 For a Christian, the presence of God is an amazing feeling and even without that feeling, we have faith that God is with us always. How do we understand God’s presence? We will look at the Scriptures for clarification during this episode. Thanks to our sponsor, Media Angels, Inc. […]

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit – A Gift From God – Episode 95 The Holy Spirit is one of the greatest gifts from God! All we have to do is look at the Gospels and rejoice that God did not leave us alone, He sent His Spirit to be with us always. Thanks to our sponsor – […]

Overcoming Religious Persecution

Overcoming Religious Persecution – Episode 94 Who would have thought that religious persecution would come to the shores of America? We know about persecution happening to all faiths in foreign lands, but on our soil? In this episode, we take a brief look at the persecution of the church in the first century and how […]

Worthy of Blessings

Worthy of Blessings? Episode 93 Are you worthy of blessings? Blessings come to us in different ways and in this episode we will look at the blessings we receive as well as the cost. Thanks to our sponsor Media Angels and the book, One More Child – download a free chapter at MediaAngels.com In the […]

Blind Faith vs. Real Faith

Blind Faith vs. Real Faith: Episode 92 Blind faith is not what is required of us. We should question and wonder in our walk with the Lord, but truthfully while we believe without seeing, it is far from blind faith. In this episode, we will think back to the time of the Ressurection of Our […]

The Resurrection

The Resurrection Life Changing For Christians Episode 91 The resurrection is life changing. We know that as Christians our life changed the minute Jesus rose from the dead. This was such a surprise to his apostles! They didn’t really understand what that meant, but do we? In this episode, we will explore the meaning of […]

Prayers God Answers

Prayers God Answers ~ Episode 90 We know God can do anything, and he can answer each and every prayer that we ask. In this podcast, we discuss the prayers God answers and will answer all the time! Thanks to our sponsor, Media Angels, Inc. and the books available: One More Child  — and A […]

Unanswered Prayers

Unanswered Prayers – Episode 89 What happens when we pray and we feel our prayers have been unanswered. In this episode, we tackle the topic of unanswered prayers and what we can do as Christians to hope! Thanks to our sponsor, Media Angels, Inc. and the books available: One More Child  — and A Few […]

Easter Blessings

Easter Blessings Episode 88 The peace of the Lord is always with us, especially for those who believe but what about Easter blessings, why is that a special time? On Easter, we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior! He is risen is the cry – and we are so blessed at the thought that Jesus […]

Total Surrender

Total Surrender – Episode 87 Total surrender is easy, right? Well, as a Christian, it should be easier, in theory at least. In this podcast, we will discuss a way that is helpful to let go and let God. Thanks to our sponsor – MediaAngels.com How can we give God a total surrender of our […]

Take Jesus With You

Take Jesus With You – Episode 86 Many times people feel alone and forgotten but you can take Jesus with you each and every day. In this episode, we are reminded that God is always with us until the end of time. We are not alone! So, how do you take Jesus with you and […]

Power of Family Prayer

The Power of Family Prayers – Episode 85 I recently attended a prayer breakfast where I heard an amazing testimony to the power of family prayers. The prayers of a family or friends for a particular person are so powerful. In this episode, I want to share with you some of what I learned and […]

Judgmental Christians

Judgmental Christians In a world that has gone astray the last thing we need is judgmental Christians getting in the way of the goodness that is truly God. In this episode we are going to take a hard look at ourselves and ways we can improve upon our nature to forgive and repent for pointing […]

Challenges For Christians

Challenges For Christians Episode 83 I don’t need to tell you that as a Christian we are in peril. There are many challenges for Christians to overcome each day. We are a persecuted people worldwide but currently, in our own world, the things we held dear are slowly being eroded. In the scriptures, Jesus challenges […]

Jesus Calls

Jesus Calls Us To Change — Transformation In Christ ~ Episode 82 In Christ not only are we transformed and made into a “new creation” but the entire world is transformed! I’ve done another podcast on Christian Transformation, and the link for that is here. However, in this podcast, I want to think about the […]

Chosen People

Chosen People Episode 81 The Israelites were God’s chosen people. Why would he pick Israel? The Scripture explains this well beginning in Abraham when he was promised that his descendants would be as many as the stars in the sky and sand on the seashore. Genesis 22:16-17 By Myself I have sworn, declares the LORD, […]

Faith Under Pressure

Faith Under Pressure ~ Episode 80 In today’s world, our faith is under pressure. There are so many things pulling on our time. We are bombarded with the news, the things happening in our day to day work, the pressure of home and family. Everywhere we look we just can’t catch our breath until the […]

God Given Gifts

God Given Gifts Episode 79 God is amazing and he has given you a present. Your God given gifts are something you can discover. In today’s episode, I share a personal story about how God used my son, who the world would consider a struggling learner. He did me a favor this week that just […]

Abortion And Sacrifice

Abortion and Sacrifice Episode 78 Abortion has taken on a new meaning. What happened to love? In our world, it seems that love is no longer a factor in so many people’s life. The recent news has shown the sin of abortion toward the unborn. We as Christians need to wake up and take a […]

Second Chances

Second Chances Episode 77 Is there a time for second chances? Of course, there is and we see that again and again in the Scriptures. We find the opportunities in our own lives to try for a second time. We are close to the New Year as I record this episode and one of the […]

Christian Marriage and God

Marriage and God Episode 76 Every Christian marriage has its ups and downs and when you think about marriage as a Christian it is important to look at the scriptures! In this episode, we will explore the Bible and look at the example of the marriage at Cana as well as all the places where […]

Christian Transformation

Christian Transformation – Episode 75 Have you had a Christian transformation in your life? God sent His only Son so that we might live an abundant life and in this podcast, we will explore Christian transformation and look at the ways that we can apply this to our life. We witness the power of God’s […]

Routines and Prayer

Routines and Prayer For Christians When life throws you a curve falling back on routines and prayer are helpful for a Christian. In this episode, we will focus on making the most of your daily routines to include prayer. With the holidays ending there is still so much on my to-do list it seems to […]

New Year And Faith

New Year and Faith Beginning the new year with joy and a plan of focusing on increasing our walk with the Lord in the best way possible is the topic of today’s podcast. A simplified approach is the best for busy people, and here are some pointers to help you. Rejoice in the Lord always – […]

Home and Promise

Hope and Promise Episode 72 The joy of the Lord is almost among us and we wait in hope and promise! In this episode, we celebrate the coming of Jesus in a new way. Thanks to our sponsor Media Angels, Inc. You can find books and products on MediaAngels.com as well as on Amazon. I […]

Christian Preparation

Christian Preparation Episode 71 Prepare the way of the Lord, that is the cry for Christian preparation. The early Jews and Gentiles did not understand nor did they have the wonderful ability to read about God in the Bible. We do! In this episode, we will study what it means to prepare and to await […]


Advent Episode 70 Do you realize we are always waiting? When we celebrate Advent, we are waiting for the coming of the Lord. Advent means coming in Latin. In this episode, we will explore the hope we find at Christmas time and how this hope can translate our lives for the better. Thanks to our […]

Fishers of Men

Fishers of Men We want to be fishers of men because, for me, the ideal is to be used for the Lord’s work. In this episode, we will discuss how we can hear the Lord’s calling in the words of the Scriptures and how He can lead us to share the good news! Thanks to […]

Something Out of Nothing

Something out of Nothing — AFMWG – 67 Only God can create something out of nothing – He did this in the Creation of the World and he does this all the time when He blesses. In this episode, we will discuss how God rightly deserves our Thanksgiving! Our sponsor — Heirloom Audios. Lasting value and […]

Faith & Generosity

Faith and Generosity Episode 67 In our world, we have an abundance and sometimes we become complacent, in today’s episode we will discuss our attitude toward all things including the meaning of true generosity that comes from the heart. Our sponsor — Heirloom Audios. Lasting value and spiritual benefits — Christian history – audio adventures CD […]

Thanking God

Thanking God When Things Happen Not Matter What Happens- Episode 66 Thanking God is difficult when things don’t work out the way we want. And this goes against everything in our human nature. I believe in God, but even science shows us that we are built for self-protection. It is what psychologists call the fight […]

Jesus Calling

Jesus Calling Episode 65 Is Jesus calling you? We all know the answer but maybe you are not aware of the ways He calls to you each day. In this episode, Felice shares how she missed all the times that Jesus was calling her and some tips that might be helpful for you in your […]

God in the Present Moment

Present Moment Episode 64 God is in the Present Moment is an amazing concept and one I absolutely love. If you have listened to the other podcasters on this network you will see this is a topic many like to speak about. I’ve included some links to the other podcasts for you to enjoy on […]

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