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A few minutes with God Podcast with Felice Gerwitz

A Few Minutes with God Podcast 

with Felice Gerwitz

A time to reflect on the most important time you can spend – time with God.

Lots of topics such as family prayer, journaling and more. Stay tuned – we publish new podcasts weekly!

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Not Abandoned
Calm in the Storm
Be Not Afraid
Trust in God
Renew Your Mind
Lies We Believe
Caring and Compassion
Miracles Happen
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Your podcast host, Felice Gerwitz is an author, a publisher and the owner of Media Angels, Inc. She is the owner of several podcast networks and is an avid podcaster.  She is also the host of Vintage Homeschool Moms. Felice has published the book A Few Minutes with God available here on Amazon and on the Media Angels Publishing website.

Felice is married to Jeff and has five, mostly grown children and seven adorable grandchildren. Her desire in life is to serve the Lord as He directs, and she is excited to begin this journey alongside you!

Is God Calling You? Felice organized and spoke at the Ultimate Christian Communicators Conference. The video and audio from the conference is now available! Check it out.


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A Few Minutes with God Episodes

Spiritual Experience

Spiritual Experience | A Few Minutes with God Podcast with Felice Gerwitz Episode 308: Exploring Spiritual Experiences Based on Matthew 17 Have you had a spiritual experience? Have you ever felt like you were on a spiritual mountaintop? In this episode of the “A Few Minutes with God” podcast, Felice Gerwitz explores these profound moments. […]

Evil Tactic

Evil Tactic  – Combatting Evil ~ Episode 225 What is an evil tactic? It is something employed by the evil one to take souls to hell. Harsh? Maybe. But, this is something that few of us want to talk about or consider. In this podcast, Felice will explore the tactics used and how to prevent […]

God’s Word Revealed (Replay)

God’s Word Revealed – Episode 220 We often read the Bible and are left unmoved, but through the words of scripture, God’s word is revealed. Why is that? What are the tools you need to get you into the right frame of mind before praying and delving into the scriptures? Stay tuned and find out. […]

Spiritual Life

Foundations of the Spiritual Life ~ Episode 307 The foundation of a spiritual life is a call to holiness. We (the human race) must decrease as He (God) must increase. This, in essence, means dying to self, and no one in this age of temptation can say they do not struggle with this from time […]

Spiritual Burden

What is a spiritual burden, and is this baggage, and does this pertain to you? I found that we all carry some baggage, and in this show, we will discuss ways to lessen the load. Spiritual Baggage Episode 306 What is spiritual baggage? Or should it be called spiritual burden? I heard a great analogy […]

Christian Retreat (Replay)

Christian Retreat ~ At Home – Episode 213 It is time to fill up your spiritual tank with a Christian retreat. No matter what time of the year a refilling is good and that begins with a good Bible Study, or you, the Holy Spirit, and a pad and paper. Have you ever tried to […]


Who are the peacemakers? Are you a peacemaker, and do you find yourself in that role? What does the Holy Bible say? This podcast discusses being a peacemaker and how we can all strive to do our part. Peacemakers ~ Episode If you look up the word online, you will find that being a peacemaker […]

Questions Christians Ask

Did you know there are questions Christians ask? What are they, and how does this pertain to you whether you are walking with the Lord or don’t know Him? In this episode, we explore this idea of questions we should ask and ponder. Questions Christians Ask ~ Episode 303 I ask questions all the time. […]

God Is With You

At church, you often hear that God is with you, but do you really believe that is true? How would you lead your life if you thought about the Lord walking beside you daily? And, should you think of the Almighty in such a personal way? In this podcast, Felice Gerwitz explores these thoughts. God […]

Blessed Assurance

Blessed Assurance – Episode 178 There are few things in life we have assurance in but with the Lord, we have the blessed assurance that He is there for us. In this episode, we look at the ways that we know, that we know, that we know that God is in charge and there for […]

Allow God

Allow God ~ Episode 301 Allow God in, allow God to use you, and let God’s love penetrate your heart. I’m sure you’ve heard all of these things and lots more if you’ve been a Christian for any time, but how do you allow God? Truly? In this podcast, Felice Gerwitz discusses her struggles and […]

Journal How To

 Journal – How-To Episode 25 Journal – how to do it and keep it consistent is the emphasis of today’s podcast. Do you keep one in the traditional way or do you keep a journal as a tool to jump start your Christian walk? Journaling is an amazing way to see the truth, answered prayers […]

Planning Time For God

Planning Time For God Podcast #3 Have you ever wondered how you can really love someone you’ve never met? It might seem tricky at first, but the answer is pretty simple—get to know them! Just like making a new friend, you spend time with them, talk to them, and learn about their likes and dislikes. […]

Prayer To God

When was the last time you wrote your own prayer? What about a prayer to God? Have you ever done this? If not, today is the day. In this episode, Felice Gerwitz explains how she expressly keeps a small journal in her purse for this purpose. Prayer To God – Episode 300 Have you ever […]

Restoring Relationships

Relationships are built over time and yet can be destroyed in seconds. It all depends on the foundation. In this episode, Felice Gerwitz shares how our relationship with the Lord can endure and carry us through our most difficult times to victory, in Jesus! Restoring Relationships ~ Episode 299 Relationships matter, whether with someone you […]

Consumed By Joy

We are Resurrection People! Consumed by joy! Shouldn’t that be the theme of our lives, especially for those of us who are committed Christians? If you feel your life currently falls short, listen in as Felice Gerwitz explores ways to bring that joy back into your life. Consumed By Joy ~ Resurrection People Episode 298 […]

God’s Grace

God’s Grace is Sufficient Episode 21 God’s grace, is it sufficient for you? Or do you rely on the world for the help you need? In 2 Corinthians 12:9 we read the passage that many sermons are built around, but how do we apply this to our life? In this episode, I’ll explain how I strive to […]

Agony and Victory

Agony and Victory Is there such a thing as agony and victory? Everyone has agonized over something in their lives, yet there is hope. Most of us on this side of heaven have struggled and had trials and tribulations. In this podcast, we discuss agony with a twist: the victory that comes on the other […]

Jesus and His Mother

Jesus and His Mother ~ Episode 296 Have you considered Jesus’s relationship with His Mother, Mary? By examining this aspect of Sacred Scripture, we can grow in our love for our Lord. Thanks to our Sponsor, Harper Collins Christian:   Kingdom Girls Bible Girls will discover the power of faith in this beautiful Bible that features women of […]

Who Is God?

What is your relationship with God? Who is God? Do we really know and understand the magnitude of our prayers or what the Almighty has done for us? In this podcast, we will discuss the mystery of God and explore, “Who do people say that the Son of Man is?”  (Matthew 16:13) Who is God? […]

Don’t Suffer Alone

When you feel let down or are suffering, don’t suffer alone! There is no need. The victory is won, and you can rejoice in the good news. Join Felice Gerwitz as she shares her thoughts and ponders about God’s Word and how He will never disappoint you. Don’t Suffer  Alone ~ Episode 294 Thanks to […]

Love of Family

Love of Family ~ Episode 294 The love of family comes from an outpouring of our love for God. In this episode, we will discuss why our families should be a priority after our love of the Lord. Thanks to our Sponsor: Harper Collins Christian:   Kingdom Girls Bible Girls will discover the power of faith in […]

Key To Repentance

Key To Repentance  – 293 As a Christian the cornerstone of our faith is the key to repentance. It is an important ingredient to turning toward God and finding that our faith deepens. The key to faith is the topic of today’s episode. Thanks to our Sponsor: Harper Collins Christian:   Kingdom Girls Bible Girls will discover […]

Your Heart ~ Your Faith

Your Heart ~ Your Faith ~ Episode 291 There is a saying, “Your heart is where your home is,” but I believe your heart is where your faith resides. In this podcast, we discuss how “heart issues” may lead us astray and far away from our faith in what is right and holy in the […]

God Chose You

God Chose You ~ Episode 290 You are not a mistake; God chose you! Many people walk around today depressed or sad. But today is a day to rejoice and to realize that you have a greater purpose in this life. Tune in to today’s episode of A Few Minutes with God Podcast and get […]

Trial By Fire

Life is tough. It throws us curves when we least expect it. We often endure a trial by fire. Yet, as Christians, we have the tools to make it through challenging times and emerge victorious in the end. In this podcast, Felice shares insights and tips for those who struggle with hardships and, at times, […]

Moral Dilemma

Understanding the nature of sin, we can often make the right choice, especially when faced with a moral dilemma. In this podcast, Felice Gerwitz discusses the issues and ways to avoid putting ourselves in harm’s way. Moral Dilemma – Episode 288 We are made in the image and likeness of God. We are told this […]

New Day in Christ

Every day is a new day in Christ for those who believe. We get a blank slate to begin all over again. While this is a wonderful concept, it only matters if you plan to do it better or with the help of God. Every Day Is A New Day In Christ ~ Episode 287 […]

Mystery of Faith

Mystery of Faith ~ Episode 286 What is the mystery of faith? In this podcast, we discuss the truths about faith, God’s grace, and how we should follow the light. Sometimes, we don’t understand but are willing to learn more. Your host, Felice Gerwitz, will share some powerful insights with you. Check out MediaAngels.com and […]

Renewed by Faith

Renewed By Faith, Miracles Happen ~ Episode 285 Today, we will pray that we are renewed by faith! In last week’s episode, I shared with you that miracles do happen; I witnessed people being healed. I also wanted to share with you a list of God’s promises. If you missed the last episode, you can […]

Christmas Miracle Every Day

Christmas Miracle Everyday ~ Episode 284 What is a Christmas miracle, and how can we experience this every day? In this episode of A Few Minutes With God, Felice shares a recent event that changed her perspective on prayer and miracles. Here are some other podcasts to enjoy. Christmas is Real. Christmas Countdown Celebrate Christmas […]

Faith Matters

Faith Matters ~ Episode 283 How important is faith in your life? For many, faith matters to a lesser degree than it should. In this episode, Felice explores the importance of staying vigilant in our walk with the Lord and how to shore up our resolve in times of weakness. You may enjoy these podcasts: […]

Loneliness At Christmas

Loneliness At Christmas ~ Episdoe 282 Loneliness can happen at any time of the year, yet loneliness at Christmas seems especially painful. In this podcast we will discuss our role as Christians and how to bring to those in need the joy of the season of light. Visit Media Angels.com for gifts for your family, […]

Never Underestimate Prayer

Never Underestimate Prayer ~ Episode 281 Do you think your prayers never get answered? I believe you should never underestimate prayer! In this podcast, Felice discusses ways we can shortchange the Lord and what a blessing it is to realize that our prayers have been answered. Thanks to our sponsor – Media Angels, you can […]

Celebrate Christmas

Celebrate Christmas and Advent – Episode 280 When you celebrate Christmas, does it include Advent? Advent is the time before Christmas. It is the 24-day countdown to the blessed event, the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Advent helps us to put the holiday in perspective. In this podcast, Felice discusses ways you can celebrate […]

Blessed Be The Lord

Blessed Be The Lord ~ Episode 279 This is a time of Thanksgiving and being grateful. But honestly, we should be singing, Blessed be the Lord” from the rooftops. Too much? At the very least, we need to realize where our blessings come from. In this podcast, you will be encouraged and leave with hope! […]

Holidays and Faith

Holidays and Faith ~ Episode 278 Faith takes a back seat when you get busy, especially during the holidays. This episode explores holidays and faith, keeping God in the forefront—simple ways to get in the holiday mood without taking your focus off of the Lord. Thanks to our sponsor, Media Angels, with books for parents […]

All In For God

All In For God ~ Episode 277 What are your priorities? Somewhere in that list, does God make it to the top? In this episode, we will explore how we can be all in for God today and always. It is an easy way to restructure our priorities. Thanks to our sponsor, Media Angels, with […]

Peace Within Families | Special Replay

Peace Within Families Episode 118 Next to world peace, we want peace within families! I’ve heard horror stories of siblings not talking to each other for years, and in this episode, we will pray for broken families and those who are lost to the hope of Jesus. Thanks to our sponsor – Media Angels, Inc. […]

Keys To Unlocking Your Faith

Keys to Unlocking Your Faith ~ Episode 276 The keys to unlocking your faith are not complicated, yet often missed in our hectic lives. In this podcast, we discuss the key elements of faith and ways we can be open to receiving more of Him and less of us. Everyone likes keys, and what’s not […]

Deliver Us From Evil

Deliver Us From Evil ~ Episode 275 In the Lord’s prayer, we recite the words, “Deliver us from evil now and at the hour of death,” but what does that mean? As Christians, we avoid evil as much as possible, but that does not mean we aren’t tempted. In this podcast, we discover the scriptures […]

Faithful and Prudent Christian

Faithful Christian ~ Episode 274 Do you want to be known as a faithful Christian? What about a faithful and prudent Christian? What does faith mean to you, and how can you use this calling to believe and bless others? Media Angels is a publishing company dedicated to bringing good books, curriculum, and materials to […]

Hunger For God

Hunger for God ~ Episode 273 Where can you satisfy your hunger, that is, hunger for God? There is only one place, and that is in Him. In this podcast, we will discuss ways to combat that emptiness that we feel from time to time. Thanks to Media Angels, the sponsor of this episode. You […]

Christian Example

Christian Example ~ 272 What is a good Christian example? We can point to the saints, people like Mother Teresa and others. But, truly we can be an example to others by asking the Lord for His grace and His help. Sponsored By: CTCMath.com a curriculum for students grades K-12 with online tutorials and help. […]

Suffering Christians

Suffering Christians – Episode 271 We know there are suffering Christians worldwide, but what about in your home? We often suffer silently and become depressed when we can turn that suffering into something more that will enhance our own lives and the lives of others. This podcast is brought to you by our sponsor, Route […]

Promises Of Christ

Promises of Christ ~ Episode ~ 270 How can we believe anything Jesus said? Why are the promises of Christ real? Why should you care? This podcast will explore whether this is true and how we can apply it to our lives? Sponsors keep us on air! Thanks so much to ROUTE 60: The Biblical Highway Airs for […]

Christian Strength

Christian Strength ~ Episode 269 We have tools and resources available to us; what about Christian strength that comes from the grace of God? In this podcast, we will discuss the tools God has given us to combat the evil one. Have you visited CTCMath.com for an award-winning curriculum designed for the entire family? It […]

Christian Care

Christian Care ~ Episode 268 As Christians, we care for many things, but we also have a responsibility. Christian care means more than thinking about a situation and praying; it means taking action when possible. In this podcast, we will discuss the responsibility of being a Christian and the blessings that come with this knowledge. […]

Are You Awake

Are You Awake? ~ Episode 267 Spiritual awareness is a blessing, and the question, “Are you awake,” comes in part as a nod in that direction and toward the world we live in. How are you awake, and what precautions are you taking to notice what the Lord brings to mind? In this episode, we […]

Fill-Up Your Spiritual Tank

Fill Up Your Spiritual Tank ~ Episode 266 What happens when the well runs dry? We all need to fill up our spiritual tanks; for some, that means more often than others. In this podcast, we will delve into ways to receive abundant joy from the simple pleasures God has in store for us! Thanks […]

Christian Comfort Zone

Christian Comfort Zone – Time To Get Out! ~ Episode 265 Do you have a comfort zone as a Christian? Is your faith private? Is it personal? Is it something you do not want to share? If you want more from your faith walk, join Felice for this episode of A Few Minutes with God […]

Spiritual Sandpaper

Spiritual Sandpaper – Episode 264 Spiritual sandpaper describes the events that happen in our lives that purify us and make us better than before, yet they are painful. In this episode, Felice shares how this can actually cause spiritual growth if we open our eyes to the possibilities. Visit our sponsor CTCMath.com for all of […]

New Eyes of Faith

New Eyes of Faith – Episode 263 As a Christian, it is important to practice our faith. But what does your faith look like? The new eyes of faith is an awakening. In this episode, we explore the meaning of faith and how we sometimes deceive ourselves. Thanks to our sponsor CTC Math – visit […]

Solomon’s Downfall

Solomons Downfall – Episode 262 Solomon’s Downfall. In the Bible, there are definite lessons to learn but one for the ages is King Solomon’s Downfall. What can we learn and how do we apply this to our lives today? Visit CTC Math for more information about a wonderful Math curriculum for students from grade school […]

Mirror of Scripture

Mirror of Scripture Episode 261 When was the last time you read a passage in the Bible, and it was as if the Lord was showing you a mirror image? I call that the Mirror of Scripture! In this episode, we’ll look at scripture verses that highlight areas that need our attention. Visit our sponsor […]

Spirit of Trust

Spirit of Trust – Episode 261 How do you trust in what you can not see? That is true faith, a spirit of trust. In this episode, we discuss how trusting in the Lord is a surefire way to have peace and tranquility in our lives. Thanks to our sponsor, CTCMath.com – check out their […]

Spiritual First Responder

Spiritual First Responder ~ Episode 260 What is your spiritual first responder? Where do you go in times of stress, worry, or hardship? This episode explores those tools and a healthy way to deal with stress. Visit MediaAngels.com, today’s sponsor. Driving on busy roads, we often hear emergency vehicles with blaring horns and flashing lights, […]

Spiritual Cleaning

Spiritual Cleaning ~ Episode 259 When was the last time you did spiritual housecleaning? In this episode, we will explore why many of us struggle daily and the unnecessary burdens we carry around. Many of these can easily be trashed. Thanks to Media Angels, the sponsor of today’s episode. You can visit MediaAngels.com for books […]

7 Keys To Sharing Faith

Sharing Faith ~ Episode 258 Does sharing your faith scare you? Do you share your faith in a personal way? Or do you fear what others will say? In this podcast, we will explore ways to share your faith and how your testimony may impact the lives of others. For some of us, sharing our […]

Meaningful Faith

Meaningful Faith ~ Episode 257 Has your faith matured through the years to hit the realm of “meaningful faith?” In this podcast, we discuss how our faith needs to be our own and for the right reasons. Visit the Media Angels website and check out the One More Child book and A Few Minutes with […]

Mercy Seat

Mercy Seat – Episode 256 We know that God is merciful, and his mercy endures forever, but what is God’s mercy seat and what can we learn to apply to our lives? Thanks to our sponsor, CTCMath.com, and an innovative math curriculum for all K-12, you can check out more information at CTC Math. I […]

Prayer Text

Prayer Text – Episode 255 When was the last time someone asked you to pray? Have you considered sending them a prayer text? In this podcast, we discuss the importance of prayer and how to use technology to pray now. Appreciating sponsors are part of what keeps us on the air, so reach out to […]

Keeping God’s Word

Keeping God’s Word ~ Episode 254 How can we keep God’s word close to us? In this podcast, we explore ancient traditions still practiced by those of the Orthodox Jewish faith today and how we can learn from these practices. Thanks to our sponsor CTC Math and the curriculum receiving rave reviews. Check out the […]

Faith Minutes

Faith Minutes ~ Episode 253 Healthy prayer habits can be faith minutes; in other words, making the most of our time. We see the effects of spending time with God, but we typically put off prayer until we have more time. Let’s put some wasted time to good use with tips to get you started. […]

Penny From Heaven

Penny From Heaven ~ Episode 252 When you find a penny, what do you do? I call it a gift, a penny from heaven. It is something little, often ignored and stepped over but valued nonetheless. In this episode, Felice shares her finds and treasures that are inspirations from the Lord. Thanks to our sponsor, […]

Everyday Prayer

Everyday Prayer ~ Episode 251 Did you know that our lives can turn into everyday prayer? We can turn a life of struggle into a life of rejoicing with the idea that we can hold onto the joy of a truly spiritual life. Once again we have a wonderful sponsor for our network and that […]

Restless For God

Restless For God ~ Episode 250 Is your soul restless for God? How can you tell? In this episode, your host, Felice Gerwitz, discusses how we may be unhappy and dissatisfied with life. And she discusses “what” may be missing in our lives. Visit CTCMath.com a math curriculum that is one and done for all […]

Challenge After Easter

Challenge After Easter ~ Episode 249 What is the challenge after Easter? Have you even considered this a question? In this episode, Felice explores the idea of embracing each day with the remembrance of the Resurrection and living our lives as true Christian sons and daughters. Thanks to our sponsor CTC math! Visit the website […]

Feeding Your Spirit and Soul

Feeding Your Soul ~ Episode 248 We feed our bodies, but are you feeding your spirit and soul? Everything we put into our bodies affects our physical health, but the same happens with our spirit and soul. Who do you surround yourself with, what do you read or watch, and how we engage with others? […]

Fruits of Prayer

Fruits of Prayer ~ Episode 247 The fruits of prayer are all around us, and we should be encouraged, right? Yet we walk around carrying the burdens of the world on our shoulders. No more! This is a challenge to not only enjoy the fruits of your prayer life, but ways to pray for others. […]

Prayer Warrior

Prayer Warrior ~ Episode 246 Are you a prayer warrior? The military raises leaders and those who have physical strength, stamina, and endurance in their physical lives. How can we apply this to our spiritual life? Are we spiritually tough? Visit MediaAngels.com for books and information that will help you in your spiritual journey here […]

Temptation Is Real

Temptation is Real ~ Episode 245 All around me, I see that temptation is real, and the fallout is serious sin. But friends, we cannot become complacent, even if we are walking with the Lord; this podcast explores the meaning of temptation as it applies to our lives and what the Scriptures say. One of […]

Harden Not Your Heart

Harden Not Your Heart Have the verses,”harden not your heart,” given you pause? Have you felt that the Lord is leading you in some way, but you just don’t feel like following? In this podcast, Felice leads you through some thoughts and prayers for getting back on track. Recently a situation came up in my […]

Power of Words

Power of Words ~ Episode 243 The power of words comes to life in the Gospels, in the healings of Christ, and in the vanquishing of evil. Do we know how to use the words to benefit ourselves and others? In this episode, Felice shares what it means to be used by the Lord in […]

Prayer and Fasting

Prayer and Fasting ~ Episode 242 Do you like the idea of prayer and fasting? Is it helpful in your Christian walk? In this podcast, Felice Gerwitz shares how scriptures encourage us and ways to grow in our faith through this simple and ancient practice. Perfect as we enter our Lenten Season before Easter. Visit […]

Love As Christ Loves

Love As Christ Loves ~ Episode 241 How can we love as Christ loves? Is it impossible, or is it? In this episode, we explore what true Christian love means to us. Visit the website at MediaAngels.com for books and products written by Felice Gerwitz, specifically her ministry books, A Few Minutes with God and […]

Evangelize Now Call to Christian Families

Evangelize Now – Call To Christian Families ~ Episode 240 We are called to evangelize now, not next week – not in a few weeks, but now! How are you sharing the explosive news of what the Lord has done in your life with others? Perhaps you need a few minutes to collect your thoughts […]

Healing Power of God

Felice shares a personal experience after a phone call a friend shared, telling her of the healing power of God’s love and how it changed her life.

Overcoming Laziness

Resolution: Overcoming Laziness – Episode 238 Overcoming laziness is not for those who do not want change. Laziness can seep into your spiritual life as well. This show covers the causes of laziness and ways to overcome it and lead to a more productive life! Our sponsor is Media Angels. Two featured books are One […]

Resolution – Overcoming Guilt

Resolution ~ Overcoming Guilt ~  Episode 237 Guilt can be terrible, and we are all plagued by it; however, overcoming guilt is possible, and with it comes the assurance that we are not alone. This podcast explores the meaning of guilt and how we can avoid the near occasion of sin. Our sponsor is the […]

Resolution – Overcoming Anger

Resolution – Overcoming Anger 236 In the grand scheme of the Christian life, overcoming anger may seem like one of those unavoidable sins. In this podcast, Felice breaks down simple ways to overcome and sustain the joy of the long in the midst of strife! Visit Media Angels, our sponsor, and look for the books […]

Christian Resolution

Christian Resolution ~ 235 We hear about New Year’s Resolutions, but what about a Christian Resolution…of faith? In this episode, Felice explores the possibility that the gifts God has for us are more than we can imagine if we put on the right mindset. Thanks to our sponsor, Media Angels, and the entire Ultimate Christian […]

Christians After Christmas

Christians After Christmas ~ Episode 234 What should we feel as Christians after Christmas? Should we rejoice and be glad? Similar to our secular counterparts, we often feel like something is missing. In this episode, Felice delves into the gift of Christmas and how we can celebrate all year long. I’d like to thank our […]

True Faith

True Faith ~ Episode 233 What is true faith? In light of so much counterfeit around us, it is difficult for many people to understand truth vs. fiction. Even during Biblical times, those who witnessed the miracles of Jesus still struggled to believe. Well, take heart! In this episode, we will delve into the truth […]

Faith Comes In Small Packages

Faith Comes In Small Packages ~ Episode 232 Many precious gifts are small similar to our faith. Faith comes in small packages. What a blessing and something we often overlook. Instead, we often look for those “Faith-Grand-Gestures.” What are those small things that make faith so precious in our life? Consider this in light of […]

Christmas Countdown To Faith

Christmas Countdown To Faith ~ Episode 231 As the Christmas countdown begins the challenge is to keep your faith focused as you navigate the commercialism of the season. In this podcast Felice suggests you count down to a renewal of faith as you approach the commemoration of the birth of our Lord.| As the Christmas […]

Greatness of God

Greatness of God ~ Episode 230 The greatness of God is all around us and we see it in the miracles of life. God’s greatness is nothing we would dispute and a loving God grants favor to us. But what happens when we are overwhelmed or inundated with the holiday sales (yes, Cyber Monday and […]

Miraculous Prayers

Miraculous Prayers ~ Episode 229 Miraculous prayers are all around us, yet no one but the Lord knows what will be answered and what will not. In this podcast, Felice discusses the prayer that the Lord gave us as well as prayers that are always answered. Thanks to our sponsor, Media Angels. Visit the website […]

Worship and Thanksgiving

Worship and Thanksgiving ~ Episode 228 What do worship and thanksgiving mean to you? Your definition may be similar to many Christians, yet where is the challenge? The challenge is living lives that show that we worship the One True God and, in that way, our faith is permeated in all that we do. Listen […]

Miracles of Faith

Miracles of Faith ~ Episode 227 What miracles of faith have you considered at length? Do you recall various scripture verses that discuss God’s healing power? Or the ability of Jesus not only to heal the physical body but more importantly the spiritual, the soul. In this podcast, join Felice Gerwitz and the challenge of […]

God First

God First – Episode 226 When was the last time you put God first? Is God in your first thought of the day? No? How about the last thought? The struggle is real especially when life is overwhelming and seems to get in the way. Join Felice Gerwitz as she shares how she puts God […]

Evil Tactic

Evil Tactic  – Combatting Evil ~ Episode 225 What is an evil tactic? It is something employed by the evil one to take souls to hell. Harsh? Maybe. But, this is something that few of us want to talk about or consider. In this podcast, Felice will explore the tactics used and how to prevent […]

Spiritual Light

Spiritual Light – Episode 224 Does your spiritual light shine through to others so that there is no doubt you are a Christian? Join Felice Gerwitz as she explores how we can point people to the light that is goodness and truth which is only found in Christ. Visit this month’s wonderful sponsor who helps […]

Christian Harvest

What is a Christian Harvest? It is a time for a harvest of souls for Christ. We can only plant seeds, and the Lord reaps the harvest.

Special Replay: Being Present In Prayer

What does being present in prayer have to do with your spiritual life? Well, this is an amazing insight into getting closer to God that was recently shared with me during a sermon, and it really hit home. I hope you are blessed as well.

Integrity and Faith

Integrity and Faith ~ Episode 221 How can we pray in an effective manner? And where did integrity and faith go? So few people have both! Listen in to learn more about how we can pray for our family, our pastors, our church, and those in the world in a powerful way. Thanks to our […]

God’s Word Revealed

God’s Word Revealed – Episode 220 We often read the Bible and are left unmoved, but through the words of scripture, God’s word is revealed. Why is that? What are the tools you need to get you into the right frame of mind before praying and delving into the scriptures? Stay tuned and find out. […]

Plant Seeds of Faith

Plant Seeds of Faith ~ Episode 219 Do you plant seeds of faith or do you keep all those wonderful blessings for yourself? It is easier than you think and the good news is that not the Lord harvests and not us! In this podcast, Felice Gerwitz shares the joys of faith planting. Visit our […]

Word of God

Word of God ~ God Speaking To Us – Episode 218 When we think about the Word of God we consider The Holy Bible as the source, as we should. But what about internal thoughts or feelings that God is with you? In this podcast, we will delve into the Word of God not only […]

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