Fulfilling Your Dreams After 50

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Fulfilling Your Dreams After 50Episode 78–Fulfilling Your Dreams After 50


The Working Woman Radio Show, invited Cheryl Newland, into the studio to talk about fulfilling your dreams after 50.

Ms. Newland recently started a new business venture called, Jellybean Productions, a film company.

Cheryl shares how she refused to let her age determined her ability to pursue her dreams.

She also shares words of encouragement to other women who have allowed fear and doubt to keep them from pursuing their passion.

More About Cheryl Newland

Cheryl Newland is an Administrative Assistant for the General Services Administration where she has worked for over 20 years. She assists project managers and also manages two special initiatives, “Women in Construction” and “Pep Talk Tuesday”.  

In addition to her day-to-day work, she has produced a documentary about the Martin Luther King Federal Building to highlight historic buildings occupied by the federal government.

She has served as PTA President at Avondale Middle and High School, raised funds for Habitat for Humanity and the Combined Federal Campaign, and is a very active member of the Peachcrest Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club.  

In her spare time, she loves to cook, read, and watch hours and hours of Law and Order, Chopped, Classic Movies, and HGTV’s Home Town! She’s excited about her new business venture, Jellybean Productions, a company she created to produce film projects for kids and teens. She considers this a true step of faith!  

Kingdomwood International Film Festival

Kingdomwood Women in Films (KWIF) was launched to support women who are currently working in the film industry.

KWIF is a networking group that recognizes the achievements of women in film. They produce movies about love, hope, friendship, reconciliation, and more. The group also focuses on Kingdom plans for relationships, marriages, and families.

For more information about KWIF, click here.





Coming March 28th–Elevate!  A New YouTube Channel

I would like to let my listening audience know about a new talk show that my daughter, Adrianna, and I will be hosting on YouTube called, Elevate!’ 

We created the show because our family loves living life together and we want to share some of those experiences with you. We want to elevate, inspire, and encourage other people to live their best lives, too.

We’re going to cover the topics that matter most to you. We will be talking about ways to elevate your finances, food, fashion, mind, and home decor. We want to bring you facts and great information.

Our first show will air Sunday, March 28th at 6 PM. So take a moment to subscribe to the Elevate! YouTube channel and please share with your friends.  To view the promotional video, go to  https://youtu.be/ZEat_j04QFg.



Find Your Passion

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Find Your Passion

Episode 51–Find Your Passion


We often hear people talk about wanting to ‘find their passion’, but how do you really make that happen?

How does one go about finding out where their passions lie? What are some practical steps that they can take to explore this avenue?

Gale Horton Gay, the lifestyle editor of The Champion Newspaper and author of new children’s book, ‘Daddy Makes Walking Fun’, gives us the 411 on finding your passion.

Gale shares that each season of life can bring its own passion and not everything that we feel passionate about has to be monetized.

She talks about how pain and failure can be a factor in finding your passion and gives practical steps on how to discover the things that will make your life fulfilling.




Find your passion

More About Gale Horton Gay

Gale Horton Gay is currently the lifestyle editor of The Champion Newspaper and is a contributing editor for the U.S. Black Engineer & Information Technology Magazine and Women of Color Magazine.

Gale holds degrees in journalism and magazine writing and has received awards from the Georgia Press Association and Atlanta Association of Black Journalists for writing and photography.

In addition to her other work, Gale volunteers for several local charities that serve youth, and is the author of a new children’s book called, “Daddy Makes Walking Fun”.


Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'MAKES WALKING PON By Gale Horton Gay Illustrated by Nida Saeed'

Daddy Makes Walking Fun

This story emphasizes the bond between a little girl and dad despite the fact that they don’t have a car like many other families. Although other children sometimes tease her, the little girl in the story realizes there are benefits to walking everywhere with her dad and that they have a special and close relationship. It celebrates the relationship between father and daughter instead of focusing on material things. The story is told through words designed to help children ages 4-7 with their reading skills and is designed with colorful illustrations and featuring children from diverse ethnicities and backgrounds.

To order a copy, click here.



The Military Working Woman

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The Military Working Woman

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