Why Listening is Important

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In the Beginning…

In the very first chapter of Genesis, it tells us that “God said” and the earth was formed. There was listening.

How to listen

When listening to another person, it is important that we:

  • listen with the intention to understand and respond
  • let go of our own experiences and the need to talk about them
  • let go of judgment

When we listen, we give the other person a true gift of self.


At least one person must be listening for communication to take place.

Listening Day

May 16 is National Listening Day. There is a lovely poem, “Today I Will Listen,” by Marva Shand McIntosh.

This week, focus on listening to others.

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The Prayer of Silence

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What is prayer?

Prayer is time with God. A conversation. A lifting of our mind and heart to him.

There are different types of prayer

We can pray with others or by ourselves. There are vocal prayers, often those we have memorized. We can pray those aloud or inside our mind, but there are words involved either way.

Contemplative prayer is quiet. There are not many words.

How to pray in silence?

Put yourself in a quiet place, free of distractions.

Close your eyes and ask the Lord to be present with you.

Breathe. In your mind, picture God looking at you or open your eyes and look at an image that focuses you.

Tell God briefly what is on your mind.

And then sit quietly, if thoughts come to mind, let them go.

When you are done, thank God for his presence.

You may come away with answers or a sense of peace. Answers may come at another time. Try not to worry if you are doing it right, know that any time we give to God like this helps us become the person he created.

Try contemplative prayer this week. Start with 10 minutes a day and see what happens.