The Work of a Birthing Doula

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The Work of a Birthing Doula

Episode 30– The Work of a Birthing Doula

The Work of a Birthing Doula answers the basic questions about the work of doulas and dispels some of the myths. 

Special guest, LaToya Murray-Johnson, a certified birthing doula, explains why women  choose a birthing doula over a traditional doctor. She talks about the advantages, and how birthing doula work in conjunction with an OB/GYN.

Additionally, Murray-Johnson shares about when you should start the process of finding one, and what a client must look for when she sets out to find a birthing doula.

Finally, LaToya talks about the average cost of hiring a birthing doula, and payment options.

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The Work of a Birthing Doula

More About LaToya Murray-Johnson

LaToya Murray-Johnson is a certified birthing doula. She completed her certifications through Lamaze International (LCCE) and DONA International. She also trained in lactation counseling. 

LaToya has been passionate about pregnancy and childbirth for as long as she can remember –volunteering, studying, and sharing her knowledge with expecting parents, friends, and family.  She believes that her work as a birthing doula is a God given calling. Latoya says that empowering, encouraging, supporting women and their partners comes so naturally. 

She is the owner of Doula View LLC, and has been performing doula services for the past 10 years.

She  and her husband, Alton, are the parents of three beautiful children– Alauni who is 13, Jamari, who is 11 and Sanai, who is 8.  



Doula View LLC

Doula View LLC offers supportive, professional doula experiences, along with wellness advocacy, photography & much more! We proudly serve families in the metro-Atlanta area.





Lamaze International (LCCE)

Lamaze is a non-profit organization with a mission to advance safe and healthy pregnancy.  They also offer birth and early parenting information through evidence-based education.




Doula Training and Doula Certification – DONA International

DONA International

If you’ve dreamed of attending births, providing incredibly important support to the birthing woman and her partner, then you are in the right place. We are here to support you on your journey toward supporting moms and babies! Become a part of the IDI family today.


What’s in Your Birthing Bag?

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Podcast #51

What’s in your Birthing Bag?


Here are a few items that Amanda finds important to have on hand while she is birthing. It doesn’t matter if you are birthing in a hospital, birthing center, or the comfort of your own home.



#1 Essential oils are a must and making them easy to use in a roller bottle is quite helpful. Blends to consider are a Labor, Strength, Milk, Grounding, Peace, Head, Back, Sleep, Dynamic Duo, and Relax.


#2 Young Living’s Claraderm or a DIY Peri Spray


#3 Homeopathic remedies. Check out for a complete list on birthing remedies.


#4 Diffuser


#5 Hypnobirthing relaxation CD or birthing playlist- don’t forget the speaker J


#6 Popsicle pads- check out the full video and recipe here!


#7 Comfortable nursing bra


#8 Anything that helps to keep you calm and grounded- a doula, printed affirmations, or prayers.


What is in your birthing bag?

If you want to learn more about our preparations for a home birth check this out too!

As always, be grateful & have faith!

God Bless!

What is a Doula

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What is a Doula?Podcast #18

What is a Doula?


Many people have heard the word doula and have no clue what it means or think that it is “like a midwife or something?” Not exactly. Doulas have been around forever but without the fancy name. They are the numerous women throughout history that come together when a woman was in labor and they were there to “show her the way.” It truly is a beautiful thing.


In no way does a doula take the place of Dad but rather helps him to be a bigger part of the birthing process. Dad doesn’t have to sit on the sidelines watching TV or checking his phone but he can more so be a part of helping to bring his baby into the world as well.


What Is A Doula?

Doulas are trained and experienced in childbirth and are usually mothers themselves. While they have good knowledge and awareness of the birth process, a doula is not a medically trained professional. That is the job of the midwife or doctor. A doula helps the mother-to-be to achieve the birth she hopes for, no matter if it’s a birth with or without drugs, or a c-section. This makes a doula a valuable addition to the birth team


What Does A Doula Do?

A doula may provide some of the following services. Often doulas are also qualified in other therapies too, so it always helps to ask when you interview them!

  • Birth education and preparation
  • Birth planning (including creating a written birth plan/birth preferences document)
  • De-briefing previous births (sometimes we forget)
  • Massage, acupressure, and other comfort measures
  • Suggest positions and changes to help ease pain and facilitate a smoother, more effective labor
  • Provide reassurance and encouragement
  • Talking through emotional blockages which may come up during pregnancy and in labor
  • Keep your ‘environment’ how you want – essential oils, light/dim, music/quiet, etc
  • Photography/video of the birth itself, as well as those precious first moments as a family
  • So much more!


One of the biggest bonuses of hiring a doula is that fact that she is a professional birth support person. Doulas are trained in the art of birth support.


If you are looking to learn more about having a more natural birth, check out Homeopathy for Mommies podcast as well as her new Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond course:


Remember to check out your local birthing community and interview a few doulas to make sure that the one that you choose is what you are looking for!


As always, be grateful & have faith!

God Bless!