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Interview Tips | Do you want to be one of those guests that get invited back? Here are some interview tips to help you improve the chances of not only getting invited back but improving your reach with the podcast guests. | #podcast #writing #podcastingInterview Tips To Improve Reach ~ Episode 12

Do you want to be one of those guests that get invited back? Here are some interview tips to help you improve the chances of not only getting invited back but improving your reach with the podcast guests.

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Have you listened to a podcast and thought – wow, that guest is great, I want to learn more about them, I want to check out their website, follow them on Instagram or just connect with them? Well, if you have that is the sign of a great guest. A guest is someone who connects with the host and directs the conversation in a way that helps them shine.

Today I’ll share some of my interview tips to help you be a guest that people want to know.

An interview should be informative, teach the listener something and be engaging so that your expertise and personality shine. It shouldn’t be forced, hurried or rushed. It goes without saying that before you accept an interview you should be prepared and have everything you’d like to say in bullet point.

Do you know why you want the interview and what you plan to say? Do you have a list of questions from the host or did you provide them? Do you know if this is an audio, video, or if you need some type of special equipment?

I invite you to listen to the podcast, “Getting An Interview,” for more details on how to get an interview and best practices for that, but here is the list I use to prepare for interviews I’ll give on other podcasts.

I have a question for you. I actually have several questions and this is something that I would like you to think about if you want an interview.

  1. Do I know something about the show host? Have I listened to previous shows?
  2. Did the show host ask me for a topic? Is the topic I gave something that I feel passionate about and can use it to my advantage to show my expertise?
  3. If the show-host asked for a specific topic outside of my area of expertise, can I make it work, do I know enough to sound informative?
  4. Did I ask for a set of questions? If not, did I provide these questions?
  5. Do I know if I need special equipment (good headset or microphone) if it is on the computer? If it is call-in only, do I have a clear connection and good cell or land-line service?
  6. Do I have the number or website link? Do I have the software needed on my computer?
  7. Did you send a headshot or logo, and your bio?
  8. Do I have a call to action to the guests? Something that encourages them to connect with me. (Examples are given on the audio.)
  9. Do I have a book, blog or website and a link or landing page to send the listeners?

To be a guest you need to think quickly if the host throws you a question you don’t know. If it is something you can not answer here are some options that work:

  1. Thanks for that question, but truthfully it is outside of my area of expertise.
  2. I appreciate you asking, and I can email you those website links after this interview so that you can have it available for the listeners.
  3. That is a great question, and if your listeners connect with me on______ (Your website, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) I can share the answer there.

Any of these gracious replies will work!

What if the host says something negative and you disagree? (I’ve had this happen with a guest.)

  1. Interrupt as soon as you can to clarify your position.
  2. If it is not egregious, let it go.
  3. Correct the host kindly. Something like, “In my experience, I’ve found…” or “I can only respond to that statement based upon my own experience…”
  4. OR if you are the host – like I was, I edited that section out! (Explain some faux-pas from recent guests!)

One thing that a good guest will do that endears me quickly is to answer emails promptly. Sure, over the weekend may have a delayed response, but typically if a host asks for a headshot, a bio or other pertinent information and you lag behind getting it to them, it can make you appear unorganized.

That’s it! You are on your way to being a great guest using some or all of these interviewing tips! If you have something that would pertain to this particular podcast, reach out and contact me.