Seeking Consolation and JOY? Join Anna & Simeon at the Presentation – A JOY-Filled Advent & Christmas #7

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A Joy-Filled Advent and Christmas with Anna & Simeon

The Presentation in the Temple, Philippe de Champaigne. 1648; Join Simeon & Anna at the Presentation of Jesus

Seeking Consolation and JOY? Ann and Simeon Show Us the Way.

Are you seeking consolation or more joy? Join us today at the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, where Anna and Simeon show us JOY. They offer us ten ways the Holy Spirit can help YOU.

Off to the Temple

Welcome to Advent JOY Podcast #7, based on my book The Joy Of Advent: Journey With The People, Events, and Prayers At The First Coming Of Jesus Christ.  Today, we travel with Mary and Joseph to the Temple and the Presentation of the Lord. There Anna and Simeon will join us at this very special event as we cover the following points:

Circumcised, Redeemed, and Purified (Luke 2: 21-23)

  • At the time of Jesus’ birth, the Old Testament Mosaic Law required every firstborn Jewish male to be circumcised at 8 days after birth
  • The naming of the baby took place at the same time as the circumcision.
  • Mary and Joseph by divine appointment knew what the Child was to be called. And so “He was named Jesus” which means the Lord saves- the name told to both Mary and Joseph via an angel (Luke 1: 30 and Matthew 1: 20).

Jesus Came to Fulfill All the Law (Luke 2: 23-24)

  • Now, forty days after Jesus’ birth,  Joseph and Mary again follow the Mosaic Law for the Presentation of Jesus in the temple and Mary’s Purification. In Matthew 5:17, Jesus said He came to “fulfill the law,” which begins at His birth.
  • For Mary’s Purification, the sweet Blessed Mother of humble means offers “a pair of turtledoves or two young pigeons,” which Leviticus 12: 8 prescribed for a new mother who could not afford a sheep to offer.

The Presentation or Redemption of Jesus (Luke 2: 25-38)

  • This “redemption of the firstborn” meant that the parents redeemed Jesus or bought Him back from God. Isn’t it amazing that almost 33 years later, it would be Jesus who would pay the price for our redemption by dying on the cross?
  • The Catholic Church celebrates the Presentation of the Lord on February 2 every year.

Simeon & Anna

Although their lives differed, Simeon and Anna had much in common.

  1. Both Simeon and Anna were described as deeply spiritual people. They loved the Lord, practiced their faith, and did not allow themselves to become bitter or decrepit with the times.
  2. Both were “senior citizens” active in serving God. Pope Francis says of the Presentation:  It is a meeting between the young, who are full of joy in observing the Law of the Lord, and the elderly who are full of joy in the action of the Holy Spirit. It is a unique encounter between observance and prophecy, where young people are the observers and the elderly are prophets! (The Feast of the Presentation, Vatican, 2-2-2014).  
  3. Both knew the Scriptures.
  4. Both believed in the Scriptures and were looking for the Messiah. Bible scholars and theologians say Jesus has fulfilled at least 300 Old Testament prophecies.
  5. Both were looking forward with HOPE. The words looking for indicate they were actively waiting for the Savior with hope.
  6. Both worshiped, prayed, and adored God. Their eyes went more to God than to the news of the day. That brought consolation.
  7. The Spirit of God guided both.
  8. Both Simeon and Anna recognized the Messiah.
  9. Both received Jesus and were changed.
  10. Both Simeon and Anna received a message about Jesus from the Holy Spirit, and they shared it.

Simeon’s Prayer – The Nunc Dimittis Reflects Isaiah’s Prophecies (Luke 2: 29-32)

  • Simeon’s prayer is one of the Church’s great prayers, or canticles (little songs). It is called the Nunc Dimittis because v. 29 in the Latin translation of the Bible begins with the words “Nunc Dimittis,” which means “now dismiss your servant.” In other words, Simeon was saying to the Lord, “Now I am ready to die; you can dismiss me, Lord; I have seen the Savior.”
  • Every evening, all priests, religious, and laypeople who pray the Liturgy of the Hours pray the Nunc Dimittis prayer.
  • Today and every day, you can pray the Nunc Dimittis from Luke 2: 29-30.

Our Response

  • Why not spend some time with these verses? Using your holy imagination, see yourself receiving Jesus from Mary’s arms as Simeon did.
    • Look into the face of Jesus and give Him your shame and sadness.
    • In exchange, receive His Love and JOY. He has come for YOU. You can’t help but be consoled.
    • Then like Anna, praise God because you have seen the Savior of the World. He has come to give You peace, as John 15 says, Peace I give you, but not as the world gives. He has come to give the world peace as Luke 2: 14 says, Peace on earth, good will toward to men.  He has come to give you His love.

Remember Lamentations 3:22-25. (ESV) … His mercies are fresh every morning. Great is His faithfulness 25 The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul that seeks him.


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