Black Hair in the Workplace-Pt.2

Black Hair in the WorkPlace-Pt.2Episode 25–Black Hair in the Workplace-Pt.2

Black Hair in the Workplace-Pt.2 features a discussion with Georgia legislator, Senator Anderson. She shares why she decided to file SB 286, also known as the ‘Crown Act’, to combat hair-based discrimination. 

We discuss and recount several stories in the news about black women and men who have suffered discrimination because of wearing their hair naturally. We talk about how to effectively get the message about hair-based discrimination into the public forum.  Finally, Senator Anderson shares ways that we, as a community, can get involved and make a difference.



Black Hair in the Workplace-Pt.2

Senator Anderson is a Georgia legislator who lives in Lithonia and represents Senate District 43. She has also proudly served as the Mayor of the City of Lithonia.

Senator Anderson also served for over two decades in the United States Air Force Reserve. While there, she earned distinction as a Technical Sergeant. During that time, she rose through the ranks to be named candidate for Reserve Chaplain.

She is a graduate of Alabama State University and she also earned a Master of Divinity from Luther Rice College and Seminary. 

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Black Hair in the Workplace-Part I

Episode 24–Black Hair in the Workplace–Pt.1

Black hair in the workplace has taken center stage in recent years.

Because of the toxic chemicals in hair products that are marketed to African-American women, more women are choosing to wear naturally. Some employers, however, feel that these natural hair styles are “unprofessional” and as result, many women still feel pressured to use harmful chemicals to straighten and color their hair.

Special guest, Dr. Andrea Christian Parks, talks about the health problems caused by these chemicals. She shares ways to help the next generation practice better hair health. Finally, Dr. Christian Parks shares some recommendations for hair and skin care products that African-American women can use as safer alternatives. 

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More About Dr. Christian Parks

Black Hair in the Workplace

Dr. Andrea Christian Parks is a board certified obstetrician gynecologist and lifestyle medicine physician.  Additionally, she is certified as an integrative nutrition health coach. She has been caring for women in clinical practice for more than a decade. She places an emphasis on natural and holistic living. 

Dr. Christian Parks is the creator of A Journey To Wholeness, a blog where she shares her personal growth and holistic living lessons. She is also wife to the love of her life and mother of four incredible homeschooled children, ages 7 to 13.

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling at Your Workplace

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling. Dealing with gender and racial discrimination in the workplaceEpisode 2- Breaking Through the ‘Glass Ceiling’ At Your Workplace

The “glass ceiling” is a metaphor for the invisible barrier that prevents some people from rising to senior positions in the workplace. Every day across America, women experience sexism and inequities that that their male counterparts do not face. Additionally, women of color have the extra burden of racial discrimination.

Workplace discrimination is a difficult thing to tackle, but it’s not impossible. Emmy Award-winning journalist and Atlanta Mommy blogger, Joyce Brewer and I, talk about some things that women, specifically women of color, can do to push past the “that’s just the way things are” mentality and smash the “glass ceiling”.

In our interview, we will discuss the psychology behind the “glass ceiling” mindset,  the “micro-aggressions” that women of color face when they try to climb the corporate ladder, and the actions that management can take to break with the status quo and dismantle the “glass ceiling” culture.

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