Teachers Talk About COVID-19

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Episode 43–Teachers Talk About COVID-19


In episode 43 of The Working Woman Radio Show, teachers talk about COVID-19 and the challenges they face as they contemplate going back into the classroom. 

They share their concerns about being able to protect themselves and their students.  They also talk about their frustrations with school administrators and policymakers.

We also discuss the following:


-Pre-existing health concerns for teachers

-Online learning options

-Safety protocols proposed by school systems including students wearing masks, social distancing, etc.

-Feedback from other colleagues and educators



More About Our Guests

Teachers Talk About COVID-19

Carla Breedlove has been a homeschool mom of four children for over 22 years. She re-entered the workforce when her last child was a high school senior and is now a first-grade teacher at a private school in Norcross. She will serve as the Lead elementary teacher for the upcoming school year. 



Amy Cassey has been teaching special education for 20 years. She has taught grades K through 8, but the majority of her teaching has been with students in third through fifth grade. As a special education teacher, she teaches students with autism and behavior disorders, and other learning disabilities. She loves her students and believes that education is a partnership between the family and the teacher. 


Teachers Talk About COVID-19

Tyra Lamar has taught high school physics at the Lovett School for four years.  Tyra has always been passionate about educating and mentoring young adults. In college, she helped devise a mentoring program for middle school girls interested in science. She has also tutored and taught workshops on test preparation and study skills. Tyra has a B.S. in physics from North Carolina Central University and a Ph.D. in neuroscience from Emory University.


Melita Hunter considers herself to be a lifetime educator. She is celebrating 22 years as an educator and has spent a majority of those years in the public education sector. She and her husband have a blended family of five girls in which the youngest is just 10 years of age. 



Helpful Articles and Resources:


Arizona is one month away from the new school year. Amid rising coronavirus cases, teachers are calling for a delay.

COVID-19 Infects 3 AZ Teachers As Schools Weigh Reopening Risks

ARIZONA — In a classroom 100 miles west of Phoenix, three teachers did everything they could to protect themselves from the coronavirus: They wore masks, socially distanced, and disinfected their equipment in the room in which they held virtual summer school classes for students ranging from kindergarten to second grade. To read more, click the link above.







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