Ten Things I Learned From My Step-Daughter in a Weekend

Ever have a weekend that seemed to not only leave you with a feeling of peace and a restored mind, but simultaneously changed you for the better?Ten Things I Learned from My Stepdaughter in One Weekend

Ever have a weekend that seemed to not only leave you with a feeling of peace and a restored mind, but simultaneously changed you for the better?  There’s nothing like entering into Friday with an expectation of just having fun and exiting a Sunday with a whole new perspective on life! This is what happened when I experienced …Ten Important Things I Learned from My Stepdaughter in One Weekend.

  1. Charcuterie Board- So much more than a good old fashioned cheese board, it’s an absolute game changer to any get together or special night at home. These amazing little boards are your chance to create a masterpiece using meats, cheeses, veggies, fruit, dip, and even flowers to decorate. Best thing of all…there’s really no right or wrong, it’s a GREAT entertainment piece and in the end, it’s delicious and looks pretty!
  2. Survivor- From a person who hasn’t found a good tv show since Laverne and Shirley, I will sum up Survivor in two words…I’M HOOKED!!!!! Like where have I been for the past 20 years?  Probably living under one of those rocks on the island!  WHAT A GREAT SHOW!!!!  And it’s not just about who’s the strongest either? There’s like mind games going on and strategies, people making alliances and then blindsiding them while trying to figure out who to trust who not to trust.  Until that night I was always jealous when people would say they’re weekend plans consisted of binge watching because what am I going to bing watch…the news?  I’m watching it for the first time with fresh eyes to finally becoming a part of the binge watching club! After Meagan left, we immediately subscribed to Hulu and now have averaged watching a whole season in a matter of 4 days.
  3. Expresso Martini– Imagine chocolate and coffee that’s been sprinkled with Tinker Belle’s pixie dust and that is the essence of an expresso martini.
  4. Hiking Poles- I will say that one step around that mountain with hiking poles is like a step for mankind. They not only help your muscles and your joints, but they enable you to focus more on the scenery around you because you’ve now got like an additional appendage as assistance.
  5. French press coffee– Easy, inexpensive, and adds SO much to your morning routine! As a diehard coffee lover, it’s become one of my favorite things to look forward to on the weekend.
  6. Brussel Sprouts- Crispy, seasoned and incredibly delicious, they have taken a leap from “Most Hated Vegetable” to “Most Savored” in a matter of one bite!
  7. Fire- Ya’ll… firepits are so much fun and they’re even more fun when you know the tricks to actually starting the fire. Following some moments of inhaling smoke, I quickly learned the importance of knowing how to light a fire, and that doesn’t include using previously used logs.  (Note to self: Huge mistake)   Most importantly,  I  learned the volume of fun that goes in sitting around the fire and enjoying some real-life family time.
  8. Sangiovese wine- For all wine connoisseurs out there, this Italian dark-berried wine is Italy’s much-loved baby. Not surprising that its name comes from the Latin origin meaning, “Blood of love,” it has definitely taken up a seat in my heart.  This wine can be paired with steak or tomato-based dishes like spaghetti and meatballs.  Give it a try as this has become my new fav!
  9. Thinking…then deciding- Taking the time to imagine yourself doing what you’re being asked to do verses making a quick decision can either keep you in alignment to your true self or can throw you off course completely.
  10. Work/Life Balance- Leave the guilt at the door or throw it in the trash, because honoring and taking care of your mind, body, and spirit is the “New Cool!”


Most weekends are good for catching up on your laundry, sabotaging your alarm clock, and putting a pause on the chaos of everyday life.  It’s a chance to kick up your heels, recharge your body, and replenish your much needed happy meter. Then once in a while, a weekend will come along and not only renew your body and soul but leave you with a fresh new perspective.  It is never expected going in, but sure is remembered going out.  This was that kind of weekend for me…one I will never forget.  I guess you could say it was life-changing.  Regardless, it was moments I owe Meagan because of her own personal life hacks that gave me… Ten Things I Learned From My Stepdaughter in One Weekend.

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