The #1 Joy Sapper – and How To Stop It

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This week on Fruit Pursuit Podcast: The #1 Joy Sapper and how to Stop it.The #1 Joy Sapper – and How To Stop It:  Perhaps you long for joy but it still seems to elude you.  If you listened to my last podcast, A Secret to Easy Joy, and you’re taking action, then you’re already on a great start to making space for joy to flow in.

Today, though, I want to address something we do all the time that prevents us from accessing that joy as it comes in.  In fact, it could be there right now, but you’ve got the door bolted shut so it can’t get in.


That #1 joy sapper is living in survival mode.


What are the defining characteristics of survival mode?

-Thinking about myself.

– Focusing on what I lack.

The dryer is weird, the van is about to go, the gutters are clogged, no matter how hard I work on this house, it still has so far to go.

The kids are failing 7 classes, sick, so I can’t even get them to school…I can’t even help with the work that needs to be done.

– Tallying the expectations that haven’t happened yet.
I thought I’d be further along in my business, weigh less, be stronger, my kids be further in their studies, have a better consistency in posting, like eating salad even when I’m cold…

– Trying to logic my way out of this feeling by analyzing what isn’t working.

– Believing that there are no other options available to you other than the one bottle you cast out to sea.
As soon as I connect with this person, as soon as the holidays get here, as soon as the holidays are over, as soon as we pay off that bill, as soon as we get out of the terrible twos, as soon as we get out of the terrible 12’s, as soon as we get past this busy season, as soon as our kids are old enough to babysit themselves, as soon as…


When you are in survival mode we forget:

  • God is in control and responsible for the results.
  • We have been given everything we need and many things we want.
  • He is still in the business of answering prayer and just because one isn’t turning out like I anticipate doesn’t mean he’s not on the job.
  • Bringing God glory and being a witness to others is why we are still on this planet- it’s in our DNA to connect with Him and his people. If we aren’t feeling great, it’s because we lost our sense of purpose.


Additionally, if you live in this mode for very long, it can become a habit and as a result it can feel scary, unsafe, or unusual when we step out of this mode and into service and joy.


But there is joy and life when we lift our eyes up and out.

Whom can I serve today?

(Story of cranky family, choice to make dinner for another family.)

Whom can I love?

(WHo else out there feels like an outsider?)

How can I help?

(By going to bed? By taking care of me? By washing dishes? By being the example to others in my family of consistency?)


Where do I see God at work and how can I contribute?

Who has been served by me in the past?

WHere is evidence that love is present?

(I long to feel valuable, he sends me someone who needs help.)

Where has God answered before?

(Story of prayer for financial assistance? Answer of speaking topic- vision)

Where is evidence of his love?

Where is he showing up in my life?

It really only takes one action to get the ball rolling!  And don’t spend too long figuring out which one you’ll do.  Then do another, and another.  Pretty soon, you’ll be rolling in that satisfying joy you long for!

What one action will you take today?


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