The Mountain Comes to Me

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the mountain comes to meJoin Dr. Sue Ellen Nolan as she shares…

The Mountain Comes To Me

Podcast #3

God becomes real in a prophetic revelation from Our Lady of Medjugorje in an undeniable way. After struggling with infertility a simple, joyous message showed me how Our Lady works to make her Son real to us. Three times, she spoke to me, at particular times of need only to bring forward God’s plan in my life. She pointed the way. Then she stepped back. This was the first of the three. And in an unquestionable way. Many people experienced this miracle along side of me and the story of my daughter is still being told…

The Mountain comes to me

God became real to me like never before and slowly showed Himself to me more and more powerfully; as my Father, as my Spouse, and as my internal anchor through many trials and sufferings. I am only truly alive when He is real and when He is real I am fully alive.

“The Glory of God is man fully alive!” -St. Irenaeus

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