The Vegan Diaries – A Heroic Tale of Courage

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Join Shauna as she tackles a topic many dare not. Veganism. Yes, some have tried, few have succeeded. Shauna pours out her heart and reveals the truth about her condition. She will give you the inside scoop on what it means to be a vegan in 2020. Shauna will give you semi-real advice as she navigates through the negativity of those who choose the carnivores lifestyle. Listen as Shauna recounts her heroing ordeal of eating at a vegan restaurant. You will not leave this podcast disappointed! From the wait-staff to the ill-named food, Shauna gives you the information you’ll likely never need to make informed choices at the vegetable level. Next, Shauna tackles the awkwardness of juicing – riveting!

Finally, Shauna shares the story of the time she went from a boring mom-bob to a full-on vegan faux hawk. She’ll give you the step by step guide on how to be middle-aged and still be cool – not cool to anyone else, but still. So do not miss a minute of the hilarity that will ensue…


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