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Welcome to The Working Woman Radio Show where we have real conversations about the unique issues working women face. I am your host Deanna Johnson Cauthen.

I’d first like to say that hosting this show is a dream come true for me. I am honored to have this opportunity to share some of my experiences as a wife, a mother, and a woman who has worked as an entrepreneur for the past 30 years. 

Secondly, you will not just be hearing from me. I will be interviewing women from a broad spectrum of the community. They, too, will share the wisdom that they’ve gained from their work struggles and successes.

Finally, I want to hear from you. The Working Woman Radio Show wants to know what your needs are as a working woman. We want to know about the challenges you face and burdens you bear. We want to hear your opinions and ideas about how we can make the workplace experience better for women. As the host, I want the conversations that start here, not to end here. I want The Working Woman Radio Show to be a catalyst for future conversations, and more importantly, for change. I encourage to reach out to me via The Working Woman Radio Show Facebook page and leave a comment. You can also send an email to because I want to hear from you.  With that being said, God bless, and we will see you next time on The Working Woman Radio Show!



The Working Woman Radio ShowAbout Your Host

Deanna Johnson Cauthen is the co-owner and Marketing Director of ReVamped Furnishings, a antique furniture restoration company. She and her husband, Andrew, consider themselves Renaissance people. Although they are both highly skilled communications professionals, they also have a passion for bringing new life back to old furniture. They love restoring family heirlooms, and re-imagining and creating new pieces.

For the past 11 years, Deanna has also worked as a contributing writer for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Decatur Dispatch and Tucker Times news magazines, publications of Hometown News Inc. She has also worked for the Stone Mountain-Lithonia Patch, a news service of  As a writer, she has written numerous articles for local and national publications including Leadership Journal, a magazine published by Christianity Today.  Additionally, Deanna has owned TPS Public Relations where she provided marketing services for small business owners.

Mrs. Cauthen is the mother of four adult children and is a veteran home educator of 27 years. She recently completed homeschooling her youngest daughter, Adrianna, who is attending Clayton State University in Atlanta, Georgia.


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The Working Woman Radio Show Episodes:

The Working Woman Vote

Episode 57–The Working Woman Vote The 2020 elections are upon us, but how does the working woman vote factor into the upcoming election? The Working Woman Radio Show sat down with Attorney Zulma Lopez,the Democrat Representative-Elect for the Georgia House of Representatives District 86 in DeKalb County, to talk about this issue. Attorney Lopez shares […]

Bake Your Way to Success

Episode 56–Bake Your Way to Success Want to know how to bake your way to success? Today’s episode of  The Working Woman Radio Show talks with Jennifer Paul, pastry chef at Capital City Club in Brookhaven. Jennifer is also the owner of XO Desserts and Bakery. Ms. Paul tells us the in’s and out’s of […]

Top 10 Podcasts of 2020

Episode 55–Top 10 Podcasts of 2020 The Working Woman Radio Show has officially turned one year old, and we are celebrating by bringing you the top 10 podcasts of 2020. Over the past year, I have had such a blast interviewing guests, and I am so grateful to each of them for taking time out […]

Get Organized

Episode 54–Get Organized!   Episode 54 of The Working Woman Radio Show podcast is all about how to get organized. Organizing a household or a workspace can be an overwhelming task especially if things are in total disarray. Susan Shaw, a wife, mother, and organizer extraordinaire, shares some specific steps for organizing house and home. […]

Know Your Worth

Episode 53–Know Your Worth   Today’s, ‘Know Your Worth’ episode is all about helping women get beyond the negative thoughts and behaviors, and be their best selves. Special guest, Jacqlyn Charles, host of ‘The Women Are Worthy Show’, talks about her journey from homelessness to helping others. Ms. Charles, who has a listening audience of […]

Find Your Passion

Episode 52–Find Your Passion   We often hear people talk about wanting to ‘find their passion’, but how do you really make that happen? How does one go about finding out where their passions lie? What are some practical steps that they can take to explore this avenue? Gale Horton Gay, the lifestyle editor of […]

Make Time to Date

Episode 50–Make Time to Date The responsibilities of work and managing a family can be a real challenge for couples that want to make time to date. Because many women work outside the house, at least part-time, it can be tricky syncing schedules with their spouse or partner who also works. Building our careers are […]

Build Your Brand

Episode 49–Build Your Brand   Finding ways to build your brand and increase and sales is the number one concern for every business owner. Lori Manns, CEO of Quality Media Consultant Group, shares tips on how to take your marketing strategies from bust to boom.  Lori talks about the pitfalls of the do-it-yourself approach to […]

Unwind and Relax!

Episode 48–Relax and Unwind As working women, we all live such busy lives, and it can be hard to find time to unwind and relax. So the other day I got on Facebook and asked my women friends what they do to relax and unwind.  I got a great response and I want to take […]

Cook Quick, Easy Meals

Episode 47–Cook Quick, Easy Meals   Families are eating at home more now than ever, and many working moms are looking for ways to cook quick, easy meals for their families. Adrianna Cauthen, our resident chef,  loves to cook and bake and is the host of a YouTube channel called ‘Cooking at the Cauthen’s’, where […]

Managing Your Mental Health

Episode 46–Managing Your Mental Health   Managing your mental health can be a real challenge these days. As working women who are managing work and families, we’re all under a great deal of stress.  Because of COVID-19, and the civil unrest that’s taking place in our nation, we now carry an additional burden. Dr. Danita […]

Get Hired to Write

Episode 45–Get Hired to Write “Get Hired to Write” is all about helping women tap into other talents that they may not be aware that they possess, and expand their earning potential. With the COVID-19 health threat, some teachers are thinking about leaving their profession because they’re afraid of going back into a traditional classroom […]

Homeschool Help for Working Moms

Episode 44–Homeschool Help for Working Moms   Due to COVID-19, many schools have decided to do school online. The Working Woman Radio Show wants to provide homeschool help for working moms who are feeling stressed. Angela Paul, the CEO of Math Plus Educational Services, talks with us about a variety of options for working parents […]

Teachers Talk About COVID-19

Episode 43–Teachers Talk About COVID-19   In episode 43 of The Working Woman Radio Show, teachers talk about COVID-19 and the challenges they face as they contemplate going back into the classroom.  They share their concerns about being able to protect themselves and their students.  They also talk about their frustrations with school administrators and […]

Balancing Work and School

Episode 42–Balancing Work and School Balancing work and school is a challenge for many working women who have returned to the classroom. Special guest, Marilyn Smith, talks about how she juggles teaching and being a student, herself. She talks about why she decided to return to school, and shares tips about making a schedule to […]

20 Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

Episode 41–20 Social Media Do’s and Don’ts Today’s episode of The Working Woman Radio Show provides a list of 20 social media do’s and don’ts for the working woman. Let’s face it, using social media can be tricking business, even for the most experienced user. So I thought that it would be a good idea […]

The Military Working Woman

Episode 40–The Military Working Woman   The military working woman is in great demand. Women now have a larger presence in our military today than ever before. With more than 200,000 women serving in the active-duty military, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) predicted that by 2020 women veterans will comprise nearly 11 percent of […]

The Working Woman’s Emergency Toolbox

Episode 39–The Working Woman’s Emergency Toolbox This episode entitled ‘The Working Woman’s Emergency Toolbox’ focuses on giving practical tips to handle some of those surprises. We’ve experienced a pandemic, which meant that many of us not only had to start working from home, or even worse, there were those who lost their jobs altogether. Add to […]

The Domestic Engineer

Episode 38–The Domestic Engineer   This episode entitled ‘The Domestic Engineer’ is dedicated to moms who stay at home and work to provide full-time care for their children. As the mother of three and someone who has been a stay-at-home mom for many years, special guest, Kate Ward, knows that being at home with the […]

Negotiating a Flex Work Schedule

Episode 37–Negotiating a Flex Work Schedule Negotiating a flex work schedule is something that more women and their families must do in light of everything that’s been going on with our recent pandemic. Special guest Priscilla Wilkinson, Vice President of HR and Operations at SitusAMC, talks about exactly what it means to have a flexible […]

Non-Traditional Careers for Women

  Episode 36–Non-Traditional Careers for Women In the seven or so months since The Working Woman Radio Show podcast has been on the air, I have had the pleasure of interviewing a variety of women who work in a variety of jobs and careers, including doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, and journalists, but today I want […]

Crisis Money Management for Women

Episode 35–Crisis Money Management for Women   With many Americans experiencing an economic crisis because of the COVID-19 pandemic, crisis money management for women and their families is a timely subject. Many people have had their hours reduced, been furloughed from their jobs, or lost them altogether, and even though some states are planning to […]

Women Policy Makers for Tough Times

Episode 34–Women Policy Makers for Tough Times   The Working Woman Radio Show invited former Mayor of Lithonia, Georgia, Deborah Jackson into the studio for a discussion about ‘Women Policy Makers for Tough Times’.  Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, our nation is not only dealing with a public health crisis, but many Americans are experiencing […]

Teaching School Online

  Episode 33–Teaching School Online Teaching school online has become the new normal for teachers because of the COVID-19 crisis. Although it has its advantages, like with anything, it also comes with it challenges. Allison Forte-Paul, a veteran teacher at Decatur High School in Decatur, Georgia, shares about the what a day of virtual school […]

Nurse Warriors

Episode 32–Nurse Warriors: On the Frontlines of a Pandemic   The Working Woman Radio Show was honored to talk with Nicole Bayne, a registered nurse at Emory University Hospital. She shared about the challenges she and other nurse warriors are facing as they deal with the COVID-19 crisis. Nicole candidly talks about the enormous physical […]

When You Both Work From Home

Episode 31–When You Both From Home: Navigating the New Normal    When you both work from home life can get a little crazy, but with the Coronavirus pandemic, couples working from home is the new normal. For our family,  our daughter who is in college, is doing her coursework online from home, as well. Although […]

The Work of a Birthing Doula

Episode 30– The Work of a Birthing Doula The Work of a Birthing Doula answers the basic questions about the work of doulas and dispels some of the myths.  Special guest, LaToya Murray-Johnson, a certified birthing doula, explains why women  choose a birthing doula over a traditional doctor. She talks about the advantages, and how […]

Healthcare Careers for Women

  Episode 29–Healthcare Careers for Women in the 21st Century Healthcare careers for women is in high demand in the 21st century. As a former hospital administrator, Laura Durojaiye, intimately understands the needs of the healthcare community. Laura discusses the current  shortage of workers in the healthcare industry. She talks about what needs to be […]

Breastfeeding in the Workplace

Episode 28-Breastfeeding in the Workplace Breastfeeding in the workplace is an important topic for women since many new moms work full-time. Although many women want to continue to breastfeed when they return to work, it can be a daunting experience. Many choose to give it up because they feel discouraged and unsupported. Mary Muse, a […]

Homeschooling 101

The Working Woman Radio Show decided to do a special podcast episode called Homeschooling 101 to aid parents with helping their children learn at home.  Because of COVID-19, business, as usual, has ceased, and millions of parents and children are home trying to figure out what to do for school. Although schools are doing their […]

The Stay-at-Home Mom Resume

Episode 26–The Stay-at-Home Mom Resume Are you a stay-at-home mommy? The ‘Stay-at-Home Mom Resume’ episode of ‘The Working Woman Radio Show’ is just the show for you! Although many women work at a job outside the home–71 percent to be exact–statistics show that 29 percent of women are full-time, stay-at-home moms. Many of these women, […]

Black Hair in the Workplace-Pt.2

Episode 25–Black Hair in the Workplace-Pt.2 Black Hair in the Workplace-Pt.2 features a discussion with Georgia legislator, Senator Anderson. She shares why she decided to file SB 286, also known as the ‘Crown Act’, to combat hair-based discrimination.  We discuss and recount several stories in the news about black women and men who have suffered […]

Black Hair in the Workplace-Part I

Episode 24–Black Hair in the Workplace–Pt.1 Black hair in the workplace has taken center stage in recent years. Because of the toxic chemicals in hair products that are marketed to African-American women, more women are choosing to wear naturally. Some employers, however, feel that these natural hair styles are “unprofessional” and as result, many women still […]

Going Back to Work After Baby

Episode 23–Going Back to Work After Baby Special guest, Ambrielle Smith, offers practical advice for mothers going back to work after a baby. As an educator and mother of two babies, she knows the struggle of juggling work and family. She shares some things that a mom of a new baby might want to stock […]

When Both Spouses Work

Episode 22- When Both Spouses Work: Balancing the Duties of Managing a Household When both spouses work in a household, keeping the home running well can be tricky business. Andrew and Deanna Cauthen, owners of ReVamped Furnishings, a furniture restoration company, know this first hand. Although women have been working full-time jobs for decades, many […]

The New Working Woman

Episode 21–The New Working Woman: Landing Your First Job After College Special guest, Jessica Harden, shares about being a new working woman. In our interview, she gives tips on how to land your first job after college. Additionally, we discuss the benefits of internships, how to write a strong resume, and what to do to […]

The Working Woman’s Guide to Fitness

Episode 20–The Working Woman’s Guide to Fitness ‘The Working Woman Radio Show’ discusses fitness tips for the working woman with personal trainer and exercise specialist Anita Johnson-Rigmaiden. She gives listeners expert advice on how to develop a regular exercise routine and get in shape for the new year. As women, we are all very busy. […]

Stress Management for the Working Woman

Episode 19–Stress Management for the Working Woman Learning how to manage stress is a key factor to living your best life. Research shows that chronic stress can cause a number of negative effects on our health including problems with anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance, weight gain or loss, cognitive impairment, gastrointestinal issues, infertility problems, as well […]

The Working Women of Ministry-Pt. 2

Episode 18-The Working Women of Ministry Pt. 2 On episode 18 of The Working Woman Radio Show, we’re going to continue our conversation about women who work in the ministry with Jillian Palmiotto, Pastor and Director of the Unlimited Special Needs Ministry at Mt. Paran Church of God, and Stacy Georges, the founder and CEO […]

The Working Women of Ministry -Pt.1

  Episode 17–The Working Women of Ministry On episode 17, we discuss the roles of the working women of ministry. Many of our modern day churches, encourage women to serve in certain positions as Sunday school teachers, nursery workers, children’s church leaders. However, when you read the scriptures about women who work in ministry in […]

10 Money and Time Saving Tips for Working Women

Episode 16–10 Money and Time Saving Tips for Working Women On today’s episode of  “10 Money and Time Saving Tips  for Working Women”- we’re going to talk about some practical ways to improve not only your quality of life, but the quality of your loved ones, as well.  I don’t know about you, but as […]

Self-care for the Working Woman

Episode 15–Self-care for the Working Woman The issue of self-care for the working woman is an important topic for today’s woman.  With our many responsibilities and duties, self-care can sometimes go by the wayside. As a mom who worked part-time, I learned early on that my life was no longer your own, and I know […]

Side Gigs for the College Girl

Episode 14–Side Gigs for the College Girl This week’s WWRS episode, ‘Side Gigs for the College Girl’, features Adrianna Cauthen, a college student and entrepreneur. She talks about flexible jobs for the college girl (and guys, too) can do to earn money. As a full-time student, Adrianna knows the challenges of balancing the demands of […]

The Working Woman’s Guide to Preparing for Retirement

Episode 13–The Working Woman’s Guide to Preparing for Retirement Retirement looks financially different for women than it does for many men. Some women may have stopped working to stay home with our children and then returned to the workforce, later. There are also women who only worked part time because they had a spouse who […]

PR and Marketing for the Female Entrepreneur

Episode 12–PR and Marketing for the Female Entrepreneur More than 11.6 million firms are owned by women, employing nearly 9 million people, and generating $1.7 trillion in sales as of 2017. Women-owned firms (51% or more) account for 39% of all privately held firms and contribute 8% of employment and 4.2% of revenues.  Yet studies […]

Practical Help for the Single Working Mom-Part 2

Episode 11–Practical Help for the Single Working Mom-Part 2 There are some real ways to provide Practical Help for the Single Working Mom in this part 2. On this week’s episode of ‘The Working Woman Radio Show’, we will continue our conversation about ways the church, extended family, and community can help the single working […]

Practical Help for the Single Working Mom

Episode 10–Practical Help for the Single Working Mom According to statistics from KIDS Count Data Center, single parents, are raising more than one-third of the children in the United States. This amounts to more than 24 million children having only one parent in the home. The majority of these households consists of a single moms […]

The Senior Working Woman

Episode 9- The Senior Working Woman: The Benefits of Working After 65 If you’re a senior woman, age 65 or over, in the workforce, you are not alone. Statistics show that the number of senior working women has risen 4.2 percent over the past year to 17.4 million. There are several reasons for this increase. […]

Working Moms With Special Needs Children

Episode 8-Working Moms With Special Needs Children Special guest, Deidra Green, candidly shares about her experience as a working mom with a special needs child. We talk about the challenges of managing doctor’s appointments during work hours and missed work days. We also chat about resources for families with special needs children, and securing caregivers […]

Women in Politics: Why It Matters

Episode 7-Women in Politics: Why It Matters The Working Woman Radio sits down with Ms. Jannquell Peters, former Mayor of the City of East Point, to discuss the importance of women in politics. Ms. Peters was elected 33rd Mayor of the City of East Point on December 3, 2013.  Mayor Peters is an attorney, entrepreneur […]

The Self-Employed Woman-Pt. 2

Episode 6-The Self-Employed Woman-Pt.2 Many people look at a popular show like ‘Shark Tank’ and think that being an entrepreneur is super cool. While there are lots of positive things about being self-employed, it takes patience and tenacity to grow a successful business. Helen King, a freelance writer/editor and the owner and operator of ‘Write […]

The Self-Employed Woman- Pt. 1

Episode 5–The Self-Employed Woman- Part 1 Being self-employed offers exciting opportunities and wonderful freedoms that traditional jobs don’t always allow. However, being an entrepreneur comes with a myriad of challenges and possible pitfalls. Special guest, Angela Paul, is the owner and the chief executive officer of Math Plus Educational Services. She will help us look […]

When Mom Goes Back to Work

Episode 4-When Mom Goes Back to Work You stayed home to raise your children, but now, one by one, they are leaving the nest and you’ve decided that it’s time to re-enter the workforce. Navigating the process of re-entering the workforce can be an overwhelming experience and there are many things to consider. What kinds […]

The Working Woman Wardrobe

Episode 3- The Working Woman’s Wardrobe Deciding what to wear for work these days can be tricky business. Many women find looking fashionable and keeping up with the latest trends expensive and exhausting. Additionally, the workplace has evolved. It used to be that work was from 9-to-5 and had a fixed geographical location. There were […]

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling at Your Workplace

Episode 2- Breaking Through the ‘Glass Ceiling’ At Your Workplace The “glass ceiling” is a metaphor for the invisible barrier that prevents some people from rising to senior positions in the workplace. Every day across America, women experience sexism and inequities that that their male counterparts do not face. Additionally, women of color have the […]

Working Woman Radio Show Introductory Episode

  The Working Woman Radio Show Introductory Episode Welcome to the introductory episode of The Working Woman Radio Show where we have real conversations about the unique issue that working women face. In this introductory episode I’ll be talking about some of the upcoming topics that you can expect to hear on The Working Woman […]

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